Azawi, Vinka & Guinness highlight Budo League Season Six Finale

Azawi, Vinka & Guinness highlight Budo League Season Six Finale

Kampala: The highly anticipated Budo League Season Six Finale took place on Sunday, July 23, at the renowned Legends Grounds in Lugogo, and it was a day filled with intense football action and electrifying entertainment.

The event, sponsored by Guinness, saw teams battling head-to-head from 8 am in the morning, determined to secure good positions on the league table.

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As the sun set over the Legends Grounds, the final match of the season unfolded between two formidable teams, End Game and Thazoballo. The tension was profound as the two teams went head-to-head in a nerve-wracking penalty shootout where End Game secured a 3-2 victory.

The jubilant celebrations were further enhanced by a stunning firework display that lit up the night sky.
The night also had awards presented by Guinness the league sponsor to individuals that had been exceptional throughout the season.

Grace Nzaala earned the accolade of the Guinness Goalkeeper of the Season and the Golden Glove for achieving the cleanest sheets of the season. Phillip Lamunu was crowned Defender of the Season, while Joel Ssengendo claimed the Top Scorer award. Joshua Ssengendo was honored with the Best Midfielder award, and Eva Nakasiga was awarded the Women’s MVP title.

As the football fans rejoiced in the triumph of End Game and the recognition of outstanding players, the entertainment segment of the evening took center stage. The crowd was treated to exhilarating performances by some of Uganda’s biggest female artistes, Azawi and Vinka, who were accompanied by Elija Kitaka.

Elija and Vinka set the stage on fire with their collaboration, Tutu Mama before Vinka wowed the audience with her solo performances of hit songs like Sure, Love Panic, Malaika, By the Way, Ketchup, and her latest chart-topping track, Bailando. The grounds erupted in cheers as Azawi took over the spotlight, belting out her smash hit My Year followed by Lo Fit, Repeat It, Quinamino, Bamututte, and Party Mood.” The night reached its crescendo with Majje Azawi’s hustler’s anthem, leaving the entire audience dancing and singing along.

After the performances, the excitement continued well into the night with DJ Sesse taking over the turntables. The popular DJ delivered a mix of infectious beats, keeping the revelers grooving.
The Budo League is a bi-weekly Sunday Football League and social networking event designed for the alumni of Kings College Budo.

The league brings together former classmates, fostering camaraderie and connections beyond their academic years. Each team in the league corresponds to a specific class year, with outfits typically comprising nine to ten players, with the inclusion of a female player if available.

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