AY Storms Flames Bar

Tanzania star singer AY on Tuesday surprised his fans when he surprisingly appeared at Nickita Bachu’s Flames Bar and Grill in Mengo. The singer was on a private visit in the country. He managed to pose with bar’s owner Nickita as you can see in the pictures.AY with Nickita Bachu at Flames

AY with Nickita Bachu at Flames

The Tanzania singer was joined by fellow Ugandan singers like Big Tril, Allan Toniks, Nicky Nola and Vampos. The ‘Skol Tuesday Craze’ theme night turned into a celebrity night as fans joined them to party the night away.


The Tuesday Craze is a must attend night at Flames Bar in Mengo don’t to miss out. You have the chance to meet your favourite star singers there. Flames bar started last month but it is already talk of town with the hangout flocked by classy people like corporate, businesspersons and celebrities. It is the best bar in that part of Kampala at the moment.

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