‘As Government we take peace and security of Ugandans as paramount’ – Frank Tumwebaze

The Minster for ICT and National Guidance Hon. Frank Tumwebaze has said as government, they take peace and security of Ugandans as paramount.

While appearing on NBS Television Morning Breeze program today, Frank Tumwebaze said a lot of engagement has been going on with the local people to make it clear about the formation of Yiira in Kasese.


“When you start a war, you expect causalities. The security forces have been able to curtail the capacity of these combatants. I get irritated when people want to handle situations where a militia attacks security personnel diplomatically,” Frank Tumwebaze.

The Minster added that the independent inquiry should focus on the cause and motivation of these combatants.


“This is a war, people have training camps in mountains. Uganda is not at war, it’s just one area with combatants attacking security personnel. There’s no solution for combatants, if you attack Ugandans and security personnel, you will be dealt with. You should be killed if you are a combatant. What happened at the palace was war,” the Minister added.

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