Arab Money Party Is Not My Competitor – Zari

Socialite Zari Hassan has revealed that themed Arab Money parties are not her competitors. Fellow socialites Judith Heard and Sue O’chola of the Arab Money themed parties set the same date as Zari’s All White Ciroc Party.Zari HassanAll White Ciroc Party: Zari Hassan

The two parties are set to rock horns on 18th December at Guvnor for white party and Cayenne for Arab Money. Asked if it will not affect her party’s attendance, Zari confidently said, “Arab Money has never been our competitor since we started running five years ago.Arab Money: Sue O'chola

Arab Money: Sue O’chola

The last one they had was at Sue’s house with less than 30 people and I had 800 people at Guvnor so I put them out”. I set the date first and they knew it but its ok, we will battle it out together on that day”, she added.Arab Money: Judith Heard

Arab Money: Judith Heard

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