Another public figure loses life to domestic violence!

RIP: Winnie

Domestic Violence Claims FDC’s Winnie Nakajjubi

Latest reports reaching us have that Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) supporter Winnie Nakajjubi succumbed to domestic violence. Sources say Winnie died last Thursday at her home in Kyengera, on Masaka Road.

We are informed that she had a fight with her husband who later left with the child. When her relatives were called, they found her dead!!

RIP: Winnie

On Friday morning Hassan called Winnie to wish her Merry Christmas, her mother picked the call and said “the owner of this phone had died yesterday (Thursday)”.

She has been working with Makerere University Estate Department.

Winnie, we shall miss u

Women and men who are stuck in violent relationships because of what people will say or because of fear of loneliness or the unknown, etc, please remember that your life is irreplaceable! The New Year is coming hope you think deeply about starting a new year in every sense! The future holds better save a victim today!

No official communication from authorities has been communicated.


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