Anne Kansiime’s Manager Signs Iryn Namubiru

Comedian Anne Kansiime’s international manager, Johnson Mujungu has added another star to his line up of Ugandan celebrities he is managing. Under his label Grajoh Talent Management/Public Relations.Iryn Namubiru is now under Grajoh Talent Management /Public Relations

Iryn Namubiru is now under Grajoh Talent Management /Public Relations

“We are ecstatic to announce that renown international vocalist Iryn Namubiru will be managed by Grajoh LTD effective immediately. Throughout her career, international song bird Irene has consistently gotten better at what she does best and won the fans admiration as one of Uganda’s best female vocalist. We are sure that in her next chapter as a grajohist and under direct management by and partnership with Grajoh CEO Johnson Mujungu, Irene will take her career to her most exciting musical state to date”, Mujungu said after signing her. The singer said she was so excited to have signed for Grajoh. This is what she said.

“To my wonderful fans and well wishers, I am very well and very excited to share with you about my new business partnership with GRAJOH! I have today signed with GRAJOH TALENT MANAGEMENT and PUBLIC RELATIONS who will from now on manage my music and business career. I will henceforth be under the direct MANAGEMENT OF GRAJOH CEO, MR. JOHNSON MUJUNGU. I am so thankful to you all for your love and support through out my career for I have come this far and will go further because of you and the Lords Grace! Look out for new developments as I position myself to entertain you even more and better. From Good to Great!”, she said after signing. Johnson Mujungu also manages comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado internationally.

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