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Ankole’s Omugabe palace renovated

Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities commences renovation of Mugaba Palace/Ekikaari Kyomugabe Wa Ankole into a Tourism destination Centre.

Since The Kabaka crisis of 1966, The Mugaba Palace collapsed and the Ankole Kingdom structures were left in the ruins. The Ankole Royal Regalia was then transferred and kept for public viewing at the Uganda Museum.

Ministry of Tourism has signed a contract with Block Technical services, a construction company to gather together the remains of the palace and transform them into a tourism Destination Centre. The PS, Ministry of Tourism, Doreen S Katusiime (Mrs), declared that the people of Ankole don’t have to forget their identity, once the Palace is renovated, the face of the Palace shall contain the Ankole Regalia, which includes, the Ankle Long Horned Cattle, and the Matooke stem, with the fruit on it.

The Ankole cultural diversity will be captured in the art and this will help the young generation to understand the rich culture and preserve it for future generations. The 1st phase includes construction of a main gate, front side gate house, boundary wall fence of about 600m, main gate, electrical/mechanical installations, sanitary fittings, and external works

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