Angry lover exposes MUBS student’s nudes

Angry lover exposes MUBS student’s nudes

Ronnie,  a jilted lover has given us end of year gift by exposing nude photos of his ex estranged lover.

Pictures of nude Makerere University Business School (MUBS) girl have gone viral after they were leaked by her boyfriend only identified as Ronnie Wax. The pictures have gone viral on social media especially WhatsApp.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

Ronnie claims the girl stole huge sums of tuition money from him and made him miss his end of semester exams.

In the ratchet nudes photos that were seemingly taken by a laptop camera, the girl bends over to give a bend over clear view of her honey pot from behind and also poses in front to expose her famine-stricken tits.

In another photo she stretches her legs wide like a porn star and, using her fingers, opens wide her river banks like she wanted to explode.

When he was attacked and criticized by his friends for washing their dirty linen in public by exposing bedroom affairs, Ronnie hit back.

“I didn’t do exams because of that bitch. [She] stole my money,” Ronnie said.

Friends were left in awe wondering what amount of money was stolen from the guy and whether it was full tuition or half.

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