Angella Katatumba To Sue The Kampala Sun For Shs200m

By Lillian Kansiime 

Singer Angella Katatumba has vowed to sue The Kampala Sun tabloid over claims that she was sleeping with tycoon Jack Pemba. The singer has instructed his lawyers Mulindwa and Athiang Advocates to send the notice of intention to sue to Vision Group’s Kampala Sun over the story that they published with headline ‘Jack Pemba Plays Angella Katatumba, Desire Luzinda. The humanitarian singer is demanding for Shs 200m in damage costs and Shs 20m legal costs as well as a front page apology.Angella Katatumba claims she has lost a lot of business since the story was published Angella Katatumba claims that she has lost a lot of business since the story was published

Below is her statement which she posted on her wall.

“I seldom respond to tabloids. After all, words like “allegedly” exonerate journalists behind these stories and personally, I’ve never gone after any media house because, I understand that it’s one of many ways for certain journalists and media houses in this town to make their money.The intention to sue notice set to Kampala SunThe intention to sue notice sent to The Kampala Sun

With that said, the most recent Kampala Sun stories published about me involve larger issues.

The Kampala Sun journalist, Solomon Muleyi, called me prior to publishing these stories and I gave him DETAILED accounts of the truth.

To my surprise and shock, this “journalist” decided to write distorted versions of the stories that have hurt my reputation and businesses in more ways than one.

The irresponsible and malicious tone that stated obvious lies as facts are at the very least negligent and more importantly illegal.

Luckily we live in a world where illegal acts are punishable by law”,  AngellaThe intention to sue noticeThe intention to sue notice

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