Andrew Kabuura And Brian Tuka Resign From NBS Sport This Morning

Andrew Kabuura And Brian Tuka Resign From NBS Sport This Morning

Prominent sports enthusiasts and media figures Andrew Kabuura and Brian Tuka have decided to part ways as they tender their resignations from NBS Sport This Morning.

After a dedicated year and two months of hosting the show with the aim of uplifting Ugandan sports, the duo bid a heartfelt farewell. NBS Sport This Morning had been a staple on the airwaves, gracing screens from 7 am to 10 am every weekday.

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Andrew made the transition to the Naguru-based television station just last year, departing from his previous stint at NTV Uganda. On the other hand, Brian Tuka hailed from Capital Fm before joining the NBS team.

Throughout its run, NBS Sport This Morning consistently delivered on its commitment by featuring numerous guests from diverse sports disciplines. The show played a pivotal role in fostering the growth and development of sports in Uganda.

Viewers took to their social media accounts to express gratitude to the hosts for brightening their mornings and their disappointment over the show’s cancellation. They particularly lamented the end of the entertaining question and answer sessions, fondly known as “Rapid Fire,” between Andrew and Tuka. These sessions, where Desire served as the judge (although some viewers occasionally accused Desire of favouring Andrew Kabuura), added an element of excitement to each episode.

While Next Media is preparing to release a comprehensive statement regarding the future of NBS Sport This Morning and reaffirming their steadfast commitment to championing Ugandan sports, we must, for now, bid adieu to Andrew Kabuura’s boisterous morning greetings.

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