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AMATU MAGALE-Apas And Tasha Batabazi

Apas is Ugandan dancehall’s next big deal. He had been quietly around the music scene until he recently decided to go viral with his hit “Tetubatya”. He usually is refreshing to the ear. He leaves you dancing and yet wondering what he was singing about in the first place with his unique brand of patois.Tasha BatabaziTasha Batabazi

‘Amatu magale’ is one of his latest releases on which he features a rap goddess, Tasha Batabazi. Mentioning “Batabazi” sends chills down my spine. These guys are “byad” (trying out my patois).When it comes to rap, the Batabazi are warriors, as their name states.

I have no way to describe this song, without quoting a few lines. “Mi nah care, Mi nah hear; My ear dem lock my dear , Amatu magale my dear”. From this we can see them talking about how they do not heed to haters and their chit chat.

Apas comes in with he’s dangerous patois flow in the fast verse and chorus, which leaves Tasha no option but also come in strong in her verse. I must commend her flow and patois in this one. One would bet their lives, on her being Jamaican. It is a very groovy one, with a catchy chorus and lyrics that are easy to grasp. I remember vaguely chanting along after my second listen. Jamaicans need to watch this space seriously because Apas is no with no doubt coming their way.

Get the jam; follow APASMUSIC and Batabazi Warriors to get their other projects and support Ugandan music. Go listen love and share!

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