All the ‘Lites’ turned on as Amapiano diva Mphela performs at Tusker Lite Neon Street Rave

All the ‘Lites’ turned on as Amapiano diva Mphela performs at Tusker Lite Neon Street Rave

Famous for her energetic vibes and dance moves, South African diva Kamo Mphela took dancing up a storm quite literally at the Lugogo Hockey Grounds last evening.

Mphela lit up the Tusker Lite Neon Street Rave stage with an electrifying performance. She performed her hits like Dubai, Nkulunkulu and Amanikiniki for the crowd leaving many animated and moving their limbs to her Amapiano beats.

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She had a brief interlude during her performance praising Ugandans and their reputable party scene.

“This is my first time in Uganda and I’m loving it! I’m so happy to be here. You guys have such great vibes,” she said.

The invite only event treated thousands who attended to exclusive snippets of what it means to “Turn On Your Lite”; a new Tusker Lite campaign that celebrates self-expression, urban culture and creativity.

The campaign is about empowering those who are breaking barriers and doing things differently to illuminate the spark within them.

The Hockey Grounds were transformed into a street rave with “roads” leading to different creative spaces like the Glam Avenue for fashion lovers, Drift Avenue for gamers and the Point Yard for ballers.

In line with the campaign, the lights were literally turned on with the whole place lit in neon green. But it was the gigantic stage illumination that took the day, transforming the Hockey Grounds into a world class event space.

“We wanted to showcase the various ways in which people are Turning On Their Lite. The idea was to not only show our consumers that we celebrate their individualities but also create a unique fun experience for them,” said Tusker Lite Brand Manager, Prudence Mutembei.

Mphela shared the stage with other entertainers like Mudra, Wonder Jr, Baraka, Bantu Vibes, DJ Ssesse and DJ Alisha among many others.The Neon Street Rave will move to different parts of the country in the coming months.

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