All Set For The Launch Of 2021 Diaspora IATF Virtual Event

All Set For The Launch Of 2021 Diaspora IATF Virtual Event


The Inter-African Trade fair in partnership with The African Center is set to host a virtual discussion on the African Diaspora next week on October 4, 2021. The discussion will be centered on the theme “Building Bridges between Africa and the Diaspora to realize opportunities under African continent free Trade Area.”

The virtual discussion is a build up to the trade fair that’s taking place in November between 15th and 21st this year.

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This year’s trade Fair is expected to attract more than a thousand exhibitors; visitors and delegates from all 55 African countries and the rest of the world. An investment of more than US $40 billion is expected to be realized from the trade.

The Intra-African Trade which involves trade between Africa and it’s Diaspora was started by the African Export-Import Bank ( Afreximbank) which recognizes the invaluable contribution of the Diaspora to the African continent’s structural transformation as enshrined under the African Union’s Agenda 2063: The Africa we want.

The bank has therefore deployed a Diaspora strategy that focuses on building bridges between Africa and its Diaspora through trade and Investment promotion; savings mobilization and remittances; skills transfer, research and policy advocacy; and Diaspora outreach.

Speakers representing a diverse range of innovators of African descent who work across the African Diaspora and in the multitude of industries are expected to deepen the conversations around how Diaspora- led initiatives can accelerate investment in the continent. This includes building relevant infrastructure needed to bolster and sustain a variety of industries in African countries and to imply the AFCFTA.

The speakers of the day are also expected to explore how the Diaspora is connecting to markets and businesses across the continent and re-defining how and why global companies invest in Africa.

The discussion will begin with an opening by Professor Benedict Oramah, the President and chairman of Board of Directors of Afreximbank, and the transition to a musical performance.

The panel discussion and Q&A will follow the musical performance and will be moderated by The African Center’s CEO, Dr. Uzodinma lweala

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