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Alive Again –Juliana Kanyomozi

On Sunday morning of 20th July when we woke up to the sad news of Keron’s passing, this song was on my playlist as is every Sunday morning. While still in the moment of absorbing the shock, ‘Alive Again’ played. Trust me listening to it has never felt so sad and had more meaning.

RIP Keron

The situation at that moment just gave the whole song a brand new meaning. On any normal Sunday I would be singing along to romantic love so strong or a brand new love but on this particular day, the voice in my earphones was singing to a lost love.
“I said I’d never fall in love again, But this time I’ll love you till the very end, You changed me, you made feel a different way, Now I feel like giving all that you can take…”
“ I would give it all away , I would give it all away , Just for a day, Another day with you…..”
Those few lines quoted now tell another story altogether. Isn’t it funny how a combination of words can mean totally different things? These qualities can be found in a few songwriters and Juliana is among those few.

Here at Musical Notes, Showbiz Uganda, we send our hearts out to Juliana Kanyomozi and Amon Lukwago for the loss your angel. Saying we know what you are going through might only represent a small portion of what you are actually going through.

It’s even hard to imagine the hurt you are going through right now. We pray that the Lord holds your hands as you go through these trying times. May He’s mercy and magnificence shine on you. May He heal your wounded hearts and bring you out of this as He wills. We love you. REST IN ETERNAL PEACE KERON.

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