Aisha Nabukeera Set For Miss Uganda 2015-16

Aisha Nabukeera, the girl who was burnt by step mother years back is set to run for Miss Uganda this year. Aisha’s guardian Frank Gashumba has confirmed to us that its true Aisha is set to contest for Miss Uganda 2015-2016.Aisha Nabukeera is set to contest for Miss Uganda 2015-16Aisha Nabukeera is set to contest for Miss Uganda 2015-16

“As Amama Mbabazi declares his Presidential Bid, our own miracle girl Aisha Nabukeera is officially running for MISS UGANDA 2015-2016. I personally believe everyone is gifted but most Ugandans never open their package and the tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live. Aisha will have all my support during the contest. I hope you guys support her and also pray for her. We can always be what we want to be as long as we believe in ourselves,” Gashumba said.

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