Aisha Nabukeera Predicted To Win Miss Uganda 2015-16 Contest

Aisha Nabukeera, the girl who was burnt by her stepmother years back is a contestant number 3 in the Miss Uganda 2015-16 beauty contest. The 20 year old with her burns has not forgotten the gruesome incident which has left her with permanent scars.Aisha Nabukeera

Aisha Nabukeera

Many of our fans have predicted that Aisha will be crowned Miss Uganda 2015-16 come July 10th. When the final 21 girls were announced last week at Kampala Serena Hotel, many beauty pundits predicted a win for Aisha. In less than a week, her Facebook ‘Aisha Nabukeera Contestant #3 Miss Uganda 2015-16’ has already reached more than 5000 followers. “The scars are the reminders of what I have been through but they will not dictate where I am going”, she said. The girls will go in boot camp for some activation nights en route the grand finale on July 10.Aisha says scars can not stop her from moving forward

Aisha says scars can not stop her from moving forward

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