Airtel’s Sponsored -BIKA Tournament Kicks-Off with 52 Clans Contending for the 2024 Championship Title

Airtel’s Sponsored -BIKA Tournament Kicks-Off with 52 Clans Contending for the 2024 Championship Title

Ngeye Clan wins the 2024 BIKA Netball Tournament with 35-25 against Njovu Clan

Kampala; The highly anticipated Airtel-BIKA Football Tournament officially kicked off today at Muteesa II Stadium, Wankulukuku with an opening match between Mamba Namakaka (Gabunga) and Butiko which ended with a 2-3 win for Butiko, while in the 2024 netball finals Ngeye won with 35 points against Njovu who registered 25 points.

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The 2024 BIKA Cup season-opening game was officiated by the Katikkiro of Buganda, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga.
This year’s BIKA Tournament will bring together 52 clans that make up the Buganda totems. Some of the clans participating include the reigning champions Ngonge clan which scored 2-0 against the Mbogo clan, thus lifting the 2023 BIKA Cup trophy while in netball, Ngeye won with 37 points against Nyonyi’s 36 points in the 2023 BIKA Netball Championship.

The Airtel-BIKA tournament is a grassroots sports initiative aimed at bringing clans together for cultural and socio-economic purposes and has been a symbol of fostering a spirit of unity and community in the kingdom and the country as a whole. The 52 clans will play and go through eliminations up to round 16 where they’ll be clustered into 4 groups that will then qualify for the quarter-finals where 8 teams will make it to the semi-finals before the final game.
This year’s edition promises to be another thrilling showcase of talent and tradition, with clans across Buganda coming together to compete.

In attendance was the Airtel Uganda Sales and Distribution Director, Ali Balyunwa who expressed his excitement for the new season of the BIKA tournament and Airtel Uganda’s commitment to the partnership between the brand and Buganda Kingdom.
“We are proud to participate in this year’s edition, just as we did in the previous BIIKA tournament which embodies the spirit of community and togetherness. As a company that believes in uplifting the communities that we operate in, we remain committed to supporting initiatives that empower our people, especially the youth,” he said.

“I extend my warmest congratulations to the winners of the 1st match of the season, Butiko Clan, not forgetting our Netball stars, Ngeye Clan. Your hard work and dedication to the game of Football and Netball is truly commendable. This, at AirteI Uganda, is what we aim to accomplish, to give the youth a Reason to Imagine all the possibilities that they can achieve. I call upon everyone to make time and watch the BIKA games and show support,” he added.

Commenting on the successful kickoff of the tournament, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga expressed his gratitude upon seeing the passion and enthusiasm of participants and fans.

“Every year, the participants, fans, and well-wishers of the kingdom turn up in large numbers to support this important event and everything it stands for. There is so much great talent that we discover through these initiatives who then go on to pursue their dreams in sports. And all this would not be possible without all of your support and from the Kingdom’s partners such as Airtel Uganda who have walked with us through many of our initiatives such as the recently concluded Kabaka Birthday Run, The Masaza Cup, among many others,” he said.

The tournament will continue to captivate audiences with thrilling matches, great sportsmanship, competition, and socio-economic engagements throughout the season.

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