Airtel Uganda: Social Media tax validity now 24hours

Airtel Uganda: Social Media tax validity now 24hours

Airtel Uganda has announced a fundamental change in the Over the Top excise duty imposed on social media following a directive from Uganda Communications Commission, the telecommunications regulatory body in Uganda.

Since its introduction in July 2018, the tax commonly known as OTT or social media tax, was only valid up to midnight of the payment date for daily users. With the recent changes, daily subscribers can now enjoy internet services for a complete 24 hours – right up to the time that they subscribed 24 hours earlier. This also applies to the weekly and monthly users who can also enjoy services until the time that they subscribed.

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Furthermore, Airtel Uganda has also added more options to the menu giving subscribers the ability to pay their taxes on a quarterly and annual basis.

According to the Airtel Uganda Managing Director, Airtel is very happy with the changes made to the directive as this offers more value to subscribers.

“We are happy to comply with the new tax as it offers our subscribers a lot more value. They can now communicate with their friends and families and access all social media platforms for a lot longer than before,” he noted.

“As a brand that is committed to the Ugandan people, we support all regulations that improve the customers’ ability to communicate effectively,” he added.

Recently, Airtel Uganda launched the cheapest 4G smartphone in Uganda as part of their efforts to make communication in Uganda more affordable. Dial *185*2*5# to pay for the social media tax.

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