Agriculture Minister, Attorney General dragged to court over unlawful appointment

Wednesday Lauben, a Ugandan of sound mind has dragged the Attorney General (AG) together with Hon. Vicent Bamulangaki Sempijja Minster of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries and National Animal Genetic Resource Center and Data Bank (NAGRC&DB) over the appointment of Mr. Kifudde Wandera Wilberforce as the Technical Manager Production of NAGRC&DB.
Mr. Wednesday Lauben said the appointment of Mr. Kifudde Wandera Wilberforce to serve as an officer of NAGRC&DB when he has already exceeded the mandatory retirement of 60 years is ultravires and in contravention of the law. Mr. Kifudde is now 64 years old.
Wednesday has called for the Judicial review challenging improper appointment of Kifudde by the Minister saying there is abuse of office because Kifudde is in the bracket of retirement age.
Mr Wednesday represented by Credo Advocates wants Judicial Review to order of certiorari to quash the purported appointment of Mr. Kifudde Wandera Wilberforce as the Technical Manager production of NAGRC&DB, He wants an order of mandamus compelling the minister to have in place a legally instituted board to run the affairs of NAGRC&DB, He also wants court to order for a permanent injunction restraining NAGRC&DB from continuing to employ Mr. Kifudde Wandera Wilberforce as the Technical Manager, Production following his impugned appointment in that office unless due legal process is followed and an order of prohibition prohibiting NAGRC&DB from allowing Mr. Kifudde Wandera Wilberforce to serve in as Technical Manager, production following his impugned appointment.
Kifudde was appointed on 24th September 2019 and Mr Wednesday reasons out that the Minister’s appointment ultravires  his powers, illegal and without authority and mandate.
It is said the law gives such mandate of such an appointment to be made by the Board of Directors of NAGRC&DB not the minister.
It is also said the current tenure of Board of Directors expired in May 2018 and no other board has been constituted since then.
Mr Wednesday also said the Minister has reneged on his mandate under the law of appointing a new Board of Directors for a period of now more than half a year.
With this Judicial Review, a total of 13 other work mates of Kifudde are set to lose their jobs because they aren’t legally in office.
Below are documents calling for Judicial Review;

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