Africell Uganda’s ‘Tokota Nnyo’ bundle hailed as the best ever

The cost of voice calls is considered very important for most Ugandans considering the unending need for communication in transaction of businesses and general life. It is for this reason that futuristic brands like Africell that considers the needs of their customers as priority decided to give them voice and data packages that have the lowest prices in the industry. One such initiative from Africell is the Tokota Nnyo bundle.

Just as the bundle name suggests, the Tokota Nnyo bundle is massive. Nnyo is a luganda acronym for more. With the Africell Tokota Nnyo bundle, subscribers can now get the hailed 20,20,20 package. This means for just 500 shillings, an Africell customer can get 20 talk time minutes, 20 free Mbs of data and 20 free sms’. This is the cheapest in the market considering that the other players are offering 06 and 07 minutes with no additions for the same cost of 500 shillings.

Justine Busingye, a 3rd year student at university says this bundle is her life saver. She says “I am a student and therefore don’t have so much money to spend on airtime yet I need to communicate with my folks and classmates. 500 Shillings a day is all I use on a daily and the Tokota Nnyo bundle is well packaged to sort me. I call my folks, whatsapp my friends and text other people. It is the best bundle ever”. Justine isn’t alone in praising this bundle. John Mugenyi, a banker says the Tokota Nnyo bundle serves all his needs and is price friendly. “It is the best bundle for that cost” he says.

Milad Khairallah who is Africell’s Commercial Director says it is their long term strategy to offer services that are affordable for all without limitations on the costs and offers. He affirmed “Our services are wide reaching and affordable. We listen to our subscriber’s needs and respond by offering them the best at a reasonable price. Africell will continue to lead in terms of competitive product and service pricing that covers the needs of our customers”

Africell is the market leader in the data category having notched the Open Signal fastest data speeds in Uganda award last December while their voice packages are the cheapest on the market.

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