Africell clinches top position as the fastest network in Uganda for the second time

Open Signal has published its latest research into the performance of the East Africa’s big telecom networks again, with Africell leading the Uganda segment.

Africell has been declared the number one telecom in Uganda two years in a row when it comes to mobile data speeds. Africell which in 2015 beat off competition to get the top ranking, has again impressed in the 2016 data speeds test results. Africell was also declared the best over mobile network in the country.

Africell Uganda

“Africell is Uganda’s best mobile network of 2016. Both on 3G and 4G, Africell impressed at all tests than any other network. Africell was the fastest network with excellent average and peak scores in data speed tests” read part of the released results by Open Signal. Open Signal- is a top app that continually runs tests to measure the real world experience users receive. The research focused on two key metrics: download speed and web browsing performance.

Uganda’s fastest 3G and 4G network

Africell Uganda performed better than other networks in 3G scoring 5.9 Mbps. Overall, Africell came out on top when it comes to both web browsing speed and download speed, with an average page load speed of five seconds, a 98% successful loading rate, 15Mbit/s average download speed and 92% speeds over 4Mbit/s.

Africell was also hailed for its high performing HSPA 3G network. The network took that honor followed by MTN Uganda. The tests clocked average Africell 3G speeds at 5.9 Mbps with the closest rival managing a mere 5.2 Mbps.

The final metric that was tracked was network latency, which measures the reaction of a network. A lower latency connection means data makes the round trip between a smartphone and the network much more quickly, enabling more responsive internet browsing and producing less lag time in communications apps. Africell won the 4G latency award with an average response time of 237 milliseconds.

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