‘We are proud to be Africans’ thousands react to Charles Lambert’s quest for Africa’s Economic Independence

‘We are proud to be Africans’ thousands react to Charles Lambert’s quest for Africa’s Economic Independence

Hundreds of Africans on social media have said they are proud to be Africans and to be part of Africa’s first Economic War. They said while reacting to Charles N. Lambert’s address as he leads Africa’s first economic independence under Black Wall Street Economic War. 

While live on Facebook talking about the war, Lambert talked of his quest to end economic slavery and followers reacted with excitement over such initiative.

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Charles N. Lambert

While responding to his address, several individuals praised bravery of many Africans coming up with such ideas and motives.

They described his presentation as powerful and great and that it shows that Africans have started to believe in themselves.

Others said his birth was designed to save Africa. They went on to describe him as a giant of Africa.

Below are some of the comments of people inspired by Charles N. Lambert;

“Can’t wait to move forward“

“Am so proud to be African, Africa 1st”

“I am proud to be Africa”

“I’m shaking right now”

“What a great message from the just ended meeting. Everyone should be thirsty for this economic war,” a comment said.

Another comment goes, “Long live Black Wall Street. Thanks for the insight once again”.

“Meeting of hope of Africa. Thank you chairman”.

“Wealth must be transferred. Our names, written in the book of history. The Economic war Army,” another comment goes.

“I just heard about Africa must stand out, I love how he is being an eye opener to Africans and he is being a true economist”, a supporter commented.

“Good morning sir, no need to presume, i know you had a lovely night rest and I know your family is fine with the power of the Almighty God. You were born to life to do this sir, your message yesterday was so motivating and inspiring, if @ all I should list 1 of the reasons why I was created by God, you are definitely one among the reasons sir. I have prayed for you this morning and will always do sir I will stand by you in this fight till the end by the special grace of God Almighty. I will not stop and we shall win the economic war in HIS mighty grace…Have a wonderful and blessed day sir,” another supporter commented.

”Another explosive meeting. Kudos chairman sir”.

“Thank you Mr. Chairman
God bless very plenty”

“Another wonderful presentation
More feather to your cap
May your blessings be unlimited“.

“What a great presentation… Thank you chairman“

“Very powerful“

“Way forward”

“Powerful presentation”

“Thats the spirit”

“We gradually making waves“

“I just developed this crazy love for his powerful speech“


A WELL THOUGHT OUT PLAN is the way forward.

This truly can not be overemphasized.

Thank you chairman for tonight. The sound of the gong was clear enough”

“Moving train..“

“Yes to the world Upap”

“His birth was designed to save AFRICA”

“Yes oo …You wrote my mind, I took that awaye, too”

“View corroborated”

“Great meeting, folks. What an enthusiastic posture from our leader!!!“

“I love his spirit“

“It was very interesting“

“It was very interesting“

“He seems highly spirited and all fired up and so should we”

“You can say that again“

“Am really moved“

“Giant of Africa”

“What an insightful meeting,”

“Very insightful. . Africa First“

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