“Africa must adopt Museveni’s System”- Charles Lambert

“Africa must adopt Museveni’s System”- Charles Lambert

Black Wall Street Economic War leader Charles N. Lambert has said the only thing that works in all the nations of the world is home grown solutions.

He said that one has ever truly developed copying existing systems from foreign powers.

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From the US breakaway from European kings to the Chinese, the Asian Tigers, the Middle Eastern development and more, the strength of the liberation of any people is in home grown solutions.

Africa is not an Extension of Europe. So we must develop our own systems that work for our own people.

The perfect combination of Compassionate Capitalism and Organized Orders is the key to the Super Power Africa we have all dreamt about.

All over the world, the singular job of government is security of lives and property.

Museveni’s Uganda did not just copy and paste Western governance system which is why the country has been more secure and more peaceful than all the African countries that copied Europe’s failed democracy verbatim.

This home grown solution, Organized Orders created and sustained by the visionary Museveni must become Africa’s system adopted all across the Continent to ensure the peace and security required to implement Compassionate Capitalism Revolution and make Africa a Super Power.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves shall free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy, for none of them can stop the time”-Bob Marley.

This is Africa’s time.

“Organized Orders plus Compassionate Capitalism, two home grown solutions that definitely leads to a Super Power Africa. Africa First,” Lambert said.

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