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Actress Maggie Paris Kiyingi talks about her life, and career

With a few years into the acting career, Maggie Paris Kiyingi is already a house hold name. She recently made an appearance in the ‘Honorable TV Series’ which airs on Thursdays on NTV Uganda. The new season is premiering this month. Read on…………….


SB: So tell me who Maggie Kiyingi is?

Magie Kiyingi: She is an Actor, entrepreneur, business woman, statician by profession. She likes working hard, coming up with new business ideas, and making new friends. She is a former TV presenter on the Teens club show, WBS TV. Maggie was born to Madam Dorah Mulindwa, second last born of seven.

She runs her own marketing brand called House of Kiyingi.

SB: Tell us about the house of Kiyingi

Magie Kiyingi: House of Kiyingi is a consultancy company that does both marketing and agency work. We have partnered with many companies and executed different projects. As a CEO, I can say the business is successful and it’s running in our favor. We work as a team. “We create, they celebrate”.

SB: You are also in acting career, tell us how it is going on with you?

MagGie Kiyingi: It’s a steady progress, I have done a couple of projects this year, the latest one is my appearance in the ‘Honourables’, a TV drama that is directed by John Ssegawa, it airs on NTV every Thursdays at 8pm. Season two premiers this July 2017. People should watch out for it, it’s amazing and exciting.

SB: How do you find acting career?

Maggie Kiyingi: I find it amazing, its fun filled the industry is growing fast. It opens you to the world out there and that comes with a lot of opportunities.

SB: Where do you see your acting career in the next five years?

Maggie Kiyingi: With God’s grace, i see myself being a part of bigger projects all around the globe. Bettering my career to greater heights and being recognized as a remarkable actor.

SB: Tell us your best moment in acting so far

Maggie Kiyingi: Every time when I am acting is my best moment.

SB: What is your message to those intending to join acting?

Maggie Kiyingi: They can join, the industry is so fresh, and still open to New talent. Let them come with passion for acting and not because they expect money from it. It’s a growing industry that needs to get built to the level of Nollywood and Hollywood. And it’s us the film fraternity to build it.

 SB: What message do you have for your fans?

Maggie Kiyingi: They should watch out for my incoming projects and keep supporting me. I’m here because of them. It gives me energy knowing that somebody somewhere appreciates my work. I love them right back and may God bless them.

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