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Abeyo By Benezeri, Santana And Glen Fame

This song has one of Uganda’s finest intros. Both lyrically and rhythmically, Benezeri goes into his beat with an intention to murder it. And he did just that! Santana also put his humour to very good use in song. He is very well known for humorous yet sensible luga flow which he delivered very well in the song. Glen fame has become very hard to miss if Santana is involved. He is quite a good singer. The trio met at shows that they used to perform at and became friends.


The lyrics are based on appreciation of oneself if you may ask me. When SU asked Benezeri about his inspiration for his lyrics, he said that he was inspired by what he felt, and experience and in this particular case, confidence in oneself and happiness. Indeed most of his lines talk about his life as a person for example his school, his very creative diction as a rapper and many other things. (Only way to find out is by actually listening to the song).

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The beat to this song is another story altogether. It is clearly dancehall, when incorporated with the hip-hop , it is something completely out of this world. He described the beat as dancehall/afro beat, but I still think there should be more to it than just that. SU should meet Josh SB and ask what masterpiece ingredient he added to this jam that we just can’t get our hands on. Or maybe the trick came from K Willz who recorded, mixed and mastered the song at Moja studios. We shall find out.

The main reason why this article is written now, almost 6months after the song was released is because of the video that was dropped two weeks ago. It is a very impressive video that goes well with the hip-hop genre. Hip-hop is known to be a very raw and gangster like genre and so this is depicted very well in the video setting.

The graphics are of high quality. The fact the setting is very remote and yet the video manages to come off as an urban video is very credible. Benezeri said he was very happy with how the video came out. It was exactly as he had dreamt of it turning out.

We at SU salute the guys for their contribution in Ugandan music. They incorporated a very nice concept of the remote areas of the country and this creates awareness of such communities. “Thank you for the support you’ve shown constantly. We are going to re write history. Thanks for believing in me always,” says Benezeri to his fans or rather ‘fam’.

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