Abel Dhaira: Football will miss the young goalkeeper

Uganda Cranes to observe a minute of silence in memory of the fallen goalkeeper on Tuesday against Burkina Faso

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has joined the rest of the local football fraternity with tributes for the fallen goalkeeper Abel Dhaira who succumbed to cancer on Sunday in Iceland.

The news for the death of Abel came in a few days after FUFA and the family of Dhaira had held special prayers and kicked off a fundraising drive in Walukuba in a bid to save his life.

RIP: Abel Dhaira

RIP: Abel Dhaira

‘Dhaira was a magnificent goalkeeper with so many tricks and always put on a smile irrespective of the results for his team’ ‘We are saddened by the death of Dhaira and football will miss a keeper many people loved seeing saving penalties’

FUFA will go ahead with earlier plans for Uganda Cranes players donning t-shirts carrying messages which had been designed in support of Dhaira wishing him a quick recovery.

A minute of silence will also be observed before kick-off of the 2017 AFCN qualifier between Uganda Cranes and Burkina Faso at Mandela National stadium.

Match officials from Madagascar and Tanzanian Commissioner Rwiza Kishogole will be informed during the pre-match meeting about plans of honouring Dhaira. Burial details will be communicated in due course. Rest In Peace Abel Dhaira

Abel Dhaira’s career

The world has been treated to shocking news following the death of Uganda Cranes goalkeeper, Abel Dhaira. The talented goalkeeper was diagnosed with abdominal cancer at the onset of January 2016.

On the exact of his death, his running contract and medical insurance at IBV Vestmanaeyjar football club in Iceland also expired.

Abel Dhaira during an action

Abel Dhaira during an action

Dhaira started his career with Walukuba football club in Jinja. He transferred to Express, URA before he ventured at Simba Sports Club in the Tanzanian league. He had two stints at IBV Vestmanaeyjar football club in the Iceland premier league until his demise.

On Good Friday, the family and friends held special prayers for the ailing goalkeeper whose penalty stopping antics cast him in the limelight. Dhaira won three CECAFA titles with the Uganda Cranes. Arrangements to bring back the corpse to Uganda for burial are underway by the family. May his soul rest in peace

Abel Dhaira during his days of action

Abel Dhaira during his days of action

Patrick Idringi Salvado

“We had the fight against AIDS and I must say we did and are still doing very well In that regard. 10yrs ago… Cancer was mostly a “white people disease”, we mostly got enlightened by the disease by the death of an important person outside Africa, to us Cancer was just a “White people disease”… Fast forward 2016, we’ve in the past 5 yrs lost a big number of people to this disease and yet, it seems like .. It’s not that important to sensitize people about it.. I’ve not seen or heard any NGO or even Government organizing schemes to sensitize people about Cancer (I might be wrong).. It comes in many forms.. Many many forms and u can’t know for sure how one gets it.. Is it sexually transmitted? Genetically inherited?? Is it by physical contact??? People need to be sensitized about this disease.. Now we have lost the most entertaining talented Uganda Cranes goal Keeper.. Ohh Lord.. Why this disease??? Let the experts come out.. Organize workshops to help people understand what this disease is all about Coz it’s becoming too much.. Forgive my ignorance if I have showed any, I know a lot of people or organizations have tried to come out to sensitize people about cancer, institutes build in that regard but we need to take it a little step further.. Let the mention of the word CANCER cause fear in our souls like the mention of AIDS does.. It starts with me, you and everyone else, take a step, learn more about this disease, it could help you help a loved one. May God bless us all.. CANCER IS TERRIBLE.. RIP ABEL DHAIRA”

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