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Abeeke Band To Bring Life At The Reggae Life Festival This Weekend

“The festival will be of advantage to the country because it attracts tourists from all over the world. We are thus building Reggae in the forest to be one of the key attractions to Uganda annually, providing a very fun and authentic reason to travel to Uganda for this reggae experience,” said Edyau Paul who is the event organizer.

This weekend on 3rd Saturday, December 2022, all roads will lead to Kira’s beautiful forest dubbed Nyungu Yamawe for the first edition of Reggae Life called “Qwom Qwom Reggae Life Festival” in the forest featuring one of Uganda’s bands Abeeke as the main act of the event.

Lion story band, a legendary reggae band will also perform with their lead singer Yalongo I and I

Qwom  is a musical instrument. The festival will involve workshops, cultural seminars, camping, an art exhibit, a food village, and musical interludes from DJs and performers.


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