A storm in Jamaica shakes African Prince Fayross in his heritage

A storm in Jamaica shakes African Prince Fayross in his heritage

When Grammy Award winning Morgan Heritage set out to find talent across Africa, they knew talented kids were out there and was extremely elated when they discovered 1A1V Music’s FayRoss from Nigeria.

He is a multifaceted singer, songwriter and producer. On his new single ‘Race’, he tells a very relatable story that echoes across the continent of Africa.

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Whereby a boy meets a girl and they fall for each other but he doesn’t have much to offer financially. So the boy eventually looses the girl to a guy that has more to offer.

As an artist, FayRoss is on a trajectory that will put him in the conversations amongst the biggest names in African music with his new single “Race”. The Grammy award winning groups label CTBC Nation, is distributed by Sony Music South Africa. Through their partnership with 1A1V Music they look to solidify FayRoss as one of Africa’s brightest stars. The new song will be released on 6th November 2020.

Follow Fayross here https://instagram.com/iam_fayross?igshid=hgnwtnd0p4k3

Follow Morgan Heritage here https://instagram.com/morganheritage?igshid=5s6aw2g8esbf

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