$500 for Mbozi Za Malwa Dance Challenge

$500 for Mbozi Za Malwa Dance Challenge

Star singer Bebe Cool has released a brand new song featuring Kenya’s Sauti Sol. The song titled Mbozi Za Malwa’s audio is out.  Click here https://soundcloud.com/ …/mbozi-za-malwa-bebe-cool-x-sauti-s… to listen and download for free.

The song has received massive air plays from all entertainment corners within a few days of its release.
This has also been shown with a dance challenge for the song between Ugandans and Kenyans and the winner will walk away with $500 and a chance to hang out with either Bebe Cool or Sauti Sol.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

“In many African communities, you only have to go to a local bar for a drink with friends to get to know the latest news happening around your community”

‘Mbozi Za Malwa’ for Luganda ‘Conversations that usually take place when friends are having a drink at a local joint (bar)’
The dance competition started on 17th April and will go up to 26th April.

“Ugandan girls prove to Sauti Sol that when it comes to shaking booty. Kenyan gals are nowhere near you – US$ 500 is up for grabs for the ‘Best Dancer East Africa’
Start: 17th April – 26th April 2017
Rules are simple;
1. Click on this link https://soundcloud.com/ …/mbozi-za-malwa-bebe-cool-x-sauti-s… to listen to the song
2. Create your own dance video or with friends
3. Record and upload on Instagram and facebook using the hashtag #MbozizaMalwa
4. Sauti Sol will repost videos from ???? while Bebe Cool will repost videos from ????
5. Bebe Cool will pick Ugandan winners and Sauti Sol will pick Kenyan winners
6. One final battle between Kenyan reps and Ugandan reps.. winner takes it all
7. Winner will be announced be Bebe Cool on 26th April 2017
Winner will also have a chance to hang out worth either Bebe Cool or Sauti Sol
Keep posted on @bebecool_ug and @sautisol for more details,” Bebe Cool posted.

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