243 Events Want Justice and Fair Play in Fally Ipupa Concert Controversy

243 Events Want Justice and Fair Play in Fally Ipupa Concert Controversy

In a recent turn of events, 243 Events, a prominent entertainment company in Uganda, finds itself at the center of a controversy involving celebrated artist Fally Ipupa and ticketing agent Quicket. The saga dates back to 2019 when 243 Events, through due process, engaged Fally Ipupa’s management, led by Mr. Madina Djoboungue of Mad MadProduction, for a scheduled performance in Uganda.

With excitement and anticipation, 243 Events paid an upfront fee of £85,000 to secure FallyIpupa’s performance, followed by an additional £10,000 as per the artist’s request. The payments were made, and receipts were acknowledged, sealing the deal for what promised to be a memorable musical experience for Ugandan fans.

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However, the highly awaited performance took an unexpected turn when Fally Ipupa and his team failed to honor the commitment under unclear circumstances. Disheartened and seeking answers, 243 Events reached out to the artist’s management, who assured them of a refund and pledged to prioritize 243 Events for future engagements or at least provide advanced notice.

For nearly four years, the situation remained unresolved, with Fally Ipupa’s team maintaining a deafening silence. Until recently, when the shocking news of two confirmed Fally Ipupa shows in Uganda surfaced – one in Arua and another in Kampala, both organized by Quicket, the original ticketing agent during the initial arrangement.


243 Events was caught off guard and attempted to seek a court injunction to halt the shows. However, they were met with obstacles and empty promises from the other parties involved, leading to the staging of the first show in Arua on Friday, September 29th, and another scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, October 1st.

This unexpected turn of events has left 243 Events feeling betrayed and frustrated. The company insists that it had attempted to find an amicable solution with Quicket, but Mr. Madina Djoboungue’s arrogance and elusive behavior hindered progress.


The saga has raised concerns about fairness, professionalism, and accountability within the entertainment industry. 243 Events is now exploring alternative avenues to seek justice and ensure that their grievances are addressed appropriately.

The incident has also cast a shadow on celebrated artist Fally Ipupa, as fans and stakeholders question the ethical implications of his involvement in the controversial concerts.


As the legal process unfolds, the entertainment industry in Uganda watches closely, hoping for a resolution that upholds the principles of fairness and transparency.






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