2026 Updates: Winfred Kabarokore wants to see modern agriculture productivity in Sheema District if she takes LC V Chairperson seat

2026 Updates: Winfred Kabarokore wants to see modern agriculture productivity in Sheema District if she takes LC V Chairperson seat

Ms Winfred Kabarokore has set her plans on increasing agriculture productivity in Sheema District once she takes over as LC V Chairperson in 2026 to 2031.

Agriculture being the backbone of Uganda’s economy and particularly in Sheema District, Winfred says there is need to make the production more modernized and on a larger scale to boost household income.

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Winfred says besides having served as a teacher, Lecturer, worked as a project manager in different organisations AHF (Aids Health Care Foundation) Rwanda, and having participated in Sheema Politics, she is also a farmer with experience in animal and crop production.

Winfred Kabarokore wants agriculture production increased by more than triple once she is elected Chairperson LC V for Sheema District in 2026

In Sheema District, farming has significantly contributed to the well- being and livelihood of the Sheema people (especially the growing of coffee and Matooke) by providing a foundation for food security, economic stability, and social cohesion. Particularly, farming has played a vital role in helping the Sheema people achieve a better life.

However, she says most of the people are small holder farmers and they have faced enormous challenges including limited technology, poor seed varieties, lack of extension services, high in put costs, counterfeit agro-inputs, and dependency on rain-fed agriculture,not forgetting the widespread use of traditional methods and equipment.

“It wouldn’t be just if I ignore the weaknesses of us farmers where; low status is associated with farming (referred to as peasants), limited desirability of rural life, access to information, adoption of information and communication technologies,” Winfred said.

Good News is that come 2026-2031 with a ‘Voice’ and mandate, (it will be more ENKUMBI TELIMBA) status.

Ms Winfred Kabarokore told this website that productivity will be priotised through targeted Good Agricultural Practices, as pruning and optimised fertiliser application, will be crucial.

More so ensuring the efficiency of production methods, including labour allocation and input management, proving vital for success.

“To achieve and be very successful we MUST implement (As per The President’s advice); the four sectors which include commercial agriculture with ‘ekibaro’ which will be best achieved through mobilisation and sensitisation,” Winfred Kabarokore added.

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