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20 Things you didn’t know about Bahati Pascaline Hatie

Bahati Pascaline Hatie is a media personality who also doubles as a social media influencer. She is one of the most entertaining and educative when it comes to social media.

Here are 20 facts you should know about the sexy mother three;

  1. She is so mean, she loves herself so much. That’s why most of her posts are always about herself and herself and only herself.
  1. She loves and wears men watches and Perfumes.
  1. Bahati loves her Parents and Kids more than any other human on this planet.
  1. She laughs and talks a lot.
  1. Getting married again is not on the list of her priorities.
  1. She posts a lot of her stuff on social media but leaves out the most important things to herself.
  1. Bahati says she doesn’t cheat.
  1. She gets easily annoyed but she loves and cares for others a lot.
  1. When she tells you i love you, it’s real. When she loves, she truly love.
  1. She is not yet rich… but she just looks like she is.
  1. She gave birth to her first born at 16 years.
  1. Bahati prefers Injection to drugs.
  1. Her dream car is a black Mercedes Benz??
  1. She loves Jumpsuits so much as well as clothes that reveal the back.
  1. Bahati careless about what people think about her. People’s opinions about her life don’t and will never matter??
  1. Bahati says she would rather be rich and independent like Zari than be in a struggling marriage in a mansion with a ring.
  2. She was born on 12th April, it was on Easter Monday that’s why she was named Pascaline meaning a female born on Easter.
  1. She thinks she is the strongest woman she knows.
  1. Her love for Food is unrivaled??
  2. Bahati prefers boyfriends to girlfriends and she is a top fan of Eddy Kenzo.

If you want to meet her, be at Kampala Serena Hotel tonight for ‘Singa concert’ by Ykee Benda.


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