Global Cultural Event set for this weekend

This Sunday 13th August 2017 all roads lead to Uganda Museum for the much awaited Global Cultural Event organized by Mary Ingabire Global Events. The hosts, Mary Ingabire doing the event in Kampala for the first ever has promised the best of it.

The award winning promoter and manager is exceptional when it comes to event hosting. She is that perfect match you need for any event to succeed.

Singers Geosteady, and lovely Naira Ali are among the stars set to light up the event. They will also be performing live alongside other Artistes, 15 Cultural Troupes, 2 Poets and Dancers.

Gates open at 10am till 11pm and entrance fee is 5k for kids, 10k for adults, 500k for a stall, 1m for a VIP table and 1.5m for a tent.

The Kalbelia Dance is set to rock the Uganda International Cultural Festival!

Kalbelia Dance is set to rock this weekend’s Uganda International Cultural Festival at Uganda Museum. The annual event will kick off on Friday 28th July till Sunday 30th July. Put on your dancing shoes on and come experience this wonderful cultural dance from India on Sunday 30th at Uganda Museum as the dance will close the Cultural Fest.

The Kalbelia or Kalbeliya or Karberia, as it is sometimes spelled is a dance form that is associated with a Rajasthani tribe of the same name. The dance form consists of swirling, graceful movements that make this dance a treat to behold. The movements associated with the Kalbelia also make it one of the most sensuous forms of folk dance in India.

The Kalbelia dance is generally performed for any joyous celebration and is considered to be an integral part of the Kalbelia culture. Another unique aspect of the Kalbelia dance is that it is only performed by women while the men play the instruments and provide the music.

As previously mentioned, the Kalbelia dance is closely associated with the Kalbelia tribe of Rajasthan. The Kalbelia tribe follows Hindusim and are a nomadic tribe and are considered to be a fringe group in society. They prefer to live in paces just outside of villages and cities in makeshift camps called Deras. One of the most well known aspects of the Kalbelia tribe is their expertise as snake charmers and snake catchers.

This connection to snakes can be seen in the Kalbelia dance as the costume, as well as the dance movements, resemble the movements made by serpents.

Culture provides societies with a unique Identity, creativity, critical thinking, empathy, risk tolerance and above all mutual respect.

Culture preserves and provides knowledge which is essential for the physical and intellectual existence of man.

It preserves knowledge and helps it’s transmission from generation to generation.

It’s what directs and confines the behavior of an individual, in many cases; it has provided the much needed employment amidst biting unemployment and poverty!!

Whereas culture plays a big role in society, we are facing its erosion because our children are frequently exposed to foreign cultures through internet and televisions!

In view of the significance of culture and it’d erosion among the youth and children, Uganda International Cultural Fair, has put a special emphasis on youth and school children by putting a Schools Cultural awareness quiz competitions as one of the major activities of this year’s Cultural Festival that will be at Uganda Museum from 28th to 30th July 2017!

Parents bring all the children to Uganda Museum, there’s a lot foe them: from traditional kids games, exhibition of totems, cultural performances from Uganda’s unique indigenous groups, bouncing castles, acrobatics, Story Telling and more. Empowering the youth today for a better tomorrow!!



Global Cultural event will define our Cultures

Award winning Promoter and Manager Mary Ingabire is in the country to host the first ever Global Cultural Event at Uganda Museum on 13th August 2017. Mary Ingabire will host the event under her label Mary Ingabire Global Events. She told this website that culture defines us and therefore the event is a must attend.

At the venue, there will be different performances from local singers and cultural groups and to book your Stalls, VIP Tables or Tents, kindly call or WhatsApp on +447462337222 0r +256779673998. Tickets go for children 5k, adults 10k Stall 500k, VIP Table 1m, Tent 1.5m and gates open at 10am-11pm

Pride, Heritage and Peace and for more information visit the website

Know more about Totems at Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair

With just less than two weeks to the annual Uganda International Cultural Tourism Cultural Fair, we have landed onto Totems of Uganda (Buganda Edition).

Totems of Uganda-Buganda edition is a book about the significant role totems play in the conservation of nature.

It depicts all totemic species in full colour and captures the stories of how they came into existence.

This is the only book which reveals traditional methods people in Uganda use to conserve nature.

The desire for man to connect to the wild animal kingdom is an ancient obsession but no one i have read or heard knows how this primordial global practice started. But as human communities developed, there was need for identity starting with kingdoms and later on individuals.

In Uganda, the first written leader to decree that all his subjects must acquire totems is Kato Kintu aka Kundu. He noticed that totemic groups were hunting selectively so he made it compulsory for all his new subjects who did not have totems to adopt at least two per person to fight the indiscriminate hunting that was growing rampant particularly during the 12th  century exodus.!

Come to Uganda Museum from 28th to 30th July 2017 look out for the meaning of your name and your totem in the book of Totems!

Get a full colour framed photo of your totem at an affordable price!

Our culture is our identity!!!

Star promoter Mary Ingabire in tawoo

Mary Ingabire of Mary Ingabire Global Events is in town ahead of her Global Cultural Event slated for 13th August 2017 at Uganda Museum.

The award winning event promoter and manager arrived in the country on Sunday night. Mary is here to oversee preparations for the first ever Global cultural festival in Uganda.

Mary Ingabire is in Kampala for her event slated for 13th August at Uganda Museum

Mary said she is excited to be the host of the culture themed event that will bring together hundreds of different cultural groups. “I want to make this event a memorable one and that’s why i have come early to make sure everything go as planned,” she added.

Global cultural event is one of the Biggest Events in Uganda this year organised by the number one award winning international promoter.

To prove her work, you must be there on 13th August at the Uganda Museum and witness for yourself. Entrance fee is 5k for kids, 10k for adults, 500k for a stall, 1m for a VIP Table and 1.5m for a Tent.

Nakiwala launches 2nd Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair

Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, the Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs yesterday launched the 2nd annual Uganda International Cultural Fair at Uganda Museum.

The 2nd Annual Uganda International Cultural Fair is slated for 28th -30th July 2017 under the theme “Cultures Empowering Each Other”.

The Fair is being organized between Ministry of Tourism Wild Life and Antiquities and Perfect Events under a Public Private Partnership arrangement.

While addressing the press, Hon. Nakiwala flanked by Godfrey Kiwanda, the State Minister for Tourism said the Purpose of the fair is to avail, create an avenue/platform for the diverse African cultural heritages and endowments for exhibition of their potential to attract worthwhile cultural tourism benefits in terms of income earnings, exposure, and knowledge to improve on existing potential for maximum utilization.

The Specific Objectives of the fair include:

To attract at least 300 exhibitors of Africa’s most interesting cultural products like artifacts, memorabilia, cuisines, fashion, music, dance and drama, empowering them to showcase their culture, as well as exhibitors from other parts of the world; of the 300, 100 should be youth and at least 70 should be women.

To attract at least 20,000 tourists to the expo; from Uganda, East Africa region, the rest of Africa and the international community

To create employment opportunities by giving skills to youths and women on how to produce and brand commercial artifacts, memorabilia among other cultural tourism products for both domestic and International market.

To increase export of tourism products like artifacts, crafts, memorabilia, music, food and fashion.

Identifying, facilitating and training at least 100 exhibitors with unique talents that have potential to be developed and added onto the tourism value chain.

The event will comprise activities including:

Side conferences/sessions on culture and conservation (Wildlife, climate & Water), Culture and money, Culture and Family, and Culture and policy

School Quiz competitions at the level of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, topics will cover conservation ie wildlife, climate& water, food, Music, Cultural events, fashion and cultural diversity among other things.

The Africa Ministerial High Level Thematic Debate, this will comprise ministers of tourism and culture across Africa deliberating on key issues of cultural tourism.

Wildlife Exhibition and education by UWEC with main focus on totems as spiritual emblems for many Ugandan cultures and relationship with conservation.

Cultural exhibitions by different communities both local and international, among the things to be exhibited will include foods, fashion, key cultural/economic activities like iron smelting, weaving, backcloth making, music, dance, poetry, storytelling, senga sessions among other things.

Awarding different categories including best exhibitors, best essays, most culturally aware schools from the quiz competitions among other categories.

Ugandans and the International Community are called upon to come and showcase their cultures, learn from each other’s cultures and explore opportunities of investment and earning from cultural tourism

We hereby launch the 2nd Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair scheduled on the 28th -30th July at Uganda Museum.

Global Cultural Event set to unite entertainers

With just over a month left to the first ever Global Cultural Event in Uganda, the event is seen as a unification factor that will bring together traditional and modern entertainers.

The event which will be hosted by UK based star promoter Mary Ingabire under her brand Mary Ingabire Global Events will feature a host of modern singers and cultural performers.

Over 15 cultural groups have already confirmed their participation in the event that has also seen 5 musicians, MCs and socialites confirm their participation in the inaugural event set for the August 13th 2017 at Uganda Museum.

“Culture is made up of so many things and it is always a great opportunity for different people to get together and share their experience, we believe this event will restore value in our culture as well as in our tourism,” Mary Ingabire said.

“I want to have a cultural impact. I want to be an inspiration, to show people what can be done, she added.

With entertainers like Geosteady, Naira Ali, MC Kats, Douglas Lwanga, Rockie Troupe, Dance N’ Beats Cultural Troupe, Ingyenzi Troupe, Miracle Entertainment, Nancy Mugga and many others already on board expect the biggest entertainment on the day.

It is truly going to be celebration of pride, heritage and peace with entrance fee at 5k for kids, 10k for adults, 500k for a stall, 1m for a VIP table and 1.5m for a tent.

Global Cultural Event set to unite cultures

The much anticipated Global Cultural Event slated for the 13th August 2017 at Uganda Museum is set to unite different cultures across Uganda, East Africa, Africa and the world at large.

The event which will be hosted by Uganda’s International Events and Music promoter, Mary Ingabire under her brand Mary Ingabire Global Events is set to celebrate Pride, Heritage and Peace.

Language and Culture are the Frameworks through which humans experience, Communicate and Understand Reality.

Culture is a group of human beings whose members identify with each other, on the basis of distinctiveness measured by combinations of cultural, linguistic, religious, behavioral and/or biological traits.

Mary Ingabire is set to host the event, first of its kind in Kampala

The event first of its kind in Kampala will see Different cultures displayed bringing a whole new experience in peoples’ minds of how their different cultures behave. Entrance fee is 5k for kids and 10k for adults.

First ever Global cultural Event is here

Uganda Museum will be painted with all African cultural colours on August 13th 2017 as star music Promoter and Events orgnaiser, Mary Ingabire will be hosting the mega event.

The UK based promoter under her brand Mary Ingabire Global Events is organising the global event.

“Global Cultural Event is a platform for expressing the diverse African cultures as tools for celebrating our Heritage, showcasing our Pride and preserving Peace,” Mary said.

The event, first of its kind on the Ugandan soil and in Kampala will be an affirmation to people from different corners of the continent and beyond that Uganda is indeed a Hospitality Hub and Cradle of Cultural Diversity.

Entrance fee is Children 5k, Adults 10k, Stall 500k, VIP Table 1m, Tent 1.5m and will feature performances from several cultural groups around the globe.