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How lack of professional bouncers, arrogance of owners and patrons will continue to haunt each other as bar brawl claims the county’s most talented singer, Radio

           Fallen GoodLyfe star to be buried on Saturday

          We highlight how such bar incidents can be avoided

On a sunny afternoon on January 23rd 2018, singer Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo popularly known by his stage name Moze Radio cruised his black Jaguar to inspect his construction site along Entebbe Road only to leave the place unknowingly and half dead.

Sources say Radio who was in the company one friend was invited by a female friend only identified as Pamela to pass by ‘De Bar’ in Entebbe although he first refused to accept but as fate would have, he went there but little did he know that was his last normal earth appearance. After a few drinks of beer and whiskey, the singer was driven to hospital unconscious after a bouncer hit him hard on the floor accusing him of pouring alcohol on the bar’s owner.

Moze Radio died today morning at Case Clinic. His death resulted a bar brawl incident

Today morning at 6:00am, Case Clinic where he has been receiving treatment from called promoter Balaam to let him know that the sensational singer had breathed his last, he told them to put him back on life support machines, but they told him, he was gone.At the hospital, Balaam held a press conference and had this to say;

The singer will be laid to rest here on Saturday

“Police has informed us that the body has to be taken to the city mortuary for a postmortem, the findings will be helpful in pressing murder charges to his attackers.”

He went on to say that there will be a vigil today at his Neverland home in Makindye and the requiem service will be held tomorrow at a yet to be known church.

Moze Radio’s remains being transported 

Moze Radio’s body will be at National Theatre on Friday and on Saturday, the talented singer’s remains will be laid to rest at Kagga in Nakawuka where he was constructing a home for his mom.

“It’s a blow to the industry. It’s such a dark day in our country. We didn’t just lose an artist, we lost a very important person in the country. It’s sad. We have lost so many, Danz Kamupeesa and AK47 died, but the culprits have not been brought to book…” Hon. Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine said.

Moze Radio at Case Clinic where he died from

Piece of advice to bar owners and Patrons on how to avoid such incidents like this one of Moze Radio

As we try to come terms with the sudden death of our entertainer Moze Radio which resulted from a bar, I have something to bring up.

Bar owners you need to use professional bouncers and ensure that their job is to bounce patrons who have misbehaved out of the bar but not to push or fight them. They should know they are Bouncers read Bouncers because as patrons as we don’t be drinking water or just seated, we be drinking the intoxicated stuff you sell, which weaken our bodies therefore pushing me might result into regrettable consequences for the three parties.

For sure, you can’t push someone who just taken a full bottle of Red Label or may be 10 bottles of beer, just carry the person out of the bar and the story will end there and then.

RIP.. Moze Radio

And these bouncers have a tendency of pushing drunkards, professionally you don’t do that because these people you are pushing are very weak and any time they can fall on sharp object like broken glasses, bottles, chair metals as it is alleged Radio did…

Also the bar owners, if your patron pours alcohol onto you, use your sober mind to tackle the incident, know the consequences of what you serve to your customers and the end results.

Most people tend to act arrogant not because they want but because they are under the influence of alcohol.

And as for the patrons, we need not to let alcohol rain on us and think we can rule over everything or fight bouncers who are always sober and energetic… Life has no spare parts and when you feel offended, just get your balls out of the place or try to control yourself as much as you can…

If you know you have terrible bar habits like fighting, make sure you move with your trusted friend who always calms down your alcohol inspired gas.

Otherwise if the above are not taken care of, we shall continue to lose our loved ones, friends, citizens and business…

Otherwise life will never be the same again for The Bar owner, the bouncer and Radio which was caused by the incident that could have been avoided.

Musicians should live beyond alcohol, drugs and smoking

I don’t understand why some of our artists/musicians think or believe that they have to drink, smoke; have tattoos and dreadlocks to be cool (Things they never used to do or have before they became artists). I don’t get it how getting drunk in public every single weekend determines if one is a real celebrity. So you can’t sing and be a normal person without people liking your music? If you don’t engage in drugs and fights, your music won’t reach to the top? Money changes people but only the wise can use that change positively.

Police at the home where Radio will be buried on Saturday at Nakawuka

I have observed some of our celebrities going broke simply because they chose to live a life to impress the public. Some don’t even own a house or a plot. The little money they started making drove them crazy to a point that they even forgot how to save for tomorrow. I don’t fully blame them though because we the public also contribute to these behaviours. Let me explain why…

We the public believe that artists have to wear expensive clothes, drive in expensive cars, eat in expensive restaurants, live a lavish life and dash people with money. When some artists try to be themselves (simple and down to earth), we turn around and point fingers at them. We label and call them names simply because they are being themselves. We contribute indirectly to many people’s failures and downfalls.

We need to come to a realisation that artists are just ordinary people like you and me with a talent/gift that they realised. They are our brothers and sisters. Anyone can act cool… Anyone can be cool. But the difference here is that some people had education and understanding of how to live among others before they got to where they are now (whether an artist, politician, businessman/woman or other), while others did not. Those who didn’t, find it hard to act normal now that they have money. Their behaviours are a bit primitive. The way they spend their money says a lot about them. They way they go about resolving conflicts and addressing issues in public define their personalities.

To be a good role model requires a lot of sacrifices because you’re not only representing yourself out there. There are many young people looking up to you for directions and motivations. There are people expecting you to empower them through your music, behaviours and personalities so they can reach their potentials.

This thing of seeing grown up Ugandans going Live on Facebook arguing and fighting like women must stop. You see a grown up man recording himself live on social media talking trash about a fellow man as if he has no better things to do. If you have nothing better to do, please call your grandma and check on her. Spend time with your children and tell them stories that will help them grow into responsible men & women. It’s sad and very shameful. Record and share motivational and inspirational videos with people; share things that will help others to grow. The only person on this earth that you can compete with is yourself. At the end of the day, there will always be someone better than you, richer than you and more attractive than you. So be yourself and do what’s right. Act your age and be a good role model to the rest.

Solome Nakaweesi Kayondo: In my view the cause of Mowzey’s death is due to a convergence of a number of factors:

(i). The culture of violence that has been normalized by the State in Uganda and copied by non-state actors & us as citizens to manage divergent views. This is manifested in how we see rise in insecurity, how citizens deal with each other and the preference for using violence than dialogue.

(ii). Waning trust in the law & justice system due to corruption, backlog and other factors coupled with the breakdown of law and order institutions so people prefer “to sort out their issues their own ways” instead of using police and courts of law to resolve conflicts.

iii). Rise of the “Big Man / Super Power Syndrome” in Uganda where everyone is a VVIP in whatever space they have influence over. So often when one feels powerful they sometimes rub others the wrong way.

(iv). Failure to manage fame by artistes coupled with inadequate mentor ship and support between older and younger generations in all sectors. Older people do not effectively nurture younger people or even act as great role models worth emulating.

(v). Our denial as a country to address emerging issues such as drug & substance abuse or how if we are engaging with them it’s on a moralist or illegality point of view. This deters real meaningful policy, programs and social support mechanisms to those who use and inject drugs.

vi). A defunct healthcare system that will kill you even if you won’t be dying soon.

Rest in Peace Moze Radio, your music legacy lives on…

Radio’s remains will be laid to rest here
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