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Fresh Dairy unveils the Winners of its Schools Program ‘Yoghurt Cup Collection Challenge’

Fresh Dairy officially announced the winners of the ‘Yoghurt Cup Collection Challenge’, a competition that was part of Fresh Dairy’s schools program which ran during 2nd Term and was held in 369 schools in Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso.

The Fresh Dairy schools program aimed at educating children on nutrition, specifically encouraging the consumption of 1-Yoghurt-a-Day’ as a healthy and nutritious snack.

Making the announcement today was the Principal Education Officer Ministry of Education and Sports Mr. George Mutekanga, who applauded the efforts of Fresh Dairy for empowering children and their parents with information regarding the benefits of having proper nutrition specifically focusing on a balanced diet.

The Yoghurt Cup Collection Challenge dared all participating schools and their students to collect as many Fresh Dairy Yoghurt Cups as they possibly could, and then build any innovative model out of them which aimed to drive their creativity skills.

Speaking at the Awarding ceremony, Oliver Mary – Marketing Director Fresh Dairy thanked all the 369 schools for participating in both Fresh Dairy’s schools program and Yoghurt Cup collection challenge.

He said, ‘Growing children require good nutrition to build healthy bodies and to help them be the best they can be. Many attitudes towards food are shaped during early school years, forming the basis for future eating habits. School going children therefore need good nutrition to help them concentrate at school and fuel their day to day activities.’

He further said, ‘One of our key priority areas at Fresh Dairy is Health and Nutrition. We do this through promoting healthy nutrition using educational programs and services for children, parents and healthcare professionals, establishing common goals to measure improvement in dietary habits and investing in scientific research in the field of nutrition.’

The Top Winners in the three competing Categories were:

Kalinabiri Primary School

6,000,000 Ushs Water tanks

Collected the most yoghurt cups


Abdul Karim – City Parents School

3,000,000 Ushs

Mobilized the highest number of pupils to collect yoghurt cups


Rashelle Pascaline – Student of St. Mary’s Kevin Primary School, Masaka

2,800,000 Ushs

To pay for school fees

Most innovative model built out of only 4 Yoghurt cups

In addition to the above 3 Top Winners in the 3 Categories, there were runner-up winning schools that each received 1,900,000 Ushs towards a school project. These include: City Parents School, Ntinda Primary School, Bright Primary School – Nabweru, Kasubi Children’s Centre, Train Up a Child and Kirinya Catholic Primary school.

Fresh Dairy will continue to support Health and nutrition programs through their various products across the country.

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