Kunyaza, Sex Trick That Trigger Woman’s Orgasm in Five Minutes

The trick can jump-start groin adrenaline and trigger female orgasm at a sensational pace. Prof. N. Bizimana (PHD) analyses the style, which, if put to good use, will naturally cause mutual satisfaction, joy and happiness.

“For the first time, it is presented in a detailed and in depth manner to sexual health professionals,” Nizimana writes.

Introduction The aim of this article is to present an uncommon sexual technique used, as far as we know, only in Burundi, Rwanda, the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Western Uganda and Western Tanzania (this area will be named Central Africa in the rest of the text) for triggering female orgasms during heterosexual encounters.

For the first time, it is presented in a detailed and in depth manner to sexual health professionals.

This sexual practice termed in Rwanda and Burundi as ‘Kunyaza’ and in Uganda as ‘kachabali’ (western jazz) has already been published in two popular books Le Secret de l’amour à l’Africaine (Bizimana, 2008) and Kunyaza.

In this article, we repeat only the matters that in our opinion are essential for sexual health professionals.

The data presented here are essentially based on information collected from 58 women and men during our interviews in Central Africa and from 30 readers of our popular books.

We give only a summary of the results of our research, without going into the details regarding the exact number and the percentage rate of the informants from whom we obtained the data.

How is kunyaza practiced?

During the simple practice of kunyaza, the man rhythmically and continuously strikes the glans of the clitoris with the glans of his erect penis, which he takes in his hand or between the index and the middle finger moving in the same motion from top to bottom and vice versa or from left to right and vice versa.

Eventually, he can make circular movements, also working in the same movement clockwise and then counterclockwise. Alternatively, one can strike both the glans and the body of the clitoris in a similar manner as the glans, moving from the root of the body to the bottom of the glans and back again.

Both parts of the clitoris may also be stimulated by using a zigzagging motion from the root of the body to the bottom of the glans and back again.

Initially the striking may be painful because the area is not yet lubricated.

In this case, the woman should moisten it with her saliva.

During the complex practice of kunyaza, the following is performed: Following vaginal lubrication through foreplay, the man introduces his manhood into the well to practice the technique of conventional penile vaginal penetration (PVP), in the course of which he moves his penis backward and forward in the vagina.

After the manhood has become moist enough, he removes it and takes it into his hand or between the index and middle finger, as done during the practice of the simple form of kunyaza, and then he rhythmically and repeatedly strikes the external surfaces of the labia minora with the glans of his manhood.

He works in the same movement from top to bottom and vice versa, from left toright and vice versa or from top to bottom in a zigzagging motion, and back again in a similar manner as with the stimulation of the glans and body of the clitoris.

When there is intumescence and opening of the labiaminora due to the increasing sexual arousal of the woman, he performs similar movements in the area of the internal surfaces of the labia minora and the vestibule, including the external urethral opening.

The next step consists of stimulating, always in the same movement, the clitoris, the vestibule, the labia minora and the vaginal opening.

The man proceeds in a manner similar to that described above, by moving from the beginning of the body of the clitoris to the inferior margin of her opening.

And finally, almost simultaneously he stimulates all the organs of the vulva (body and glans of the clitoris, vestibule, labia minora, vaginal opening) and the perineum, moving from the beginning of the body of the clitoris to the perineal area and vice versa.


During all stages of external stimulation, the man may change to internal stimulation by loosening his manhood to practice coitus before returning to external stimulation.

He can render the coital thrusts more stimulating by alternating superficial and deep penetrations, actions which are respectively named gucuga and gucumita in Rwanda.

He can also stimulate the walls more directly than with the simple use of the PVP.

To do this, he takes his manhood in the hand or between the index and middle finger, as done during the external stimulation, and makes the body of his manhood perform vertical and horizontal movements from one wall to another and vice versa or circular movements along the vaginal walls, each through a progression from the vaginal opening towards the neck of uterus and back again.

During both internal and external stimulation, the rhythm and the force of the movements are slow and sensitive, and they increase in accordance with the sexual arousal of the woman and the humidification of the areas involved.

Pain to the manhood during perineo-vulval stimulation can be avoided by removing the woman’s pubic hair.

The woman participates in the practice of kunyaza by cooperating with her partner during the choosing of the forms of kunyaza and the intensity of the rhythm to be used and by showing him the zones of her genital area that best respond to the sexual stimulation.

Should the man tire before the end of the sexual encounter, she can take his manhood in her hand and continue the process until he is rested.

If he has difficulties stimulating the vestibule, she can help him by spreading apart the labia minora with her fingers until the whole vestibular area is accessible to the manhood.

To allow him to comfortably stimulate the area between the labium minus and the labium majus, she can also spread them apart with the fingers until the area between them is laid out.

The opened labia are released when it comes to internal stimulation.

In which positions is kunyaza practised?

Kunyaza is performed in many different positions. These positions have in common that they allow the man to, almost without interruption, alternate from the external to the internal stimulation and vice versa.

Two types of positions can be differentiated: the traditional positions and the modern positions.

The traditional positions are the classical positions, which the people have always used in the practice of kunyaza, whereas the modern positions are easy to use for people of contemporary society who are less sportive than their ancestors.

Overall, five groups of positions can be distinguished:

(a) Sitting positions,

(b) Lying positions,

(c) Position from behind,

(d) Standing positions and (e) positions used during pregnancy.

Kunyaza and triggering of female orgasm Kunyaza is believed in Central Africa to be a good technique for triggering female orgasm. It was developed after the people empirically realised that only few women are able to reach orgasm through the use of PVP alone.

According to these people in Central Africa, this African technique has, among others, the following characteristics:

The woman may reach orgasm within 3 to 5 minutes and this can happen before the man has an orgasm.

The external stimulation alone is enough to bring both woman and man to orgasm. Kunyaza enables women to have multiple orgasms, which is why they prefer it to the PVP.

Many women ask their partners to use it if they are not sexually satisfied by the use of the PVP.

They do not ask it directly. They ask him, for example, whether or not he talks to other men.

This question is an indirect and tactful way of cajoling him into talking with other men to ask them how kunyaza is practised.

The stimulation of the clitoris, which is called rugongo in Rwanda and Burundi, is considered to be indispensable for triggering female orgasm.

Thus, when asked to briefly explain the meaning of kunyaza, Rwandese and Burundians answer that it consists of stroking or striking the rugongo.

Many men observe the increase in diameter and length of this organ during the sexual arousal of the woman when positions are used which expose the vulva to the man.

FLOODS Production and expulsion of large quantities of liquid by the woman into the perineo-vulval region during the practice of kunyaza.

During the practice of kunyaza, the woman generally produces and expels large quantities of liquid into the perineo-vulval region.

This is why this kind of sex is called kunyaza, which literally means to make urinate.

The genital area of the male often also gets wet and sometimes the wetness reaches the umbilical area due to the stroking movements.

The men report that they get warm liquid on their manhood. Though the literal translation of kunyaza seems to suggest that the ejected liquid is urine, for the traditional users of this technique, it is not urine, since in Rwanda urine is termed as inkari, whereas the liquid secreted during kunyaza is termed as amavangigo or ibinyare.

Besides the differing terms used to designate both liquids, they are also described as having differing properties. The liquid expelled during kunyaza is described as colourless to milky, whereas concentrated urine is yellowish or brownish.

It is described as having a thick consistency, whereas that of urine is always aqueous.

Its odour is described as not being particular, whereas urine has the typically strong odour of ammonia.

The quantity of expelled liquid is estimated to be up to one litre and more. However, there are some women who do not respond to the stimulation of kunyaza with liquid production.

They are termed in Rwanda as rwasubutare which means granite splitter, an expression which insinuates that having sexual encounters with this kind of women is as hard as splitting granite.

Contrary to rwasubutare women, there are also those who expel enormous quantities of liquid during this sexual practice from the moment the man penetrates.

Women who are not sexually experienced may initially think that there is something wrong with them.

Men in Central Africa like to have sex with these women, also referred to as kingindobo or shami ryifiikivu in Rwanda, which respectively means put a bucket under her and branch of Lake Kivu, the Lake Kivu being the largest lake in Rwanda.

They are praised for their strong response to sexual stimulation. Because of large quantities expelled during kunyaza, this type of sex is often characterised by a noise that is evocative of the sound of someone splashing water with his hands.

That is why people in Rwanda use the expression the dog that drinks water to insinuate this particular noise or this EXPERTS DISCUSS Kunyaza seems to be a good technique for triggering female orgasm in the traditional African milieu The following arguments seem to confirm it: The use of kunyaza has a long tradition.

The persons aged 70 years and above that we interviewed in 1986, confirmed that their grandparents also used this technique. This means that it has been used for at least 150 years.

Had it not proven to be beneficial to sexual pleasure, it would not still be in practice today.

Most data collected in our interviews have confirmed that most women reach orgasm when this uncommon sexual technique is applied and that it is the main reason why it is used and why many women ask their partner to use it.

During sex with the kunyaza technique, the man can stimulate almost all genital erogenous zones of the woman.

The clitoris and the distal urethra which are regarded as the focus of female orgasm function and which form a common tissue cluster are stimulated by vertical, horizontal and zigzagging movements of the glans of the manhood.

The two first organs being directly stimulated, the last one indirectly. The internal parts of the clitoris (vestibular bulbS and clitoral crura) are stimulated when the man uses strong movements.

The other zones of the perineo-vulval region,which are also considered to be erogenous, namely the vestibule, the labia minora, the external urethral opening, the vaginal opening and the perineum (Kinsey et al., 1953).

The external urethral sphincter (possible G-spot according to O’Connell et al., 2005), the Skene’s glands and the periurethral glands (G-spot according to some adepts of female ejaculation.

Intravaginal vertical, horizontal and circular movements stimulate more directly the vaginal walls than the PVP does and they directly stimulate the inferior parts of the vestibular bulbs and clitoral crura, the distal urethra, the Skene’s glands, the periurethral glands, the external urethral sphincter and the deep-lying erectile tissues of the perineum.

During both internal and external stimulation, it is theoretically possible to trigger orgasm by individually stimulating each erogenous zone.

If the man performs rapid and strong movements, he can stimulate several erogenous zones simultaneously and, thus, trigger several orgasms whose effects may accumulate resulting in one intense orgasm or appear one after another to allow the woman to experience multiple orgasms.

Can the phenomenon of expelling large quantities of liquid by the woman during the practice of kunyaza be considered as female ejaculation?

It is reported that sex with kunyaza is generally characterised by the production and expulsion of large quantities of liquid by the woman.

Besides the term kunyaza, used to describe this characteristic of this type of sex, and the data collected during our interviews and from the readers of our popular books, further confirmation can be found in some of the limited written information on this African sexual technique.

Tamale (2005) reports, for example, that during a workshop on sexuality a sexual teacher, specialised in the Ugandan traditional practices, told other participants the following:

‘‘I myself was truly ignorant about female ejaculation until I met my current lover. It works better with the Banyankore kachabali technique. If you lover knows what he is doing, you’ll pour rivers and experience multiple orgasms at the same time.’’

Another confirmation is to be found in the report from the 10th International Conference of the Society for Women and AIDS (SWAA) in Africa, held in Kigali from 24 to 28 July 2005, in which kunyaza was translated as wet sex (SWAA, 2005).

The phenomenon of expelling large quantities of liquid during the practice of kunyaza is considered in some written information on this kind of sex as female ejaculation (Tamale, 2005).

In our part II next time, don’t miss reports that estimate the quantity of expelled liquid during the practice of kunyaza to be up to one litre and more, it is most likely that this liquid has several sources.

Kwesiga Brian Karate

Money and Power party set to rock Guvnor

All roads lead to the posh Guvnor Night Club on Thursday 28th December 2017 as Rich Niggaz boss Don Bahati Lubega will be hosting his first ever showbiz party in Kampala dubbed ‘Money and Power’.

Host: Don Bahati Lubega is already in town

The rich don told this website that all is set for the biggest party in town this festive season.

Bahati who is already in the country took part of his team for a treat in Entebbe as they chopped the money on a cruise.

“Ready in the City Kampala. Money and Power 28th December Club Guvnor. Be there my people my people and see how it rain money and booze,” Don Bahat Lubega.

Bahati is also set to hire a helicopter to fly to Guvnor on Thursday for the big do.

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Nigerian Skales thrills revellers at Ciroc Pool Party

Nigerian singer Skales served Kampala’s party people a taste of his finest hits as the headline act the first-ever Ciroc Frost and Pineapple Pool party that took place at Silver Springs Hotel pool side on Friday.

The singer whose real name is Raoul John Njeng-Njeng was performing for the first in Kampala and the Booty Language star gave the city revellers the perfect Christmas gift with a performance that had the crowd up on their feet.

Skales, also known for hits like I am for Real, Shake Body and My Baby arrived in the country earlier in the week promising Ugandans a memorable show and he did not disappoint one bit.

The entertainment was served from early in the evening, as disc spinners Xzyl and Slick Stuart gave life to the party before performances from artistes including Ykee Benda, Vinka, and UK-based Angelina, all as partiers enjoyed VIP treatment sipping on cocktails by the pool.

The Ciroc Frost and Pineapple Pool Party was put together by UK-based events promoter Mz Shan in partnership with Ciroc, as an event to give Kampalans the perfect opportunity to start their Christmas celebration early.

“We are extremely pleased to be giving Kampala people the perfect Christmas. The festive season is about celebration and no celebration is complete without the ultimate celebration vodka, Ciroc,” said Roger Agamba, UBL’s Reserve and IPS Manager.

Photos: Excitement as Bakiga Nation’s Rukundo Egumeho festival attracts massive crowd

Bakiga Nation 4th edition festival dubbed ‘Rukundo Egumeho’ at Hilltop Naguru on Sunday was massive and the attendance overwhelmed the organisers.

The event is slowly taking over Kampala by storm as the most attended cultural social event. Hundreds and hundreds of Bakiga as well as their well wishers from other tribes joined each other for a fun filled day.

The venue was packed to the capacity as Bakiga danced to their traditional songs, played games and sipped on their favorite drink ‘Enturire’.

Well over 6000 people turned up for the festival, the Bakiga and well wishers. ‘Rukundo Egumeho’ is a cultural festival organised by Bakiga Nation team.

All tribes are welcome on that day to celebrate the Bakiga culture, meet friends network have a family chill as they enjoy all kinds of drinks, eats entertainment, games tag of war, enturire, bushera, music kids play area.

The 4th edition was powered by Coca Cola, Uber, Roke telecom.

The space became too small for the crowds and service providers were overwhelmed as beers and sodas got done by 7pm. There was restocking but still drinks were consumed immediately.

The attendance was big sign of success and will help the team to be more prepared next time because they now expect close to 10,000 people or plus to turn up for the next one.

The organizers are thinking of getting a bigger venue to accommodate the expected massive attendance in the next edition slated for June 2018. “Since more people will be traveling from many places to come attend the fun filled festival, we are thinking of getting a bigger venue,” Owen said.

The festival is organised buy some very energetic and committed youth with huge passion to get people together with Owen Katwesigye as the Head of the team.

So far this event is becoming more popular than the ‘Blankets and Wine’ and the next one is going to be bigger and better.

Bakiga Nation team is very thankful to Coke Cola for believing in them by offering tents and chairs and sodas.

Like Bakiga Nation page on Facebook to get all the pictures for the event.

If you missed the 4th edition then you missed mob fun and socialising… check some pictures from the event and video here https://www.facebook.com/BakigaNation /videos/1976755569238996/

PHOTOS: Fashion Takeover as ASFAs Celebrate Africa’s Style with A-Listers attendees

List of winners below

Africa’s outstanding fashion icons were on Friday treated to an evening of glitz and glam as the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs) 2017 were held at the Kampala Serena Hotel to recognise the continent’s finest in all things style and fashion.

The fifth edition of the awards, themed ”African Fashion is the Future #FashionTakeover” were exactly that: the biggest ever convergence of African fashion’s big hitters, ranging from South African fashion king David Tlale to the outstanding Nigerian designer Mai Atafo who was also honoured with the Style Icon Award and Tanzania’s Sheria Ngowi who took home the African designer of the year trophy.

The event organisers had already served notice of their intent to turn things up a notch higher by getting Tlale on board as the producer of the show. The outcome was a world-class display that wowed all and further enhanced the ASFAs’ reputation as the country’s most glamorous fashion event.

This year the event had a touch or royalty, with the Nnabagerekka of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda gracing the event.

The Ciroc-sponsored event was an evening of breath-taking design works and spellbinding musical performances. South African duo Mafikizolo, turned the heat up serving hit after hit, crowning the night with their latest release Love Potion that also bagged them the Most Stylish Video of The Year accolade.

Nonetheless the awards still paid homage to local talent with performances from Ugandan artistes including Desire Luzinda, Nutty Neithan, Fik Fameica and Latinum, among others.

On the local fashion front, Sheeba Kassami (SKP), Monica Kansiime and Alecool Clothing (who bagged the Most Stylish Ugandan celebrity trophy) showcased their creations.

And, perhaps in tune with taking everything a notch higher, this year’s event had winners in 34 different categories, up from the 25 last year.

On a night dominated by glorious performances by artistes on the catwalk and the mic, Cîroc Brand Ambassador for Uganda Brian Ahumuza, who launched the ASFAs in 2013, said ensuring fashion made business sense was the next step.

“This year’s theme, “African Fashion is the Future #FashionTakeover” sought to highlight the entrepreneurial success of the African fashion industry and hopefully translate into the business of fashion,” he said. “Today’s event is an important step in that direction”.

Meanwhile the UBL Reserve and IPS Manager Roger Agamba said: “Cîroc is proud of its association with ASFAs and fashion as a whole in Uganda and indeed Africa. I believe it makes great business sense for everyone involved in the industry and the growth of the ASFAs is an indication that things can only get better.

“Our pledge is to continue to support and celebrate fashion because there couldn’t be a more perfect partner than Cîroc, which is the ultimate celebration drink.”

To see all the winners in the various categories see the list attached.

Full list of ASFA 2017 Winners

Africa’s grandest fashion gathering, the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards happened at the Kampala Serena Hotel on Friday evening. The awards powered by Ciroc saw fashionistas and celebrities strutting their stuff on the red carpet, but at the end of the day, it was all about recognizing the most stylish of all. Here is the full list of winners.

Fashion Designer Of The Year (Uganda)

Ras Kasozi

Fashion Designer Of The Year(Africa)

Sheria Ngowi (Tanzania) 

Female Model Of The Year (Africa)

Shanelle Nyasiase (Kenya) 

Female Model Of The Year (Uganda)

Anyola Anyon Asola

Male Model Of The Year (Uganda)

Paul Bradley

Male Model Of The Year (Africa)

Pabz Nasius (South Africa) 

Makeup Artist Of The Year (Uganda)

Mona Faces

Makeup Artist Of The Year (Africa)

Marco Louis (South Africa) 

Hairstylist Of The Year (Uganda)

Nambuusi Maureen

Hairstylist Of The Year (Africa)

Saul Juma (Kenya) 

Fashion Photographer Of The Year (Uganda)

Oscar Ntege

Fashion Photographer Of The Year (Africa)

Rezebonna (South Africa) 

Stylist Of The Year (Uganda)

Tinah Brad

Stylist Of The Year (Africa)

Swanky Jerry (Nigeria)

Fashion Blogger/ Writer Of The Year (Uganda)

Satisfashion UG

Fashion Blogger/Writer Of The Year (Africa)

Silvia Njoki (Kenya)

Most Stylish/Dressed Female Celebrity (Uganda)

Judith Heard

Most Stylish/Dressed Female Celebrity (Africa)

Nana Akua Addo (Ghana)

Most Stylish/Dressed Male Celebrity (Uganda)


Most Stylish/Dressed Male Celebrity (Africa)

Idris Sultan (Tanzania)

Most Stylish Male Artiste (Uganda)

Bebe Cool

Most Stylish Male Artiste (Africa)

Sauti Sol (Kenya)

Most Stylish Female Artiste (Uganda)

Sheebah Karungi

Most Stylish Female Artiste (Africa)

Tiwa Savage (Nigeria)

Best Styled/Fashionable Music Video Of The Year (Uganda)

Jubilation- Eddy Kenzo

Best Styled/ Fashionable Music Video Of The Year (Africa)

Love portion –Mafikizolo

Best Dressed Female Media Personality (Uganda) Bettinah Tianah

Best Dressed Female Media Personality (Africa)

Anita Nderu (Kenya)

Best Dressed Male Media Personality (Africa)

Jamal Gaddafi (Kenya)

Best Dressed Male Media Personality (Uganda)

Denzel Mwiyeretsi

Male FashionistaOf The Year (Uganda)

Abduz Spot

Male FashionistaOf The Year (Africa)

Eddie Kirindo (Kenya)

Female FashionistaOf The Year (Uganda)

Rashidah Mwiza

Female Fashionista Of The Year (Africa)

Stefani Roma (Kenya)


Style and Fashion Icon Award

Mai Atafo (Nigeria)

“On Friday, the 2017 ASFA accomplished their main goal which was to bring together Africans of all walks of life in one place with the purpose of celebrating Africa’s outstanding fashion. I would first of all like to thank the Lord for blessing the event with his grace.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to all the guests that showed up, putting in the time and effort to make a statement at the red carpet with jaw-dropping gowns and suits. Thank you for sticking it out till the very end of the show despite the gruesome time of closing. Special thanks to the Nnabagereka of Buganda; Queen Sylvia Nagginda, KCCA E.D Dr. Jennifer Musisi and Mama Fina. The appearance of these three powerful women is a true testament to how the ASFA bring together the unimaginable to embrace our continent’s enormous fashion.

The ASFAs made five years in existence this year with a ground breaking milestone by being the only fashion event in the country to sale out. We were a full house. I’m proud that the ASFA platform managed to bring such success and much-needed recognition to the fashion industry. Despite this success I concede that some guests or parties were inconvenienced at some point, and for that, my team and I apologize and promise to deliver better next year.

All thanks to our esteemed sponsors and partners. @ Ciroc Vodka our premium sponsor which has stood by the brand for three years in a row. @Bell Jamz for bringing to life the fashion-music infusion through the Bell Jamz experience. @South African Airlines for flying in all our esteemed guests. Pemba Sports Africa for endorsing the event. MAC Cosmetics for glowing up all the models and hosts. Kampala Authority – KCCA for supporting the event. Capital FM Uganda for giving milege to the awards. Ntv Uganda for broadcasting the awards live. Golden Tulip Canaan Kampala and @Kampala Serena hotel for providing our guests with pleasant accommodation and venue. Fenon Events for setting up a world-class event. ZABIL Media Solutions Ltd for the amazing printing material. @Pink Coconut Decòr for accomplishing a world of marvel and glamor to the event.

Not forgetting our partners Gifted Musical Group (GMG), NIBStudios, Uganda Police Force, Uber Uganda, DUKE Water, RILEY MEDIA Uganda Limited who undoubtedly aided in the excellence of the event.

My gratitude goes out to the service providers that worked efficiently alongside my team. Joram Model Management for the zealous training the models and fashion production of the show. Quick Tap Uganda and @Phillip Security for keeping the peace. Muleyi PR, I Factory Africa, Shawn Ushers, Hannyz Photography, we appreciate all your efforts.

To the production team; David Tlale’s team, Kelvin Muwema, Steven Mukwaya together with JMM & Fenon; I’m forever indebted to your efforts and devotions. The hosts, models, designers, artistes, award presenters, the media; no words can express my thanks.

To the entire ASFA team, I’m greatful for all your efforts and committment. We now head back to the drawing table. We plan to bring to you a bigger and better fashion show next year. Keep glued for the date,” Ahumuza Brian


Hamisa Mobetto confirms Gal Power Party attendance in a video message to her Ugandan fans

Tanzanian sexiest model and video vixen Hamisa MObetto has confirmed to Ugandans that she will be attending Gal Power Party slated for 21st December 2017 in a video message to her fans.

Hamisa, the most famous model in East Africa at the moment is among the stars slated to attend the above charity/fun party at Club Play in Kampala. The party will be hosted by socialite and entrepreneur Don Zella Nalongo and it is a charity/fun event with proceeds from the party going to help needy women and girls.

Maama Fiina guest of honour, Hamisa Mobetto, Mtc Numbers, Patricia Ssewungu, Don Bahati, Sara Joy among others are some of the VIPs who have confirmed their attendance.

“Let us do serious business. Gal power, women empowerment on 21st December 2017 at Club Play. Book your tables now,” Don Zella posted.

“My Ugandan fans, let’s meet there at Club Play on 21st December 2017,” Hamisa posted.

Check her confirmation video here https://web.facebook.com/sbuganda/videos/1520185044762823/

Tiyana Byansi voted model of the year

New dollar girl on the Block and South Africa based Tiyana Byansi aka Money Girl is bobbling shoulders high after scooping Model of The year award in 2017 Starqt Awards in South Africa.

The Princess of Africa as well as Miss Crown Uganda beat off competition from a number of other models.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted me as a model of the year Starqt Awards 2017. Thank u for believing in me..Queen Tiyana Byansi.. Princess of African continent. 26th December Grand White event at Club Play, don’t miss,” Tiyana posted after the win.

Tiyana is hosting one of the biggest parties in December dubbed Grand White Party, the first of its kind in Uganda at Club Play on 26th December 2017.

PAFA launched as the nominees list is released

The Pearl of Africa Fashion Awards (PAFA) were last week launched at Golden Tilup Hotel in Kampala with a host of fashion lovers in attendance. The first edition of the awards ceremony is slated for 2nd December 2017 at Sky Beach Rooftop Freedom City.

Debie Kagisha, the awards PRO said the awards are aimed at recognizing contributions of different individuals across the country towards the growth of Ugandan Fashion Industry.

It’s going to be Glitz & Glamour at Sky Beach- Freedom City on the 2nd of December as first ever Pearl Of Africa Fashion Awards (PAFA) red carpet will be hosted.

To vote for your Favourite fashion icon, log into PAFA www.pearlofafricafashionawards.com and vote.

Hullo Uganda is the full list of nominees. Let us spread our love to our Nominees.


Hamisi Kigundu (Ham)

SK Mbuga


Mr Godfrey Kirumira

Mr John Bosco Ssembalamu

Mr Matovu Ibra (Yauga)

Mr Ntake

Mr Bill Gates Karungi


Mr. & Mrs. Shonga

Onyango Gareth and Nickita Bachu

Barbie Kyagulanyi & Hon. Robert kyagulanyi

S.K Mbuga & Vivian Mbuga

Mathew Nabwiso & Eleanor Nabwiso

Zari Hassan & Diamond Platinum


A.K Kareem

Kaggwa Mousah



Star Styles

Fashion Statement

Catalog Uganda



Leilah Accessories

Renzioni Hills

Pamela Pearls

Catherine Sawe

Charity Atukunda

Matt Kayemba

 37. BEST RED CARPET DRESSED (on the day of the awards)

What’s this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience’s attention…


Kabs Haloha

Sheilah Gashumba

Bettinah Tianah

Anita Fabiola





Hunting Hut

Fatuma Asha

Alyn Rosy

Latif Fashion House



Elyt Magazine

Bride and Groom

Flair Magazine


John Iwueke

Shubu Usher


Sylvia Namutebi

Kimbugwe Barbra

Challa Elma Kapel

Rhonnarh Vivi Sharon


Satisfashion UG

Samson Baranga

Cate Ayella

Gloria Haguma

Amarachi Grace


Sasha Vibes

Nolton And George




Add some more info about this item…

Eddy Kenzo

Ykee Benda

David Lutaalo

Maurice Kirya



Sheeba Karungi

Hellen Lukoma

Nina Roz

Desire Luzinda

Zanie Brown



Anthony Kays

Mwaj Ahmed

Ivan Mbabazi

Ethan Lawinsky

Fashion City


Emolsam DNA

Nsubuga Ronnie

Joram Muziira Job


Love Studio

Photo 4 Fashion

Timeline Studio

Mozart Pictures

O` Neal Eyes

NIBS Photography


Roz Veecy Cathy


256 Kids

Ghetto kings

Eddy Wizzy and crew

Ibrah Buwembo Dance Group


King Abdul

Mbabazi Ivan

Eden Marks

John Lwueke

Adam Gashe

Waiswa Ronald

Mushema Housen


Jenny Kembabazi

Judith Heard

Vanquisha Eyapu

Natalie Lillian Rukundo

Debbie Kagisha


Hair By Zziwa

Mart Barber Hair Saloon

Jeff Jjingp Hair Saloon

Sula Hair Saloon

Chris Damulira Hair Saloon

Lady Charlotte Hair Saloon


Sula Hair

Jeff Jjingo

Hair By Zziwa

Mart Barber

Chris Damulira

Nabuusi Maureen

Grace Warren


Fatuma Asha

Anita Beryl

Ras Kasozi


Phaoz Fashion King

Kasule Allan Raphel


Andrew Kyamagero

Denel Mwiyeretsi

Dikteta Mark

Gaetano Kaggwa

Zambaali Bulasio

Douglas Lwanga


Flavia Tumusiime

Crystal Newman

Malaika Nyanzi

Faridah Nakazibwe

Argatha Loswash

Nabatanzi Diana

Kaitesi Joselyn


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Anthony Kays

Arnold Wand

Willis Daily

Shadrack Muwanguzi


Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi

Captain Mike Mukula

Hon. Mukasa Mbidde

Hon. Amelia Kyambadde


Roger Mugisha

Kim Hanks

Douglas Dubois Sebamala

Mushema Housen

Mathew Nabwiso


Stella Nantumbwe

Hellen Lukoma

Bridget Gajenta

Faridah Kuteesa

Tania Shakira

Mariam Ndagire

Eleanor Nabwiso


Joram Model Management

Crystals Models Africa

Wards Modeling Agency

Cavalli Modeling Agency


Bugeme William

Captain Mike Mukula

Eddy Kenzo


Kim Swagger

Pastor Mbonye

Prince Wasajja

Yoweri Munamasaka

Ssekiranda Allan Lee


Kyolowoza by Irene Ntale

Drum by Lydia Jazmine

Jubilation by Eddy Kenzo

John Rambo by Sheeba

Insane by Maurice Kirya

Debe by Bebe Cool


Sylvia Awori

Gloria wavamuno

Santa Anzo

Ras Kasozi

Latif Kasumba Madoi




Alex Muhangi

Idringi Salvardor

Ronnie Macvex

Patricko Mujuuka


Simon Sserunkuma(S.C Villa)

Emma Okwi( Uganda cranes)

Batatu Musa (Kick boxer)

Arthur Brick (Moto rally)

Onyango Denis (Uganda canes)

Enabu Makaveli (Basketballer)


Mitch Egwang

Kyamagero Andrew

Abbey Mukiibi

Roger Mugisha

Ronnie Macvex

Patriko Mujuuka


DJ Slick Stuart

DJ Shiru

DJ Silverbacks (Ape man)

DJ Baby love

DJ Alberto (Mbarara)


Jean Nakacwa

Aisha Kyomuhangi

Florence Yiga

Ruth Kalibala

Mariam Ndagire


Patriko Mujuka

Dr. Bbosa

Tom Adlam

Osuman Lubega

Segawa John


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Roger Mugisha

Denzel Mwiyeretsi

Andrew Kyamahuura

Keith Karuhuura


Malaika Nyanzi

Gashumba Sheilah

Anita Fabiola

Deedan Muyira


Posh by KC

Tina Brad

Kaijuka Abbas

Tazibone Solomon

Ahumuza Brain

Dastun (Yuppys)


Giulio Molfese

Bugeme Fred

Manzi Rolland

Oscar Ntege

Mozart Pictures


Mona faces

Star Atafo

Fyona Kirabo


Deryk Ssekamate


Akello Patricia

Waiswa Ronald

Anyon  ASola


Anyon  ASola

Ayak Veronica

Akello Patricia

Alicia Nassolo

Aliet Sera


Waiswa Ronald

Paul M Bradley

Troy Elimu

Danny Mbabazi

Fenandol Fiere



Black Creations

Oscar Chelez Musuuza

Alyn Rosy Couture

Sham Tyra

LG Novida

Latif Junior


Fik Fameika

Voltage Music

Ykee Benda








Spice Diana

Lydia Jazmine

Angelina( UK)

Zanie Brown


Sasha Closet

Mavo Kampala

LG Novida

Dastun Stylist

Harm Fashions

Sam Kikumba

Shait Hussein


Kyazze Peters

Makeup by Vannesa

Jamilah Makeup

Stellah Makeup


Hassan Wasswa

Nkuke Robert

Namanya Kasbert

Muganzi Dennis

Josh Geoffrey

Nash Moulid Kitte

Ivan Karma

Urban Ratibu

Kimoga Meddie

Kalema Wilberforce


Precious Remmy

Farha Adams

Carla Violet

Yasha Keys

Sasha Marion


Esther Chanelle Musisi

Cynthia Nakiranda Kajoba



Third Local

Andrew Kaggwa




Tado Photography

Brain Tebukoza

Papa Malik Photo


Edris Lubega

Farouq Mutebi

Hussein Marigan

Yasin Lubega


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Pretty Katende

Stellah Nante

Kuteesa Faridah

Doreen Mirembe

Milka Irene

Esther Komwero


Mugume Canary

Jacob Omutuze

Humphery Wampula

Mulimiar Baker

MC Esco

Crystal Panda


Mariat Nasasira

Maria Louse

Vicky Bagaya

Nampijja Florence

Doreen Komuhangi



Hatibu Melliano

Kizza Frost

MC Kacheche


Riky Dentty

Sam Suukwe King

Sudhais Gava



Sandra Sanjja

Alindh Jacklene

Akullo Charity

Ateng Edna

Akello Lydia

Hawa Badru

Jamilah Kahard

Apo Ninsiima

Nairah Neyer


Classic Milles

Mabzee UG

Rapper Cent

Badt Star Biy Tonny

Bajja Boutique

RIL Different

Sarah Hope



Bridget Suites

Besigye Elliot

Allan Trippy

Cubs Fashion

Kisha Fashion

Hassan Harn

Zari Hassan

The Abryanz Style And Fashion Awards 2017 Nominees are Officially Out

The 2017 Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFA) list of nominees was released this Wednesday, November 1st 2017 on the official ASFA Facebook page via a live stream. The live broadcast was hosted by ASFA founder; Brian Ahumuza, media personality Bettinah Tianah, and renowned model scout Joram Muzira.

The nomination process opened on 7th September 2017, lasting for a month and concluding on 6th October 2017. The public’s bid carried an influence of 35% on the final list, leaving the other 65% to an experienced panel of Judges consisting of Africa’s biggest fashion influencers. The ASFA team would like to thank everyone that participated in the nominations process, for their efforts aided the attainment of this impartial list of nominees.

Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards is an African fashion award ceremony that celebrates and acknowledges fashion industry stake holders i.e. fashion designers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, media personalities and influencers in the African Continent and beyond our borders. This event is held annually in Uganda since its inaugural ceremony in 2013. This year’s theme, “African Fashion is the Future #FashionTakeover” seeks to highlight the entrepreneurial success of the African fashion industry which will in turn translate into the business of fashion.

The ASFA is an evening of Glitz, Glamour and the biggest red carpet in Africa whilst celebrations of fashion and style with A-List guests from across the continent.

Ahumuza Brian

Ciroc Ultra-Premium Vodka are keeping true to their loyalty as the headline sponsors for the 2017 ASFA for the third consecutive year. Bell Jamz, under the Bell Lager flagship are sponsoring all the musical performances set to happen at the award ceremony.


Pemba Sports Africa, fronted by their CEO Jack Pemba, a generous philanthropist has also added to the horde of sponsors by endorsing the event.

South African Airlines, Africa’s most trusted airline are the official 2017 ASFA travel partners, flying in all the expected international guests for the event. NTV Uganda and Capital FM are partnering with ASFA as the official media partners for the awards this year. Sky Beach, Golden Tulip hotel, Kampala Serena hotel, KCCA, Uganda Tourism Board, Riley Media, Fenon, Abryanz collection, Guvnor and Uganda police are the other companies sponsoring the event.

08th December 2017 promises an exhilarating experience when the continent’s most glamorous event; the ASFA happen again at the Kampala Serena hotel.

Below are the official nominees for the 2017 ASFA:

Fashion designer of the year (Uganda)

  1. Ras Kasozi
  2. Fatuma Asha
  3. Anita Beryl
  4. Sham Tyra
  5. Joe Malaika


Anita Beryl

Fashion Designer of the Year (Africa)

  1. Eric Raisina (Madagascar)
  2. Maki oh (Nigeria)
  3. Sheria Ngowi (Tanzania)
  4. Zeddie Loky (Kenya)
  5. Quiteria and George (South Africa)

Female Model of the year (Africa)

  1. Shanelle Nyasiase (Kenya)
  2. Opeyemi Awoyemi (Nigeria)
  3. Giannina Oteto (Kenya)
  4. Aminat Ayinde (Nigeria)

Female model of the year (Uganda)

  1. Anyola Anyon Asola
  2. Angelo Keji Sarah
  3. Aliet Sarah
  4. Ayak Veronica

Male Model of the year (Uganda)

  1. Paul Bradley
  2. Troy Elimu
  3. Danny Mbabazi
  4. Mushema Housen

Male model of the year (Africa)

  1. Toyin Oyeneye (Nigeria)
  2. Dave J. Kabamba (Congo)
  3. Kwen Maye (Kenya- Nigeria)
  4. Pabz Nasius (South Africa)

Make-up artist of the year (Uganda)

  1. Mona Faces
  2. Nahya Shero
  3. Imani Makeup
  4. Faith Presh
  5. Derrick Ssekamate

Make-up artist of the year (Africa)

  1. Marco Louis (South Africa)
  2. Anita Brows (Nigeria)
  3. Kangai Mwiti (Kenya)
  4. Nancy Blaq (Ghana)
  5. NYW makeup (Angola)

Hairstylist of the year (Uganda)

  1. Grace Warren
  2. Hair by Zziwa
  3. Nambuusi Maureen
  4. Freddie

Hair Stylist Of the Year (Africa)

  1. Saadique Ryklief (South Africa)
  2. Corrine Muthoni (Kenya)
  3. Saul Juma (Kenya)
  4. Ncumisa Mimi Duma (South Africa)

Fashion Photographer of the year

  1. Oscar Ntege
  2. Oneal Mujjumbura
  3. Fred Bugembe
  4. Daville
  5. Mohsen Taha

Fashion Photographer of the year (Africa)

  1. Rezebonna (South Africa)
  2. Kudzai King (Zimbabwe)
  3. Trevor Stuurman (South Africa)
  4. Shawn Kieffer (Tanzania- South Africa)
  5. Kuyoh Photography (Kenya)

Stylist of the year (Uganda)

  1. Tazibone Solomon
  2. Abbas Kaijuka
  3. Mavo Kampala
  4. Tinah Brad

Stylist of the year (Africa)

  1. Swanky Jerry (Nigeria)
  2. Brian Babu (Kenya)
  3. Chuck Mbevo (Angola)
  4. Kwena Baloyi (South Africa)
  5. Reinhard Mahalie (Namibia)

Fashion blogger/ Writer of the year (Uganda)

  1. Amarachi Grace
  2. Lamic Kirabo
  3. Samson Baranga
  4. Gloria Haguma
  5. Satisfashion UG
  6. Shalom Nicolette

Fashion Blogger/Writer of the year (Africa)

  1. Ono Bello (Nigeria)
  2. Silvia Njoki (Kenya)
  3. Joy Kendi (Kenya)
  4. Ghana fashion marketing (Ghana)

Most stylish/Dressed celebrity (Female) Uganda

  1. Natasha Sinayobye
  2. Sylvia Namutebi
  3. Crystal Newman
  4. Judith Heard
  5. Pherrie Kimbugwe
Natasha Sinayobye

Most Stylish/dressed celebrity (Female) Africa

  1. Nana Akua Addo (Ghana)
  2. Toke Makinwa (Nigeria)
  3. Moozlie (South Africa)
  4. ilwad Elman(Somalia)
  5. Lulu Michael (Tanzania)

Most Stylish/dressed celebrity (Male) Uganda

  1. Aleecool
  2. Zipper Atafo
  3. Dj Roja & slick Stuart
  4. Alex Muhangi
  5. Adams Ddumba

Most Stylish/dressed celebrity (Male) Africa

  1. Aphrican Ape( Dami Olatunde) (Nigeria)
  2. Idris Sultan (Tanzania)
  3. Toosweet Annan (Ghana)
  4. Emmanuel Ikubese (Nigeria)

Most Stylish male Artiste (Uganda)

  1. Hanson Baliruno
  2. Fik Fameica
  3. Ykee Benda
  4. B2C
  5. Bebe Cool
  6. Exodus

Most stylish male artiste (Africa)

  1. Mr. Eazi (Ghana)
  2. Wizkid (Nigeria)
  3. Runtown (Nigeria)
  4. Sauti sol (Kenya)
  5. Riky Rick (South Africa)

Most stylish female artiste (Uganda)

  1. Desire Luzinda
  2. Nina Roz
  3. Lydia Jazmine
  4. Sheebah Karungi
  5. Spice Diana
Desire Luzinda

Most stylish female artiste (Africa)

  1. Yemi Alade (Nigeria)
  2. Tiwa Savage (Nigeria)
  3. Nsoki Neto (Angola)
  4. Nadia Nakai (South Africa)
  5. Vanessa Mdee (Tanzania)

Best Styled/Fashionable music video of the year (Uganda)

  1. Stylo – Vinka
  2. Am still here – Julianna Kanyomozi
  3. Wololo- David Lutaalo
  4. Jubilation- Eddy Kenzo
  5. The way- Sheebah
Juliana Kanyomozi

Best styled/ Fashionable music video of the year (Africa)

  1. Love portion – Mafikizolo
  2. Juice-Ycee & Maleek Berry
  3. Mad over you – Runtown
  4. Particular – DJ Maphorisa
  5. Love again – C4 Pedro ft Sauti sol

Best dressed female media personality (Uganda)

  1. Malaika Nnyanzi
  2. Bettinah Tianah
  3. Judithiana
  4. Deedan Muyira
  5. Maria Kibalizi

Best dressed female media personality (Africa)

  1. Anita Nderu (South Africa)
  2. Stephanie Coker (Nigeria)
  3. Nomzamo (South Africa)
  4. Vimbai (Zimbawe)

Best dressed male media personality (Africa)

  1. Katleho Sinivasan (South Africa)
  2. Uti Nwachukwu (Nigeria)
  3. jamal Gaddafi (Kenya)
  4. George Ndirangu (Rwanda)
  5. Denola Grey (Nigeria)

Best dressed male media personality (Uganda)

  1. Joel Khamadi
  2. Solomon Serwanja
  3. Denzel Mwiyeretsi
  4. Edwin Musiime
  5. Calvin the entertainer

Male Fashionista of the year (Uganda)

  1. Abduz Spot
  2. Handsome Allanlee
  3. Ricky Mugenyi
  4. Jacob Home of gents
  5. Anthony kays

Male Fashionista of the year (Africa)

  1. Eddie Kirindo (Kenya)
  2. Noble Igwe (Nigeria)
  3. Prince Thabiso Mkhize (South Africa)
  4. Josef Adamu (Nigeria)
  5. Sir Abner (South Africa)

Female Fashionista of the year (Uganda)

  1. Sasha Ferguson
  2. Aaron Hilson
  3. Cynthia Nakiranda
  4. Sandrah Lexy
  5. Rashidah Mwiza(miss Shee)

Female Fashionista Of the year (Africa)

  1. Stefani Roma (Kenya)
  2. Sharon Ojong (Nigeria)
  3. Antonia Shinana (Namibia)
  4. Didi Olomide (Congo)
  5. Hamisa Mobeto (Tanzania)
Hamisa Mobeto

Come 06th November 2017, voting lines will be opened allowing the public to place in their bids for their favorite fashion personalities nominated in the respective categories. Voting this year will be limited to Social media (Instagram and Twitter) and via the website with the public holding 35% of the final vote and the judges panel 65% for the remaining vote.

Hamisa Mobeto
Pherrie Kim

Boss Mtoto White and Gold Party set for 26th December at Guvnor  

December is a month infested with mob events but only those that serve a wide array of entertainment will get an audience. And among the few that have excited revelers is Boss Mtoto’s ‘White and Gold Party’. The Ugandan party animals, and a substantial lot of East African party animals who usually fly in from countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, and Burundi to attend the highly billed party have for a while now been wondering whether their favorite color themed party was canceled. So much so that they kept on bombarding Boss Mtoto’s inbox with questions about the party.

Williams Bugeme

But as we can reliably establish however, the party is on and it will happen on Boxing Day (26th December 2017). Party Socialite Williams Bugeme is back in our faces. According to a phone call we had with Williams Bugeme earlier today, the party is going to serve a big entertainment platter.

“We are bringing an international musical artiste that we will announce a later stage of the activations. He will be backed up by two big Ugandan artistes. And a series of other entertainment avenues that we will announce later. For now, my fans should know that the Boss Mtoto White and Gold party is so on and they should expect a historical night,” relayed Bugeme during the phone interview.

Come 26th December, all roads will lead to Guvnor for the star studded party.