Who is Jack Pemba?

With Jack Pemba set to launch his Oil and Gas Company called Pemba Gas, we bring you who he is.

A jack of all trades, Jackson Akim Pemba aka Jack Pemba is famed for his generosity. He has often been described as one with a big heart because of his many philanthropy feats.

After supporting and growing many grass root African sports projects and talents, Jack Pemba had recently ventured into Entertainment ceremonies and concerts (like Kool and Gang.)

His latest venture is developing the fashion industry and Gas. He widely supports young talent and is usually happy when their projects thrive under his label Pemba Sports Africa.

Meet Kenya’s top female spin master DJ Malaika

Rhoda Ngei popularly known as DJ Malaiaka is dubbed as Kenya’s best female DJ and her music playing exploits have engineered her into a top loved female DJ in East Africa.

DJ Malaika’s life began 24 years ago at a small town down the Coast where she grew up all her life. In search of new challenges and adventure, she left for Nairobi in 2013.

Once at the city of the sun, Nairobi, she enrolled at Red Berry DJ Academy and her passion for music and deejaying was formed.

Playing and scratching her way through the industry, she was finally given the attention and respect she deserves.

Three years later she is a popular name having graced clubs all over Kenya and other East Africa countries, concerts, TV and radio. She is a resident DJ in top clubs and a VDJ at Tripple P.

She plans to study music production and invest her time and resources in the budding industry.


DJ Malaika FUN BITS:



















Fallen veteran politician Rurangaranga to be laid to rest on Saturday

Who is Major Edward Rurangaranga?

Fallen former Minister, veteran politician and Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) former National Chairman Major Edward Rurangaranga will be laid to rest on Saturday 5th August.

He will be laid at his ancestral home in Kaitanjojo Rukundo, Kitagata in Sheema District along Ishaka-Kagamba Road. According to family sources, the deceased’s body will arrive in Kampala today from Mbarara and will lie in State at Parliament on Thursday 3rd August and then on Friday there will be a church service in Kampala.

RIP Major Edward Rurangaranga

The body will then be transported to Kitagata on Friday for the final sending the next day.

Major Edward Rurangaranga died on Tuesday morning from his home.

Who is Major Edward Rurangaranga?

Major Edward Rurangaranga who was born in 1932 started on regime change. When the Milton Obote I regime fell in 1971, he was on Idi Amin’s hit list.

On February 22, 1971, barely a month after Amin had captured power, soldiers went looking for anybody who sympathised with UPC or Obote. Rurangaranga was such a man.

They went to his home, arrested and tortured him.

He was finally released after a few days, but was not in any less danger. As far as the regime was concerned, he was still a threat, even as a mere transporter with Kitagata Bus Service.

They waited for another chance to pounce on him.

The 1972 invasion of Uganda by exiles provided Amin’s soldiers with the opportunity they needed. And this time they sought to finish him off.

On the same date of the invasion, September 17, 1972, the soldiers picked him, shot and dumped him into river Rwizi in Mbarara. They were sure he was dead.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t.

Rurangaranga was found and plucked from death’s jaws by friends two days later.

They smuggled him out of the country to Kenya – a journey that took them 79 days.

He stayed in Kenya up to 1979 when he returned with the liberators who toppled Idi Amin.

Rurangaranga was more than willing to show you the scars from the bullets that were sprayed on him by Amin’s soldiers.

After Idi Amin was toppled from power, Rurangaranga became a major player in the successive regimes, courtesy of his role in the liberation movement.

He was involved with the “Kikoosi Maalum,” a military wing of that movement, and his work was to mobilize the people against the regime.

Though he had had no prior military training, Rurangaranga said his work was “superb” and was recognized by both the Tanzanian government – the main backer of the liberators – and by Milton Obote, upon which he was given the rank of Major.

In the Obote II regime (1981-85), Rurangaranga was Minister of State in President’s Office.

So in 1985 when the tides turned against the regime, Maj. Rurangaranga was in trouble again.

On July 27, 1985, soldiers led by Gen. Tito Okello Lutwa marched on Kampala and overthrew Milton Obote’s government.

As the city fell; something was happening at Rurangaranga’s home as well.

It was the trend all over the country. A witch-hunt was on.

Rurangaranga’s upcountry home at Kaitanjojo in Kitagata Sheema, like those of many representatives of the regime, came under attack. Not by soldiers, but by neighbours.

“We saw people in groups of 10 or more coming towards us,” he narrated.

“They were wielding pangas, machetes, shovels, spades, axes and were wearing angry faces.”

Rurangaranga’s guards were helpless as the mob descended upon his house.

“Not even one fired a shot. We knew things had fallen apart,” he said.

In the melee that ensured his neighbours “cut and demolished everything” – cows, goats, chicken were slaughtered for meat and others taken.

“They were all cut into pieces,” said Benon Nyerwanire.

Nyerwanire was a domestic worker at Rurangaranga’s home in Kitagata, Bushenyi.

By October 1985, the situation was no longer bearable. Rurangaranga flew out of the country that month.

He returned in March 1986 and was promptly arrested and detained for five years.

On January 21, 1991, he was set free.

When he arrived at his home, it was unrecognizable.

What could not be stolen was destroyed; plantations were slashed and buildings razed.

As the most powerful man in their area; a representative of a regime that they had come to despise; he bore the wrath of neighbours who accused him of “arrogance” and causing the death or disappearance of their kinsmen.

It is telling that despite this history, he was elected unopposed in 1992 to represent this constituency in the Bushenyi district council.

“They told me they wanted to show the whole world that I’m their man,” he said in an interview September 16. So why did they treat him badly?

Rurangaranga believed it was “just malice” at work.

He said he knows all those who took his property; among them a senior police officer that apparently offered to return the furniture and trunk that he took, according to Nyerwanire.

Rurangaranga then waxes religious; praying, “God shall reward them accordingly.”

There are inscriptions on the walls of the buildings that survived that show the extent of anger behind the attack on his property.

One inscription dated November 11, 1985 reads: “Rurangaranga, you have also lost! Are you still around with your family? I will come and you will see me. Your time is over, God has paid you in the same currency. You thought time would not come?”

Given their taunting nature, it is surprising that Rurangaranga has not erased them – yet; he has only just moved into this house.

His house sits on Kaitanjojo hill, Kitagata in Sheema from where he commands a beautiful view of the town and Muhito hills.

The inside of the renovated part of the house looks much more promising with the walls decorated with pictures of Rurangaranga and his wife.

But Rurangaranga spends his time on the verandah from where he entertains or reflects upon the past.

He attributes his regime’s collapse to “disorganization in the army.”

On top of his ministerial post, Rurangaranga was a member of the Defence Council, the army’s top governing body.

He says his president made a mistake when he allowed “a power vacuum” to prevail for two years after Chief of Staff Brig. Oyite Ojok’s death in 1983 in a plane crash.

Rurangaranga believes that although Brig. Smith Opon Acak was a well-trained officer he could not assert himself as Chief of Staff.

“He just became a victim of alcohol,” he said. He has no respect either for the soldiers that staged the coup.

He says, “The leaders of the junta wanted only to kill Obote, they had no agenda, it’s the reason why they knelt before Paul Muwanga, in my presence, begging him to accept being their Prime Minister.

He adds, but not without a tinge of ambiguity, “We looked on and knew Uganda was once again in horror which has not ended up to now.”

Rurangaranga, who died at 85, has been a trained teacher and agriculturalist, He is not convinced that the current leadership is up to any good.

In 1994 he competed in the Constituent Assembly elections and lost to Elijah Mushemeza.

He says has never forgiven President Museveni for “allowing a refugee to be saluted by Ugandans under the Ugandan flag” – in apparent reference to a Rwandan who was once State minister for Defence Mr Fred Rwigyema (RIP).

“It was a grave mistake any country could ever make,” he said.

The Obote 11 regime is remembered for having launched a scheme in early 1981 to have all Rwandans chased out of Uganda. Hundreds and thousands of them were chased from the country while others got stranded at the border because President Habyarimana’s regime in Rwanda would not allow them back either.

But with the backing of the Ugandan leadership the refugees eventually invaded the country in 1990 and took power.

Rurangaranga has issues with them anyway. He says there are still “so many” of them in the army and state structure and “Uganda cannot claim sovereignty over security.”

In reference to the apparent hostility between the leaders of the two countries, Rurangaranga says, “How can you develop antagonism, to the point of fighting, with such a country like Rwanda when you have their nationals in your security system?”

He is also riled by “the rampant corruption” and “moral breakdown.” He said, “Corruption has been institutionalized” and cites Kitagata hospital’s recent situation of having no drugs, “because money has been diverted or embezzled by officials.”

In Obote1 government, Rurangaranga was deputy District Commissioner while Eriya Kategaya was the District Commissioner of  greater Bushenyi . Museveni was the Minister of Defence.

He is angry as he explains this.

His first wife; Joy who was commonly known as “Mama Bushenyi” died in 1999 and he remarried shortly after. All his children live in England.

When he is not occupied in selling matooke or looking after his cows, he chats with youngsters who also run some errands for him.

For him though, the “good old days” are history indeed. The house in his compound that housed soldiers has been turned into a clinic run by his wife.

Rurangaranga says as a leader he never neglected his people; the reason he returned in 1979.

If anything makes him feel vindicated it is the fact that his people elected him unopposed in 1992.

He was one of the founders of UPC in 1959 and has held various positions – official and unofficial – in the party over the years.

May his soul rest in peace.

Original Source: www.mknewslink.com

Actress Maggie Paris Kiyingi talks about her life, and career

With a few years into the acting career, Maggie Paris Kiyingi is already a house hold name. She recently made an appearance in the ‘Honorable TV Series’ which airs on Thursdays on NTV Uganda. The new season is premiering this month. Read on…………….


SB: So tell me who Maggie Kiyingi is?

Magie Kiyingi: She is an Actor, entrepreneur, business woman, statician by profession. She likes working hard, coming up with new business ideas, and making new friends. She is a former TV presenter on the Teens club show, WBS TV. Maggie was born to Madam Dorah Mulindwa, second last born of seven.

She runs her own marketing brand called House of Kiyingi.

SB: Tell us about the house of Kiyingi

Magie Kiyingi: House of Kiyingi is a consultancy company that does both marketing and agency work. We have partnered with many companies and executed different projects. As a CEO, I can say the business is successful and it’s running in our favor. We work as a team. “We create, they celebrate”.

SB: You are also in acting career, tell us how it is going on with you?

MagGie Kiyingi: It’s a steady progress, I have done a couple of projects this year, the latest one is my appearance in the ‘Honourables’, a TV drama that is directed by John Ssegawa, it airs on NTV every Thursdays at 8pm. Season two premiers this July 2017. People should watch out for it, it’s amazing and exciting.

SB: How do you find acting career?

Maggie Kiyingi: I find it amazing, its fun filled the industry is growing fast. It opens you to the world out there and that comes with a lot of opportunities.

SB: Where do you see your acting career in the next five years?

Maggie Kiyingi: With God’s grace, i see myself being a part of bigger projects all around the globe. Bettering my career to greater heights and being recognized as a remarkable actor.

SB: Tell us your best moment in acting so far

Maggie Kiyingi: Every time when I am acting is my best moment.

SB: What is your message to those intending to join acting?

Maggie Kiyingi: They can join, the industry is so fresh, and still open to New talent. Let them come with passion for acting and not because they expect money from it. It’s a growing industry that needs to get built to the level of Nollywood and Hollywood. And it’s us the film fraternity to build it.

 SB: What message do you have for your fans?

Maggie Kiyingi: They should watch out for my incoming projects and keep supporting me. I’m here because of them. It gives me energy knowing that somebody somewhere appreciates my work. I love them right back and may God bless them.

You need to be interviewed on this website. Call or WhatsApp 256782775504

NWSC constructs new sewerage system in Arua

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) is constructing a new sewerage system to serve the people of Arua town. “We are constructing a new sewerage system to serve the central business district of Arua town,” NWSC posted.

The sewerage system will comprise of twenty three kilometers of sewers, two lifting stations and two waste water treatment and handling facilities at Prisons and Dadamu.

Geosteady set to thrill revellers at Global Cultural Event

Singer Geosteady real name George Kigozi William has been confirmed as one of the entertainers set to rock the Global Cultural Event slated for 13th August 2017 at Uganda Museum. The deal has been sealed and confirmed by the event’s host Mary Ingabire who also doubles as the singer’s International Manager. The event comes less than a month when the singer is hosting her concert on 8th September.

Who is Geosteady?

As a performer at the Global Cultural Event on 13th August 2017 at Uganda Museum, we are honoured to bring you the profile of one of Uganda’s fast rising singers.

Geosteady is a Ugandan born singer, song writer and audio producer. As a young boy, he was an active member of his childhood choir. It wasn’t long when he figured he had grown up as a vocalist, and then decided to take on music as a career.

In this musical journey, he has hit the airwaves with some ear-enticing hits like Mbuuza, Viola, Take You Home, Same Way and Owoooma. He has also featured some major local, regional and international artistes including Eddy Kenzo, Lydia Jazmine and Navio, Charly & Nina, to mention but a few.

No good work goes unnoticed. Geosteady Blackman has notched top local accolades like Best Collaboration at Uganda Entertainment Awards 2016, Best Zouk at HiPipo Awards 2016, Best Song HSMA 2017 and Best RnB Contemporary artist Zzina 2017.

He has entertained different crowds in South Africa (Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town), Rwanda, Dubai and will be remembered as the first Ugandan artist to rock Doha, Qatar. He is now lined up for the first ever “Geosteady Live In Concert” on 8th September 2017 at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala, alongside shows in Las Vegas, London and Istanbul.

Geosteady is also a Brand Ambassador of a Youth led organization, Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) that does empowerment of young people in Uganda and provide them with up-to-date health information to enable them make informed decisions. He has also recently opened up a children support charity foundation aiming at raising a holistic child.

Get Updates of his music straight from his website www.geosteady.com or his social media pages by searching for him on;

  • Facebook: Geosteady
  • Twitter: @geosteadyoffici
  • Youtube: geosteady
  • Instagram: geosteadyofficial
  • Snapchat: Geosteady

For bookings, please send an email to bookings@geosteady.com

Promoter Ashley talks about her career, love life and her work with celebrities

Dubai based Hadija Mohammed popularly known as Ashley, is a music and events promoter working closely with Rham Events in Dubai. Ashley is a daughter to Mr Babu Ssemakula (Ugandan) and Feiza Khalid of Kenyan origin. She attended Kidimu and Mvita primary schools in Mombasa before joining Sumayya Girls High School in Kampala for six years and later studied journalism at Makerere University.


Showbiz Uganda (SB) talked to her about her events and music promotion job and how she handles working away from home.

SB: So tell us who is Ashley?

Ashley: Ashley is an ordinary person, hardworking social dependable independent. A United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s finest promoter and a proud mother of one.

SB: Tell us about you work?

Ashley: I promote Rham Events, the fastest and best events team at the moment in UAE. Rham Events is attached to Deejay Rham, the former DJ at Club Silk in Kampala who is currently plying his trade at Vegas Dubai. I am currently managing musicians working with Medi Vybes. I am a writer who during my free time has written a few books and soon publishing my first book titled ‘Bitter Honey’.

Eddy Kenzo with Ashley in Dubai

SB: How does it feel to be a promoter?

Ashley: It’s kind of very funny having to deal with people in Diaspora. It’s kind of challenging as we all know how people here work so much and putting the fact that we only have to use media to promote the events. It’s at the same time, so much fun and very promising. When we started in 2016 we had very few followers and fans but now we are the best events team in UAE.

Ashley with Barbie Alokiss

SB: How does someone get to work with you?

Ashley: Through my manager Bashir Cetra who also works closely with Rham Events and has really contributed a lot to what I am now.

SB: What challenges have u faced in your work?

Ashley: I haven’t faced a lot of challenges for now apart from the fact that competition is a little stiff in the industry which requires me to put an extra effort, invention and hard work.

SB: How do you find entertainment industry in Dubai?

Ashley: So far so good when i joined the industry 2016 which Cetra introduced me to, i was working under Cetra Promotion and the industry was so low with only one club in Dubai. We didn’t give up, but worked hard and slowly it became very active and interesting. Its right now so encouraging knowing that we are the best in UAE.

Ashley with Aganaga in Dubai

SB: How do you find working with musicians and entertainers?

Ashley: Its fun…i actually enjoy working with musicians especially when you handle them well.

SB: Do you take musicians from Uganda to perform in Dubai?

Ashley: Yes we do..

SB: How often and what does it take for a musician to qualify. What do you consider?

Ashley: We often look at one who is doing quite well at  home …as in one who has a hit at the moment but mostly we look at Dubai market and we also try to inquire from our fans here to know which musician they  miss and would love  to see.

SB: Tell us about your love life?

Ashley: This is quite personal, we keep it for another day but i am a mother of one for now.

SB: Anything else you want to tell your fans and followers?

Ashley: Currently we have an upcoming show that is scheduled for 8th July 2017 featuring Sheebah Karungi at Club Vegas Dubai with DJ Rham. We promise Dubai people a VVIP treat and red carpet experience as well as massive performance.

SB: What is your final message?

Ashley: I want to take this opportunity to first thank my team..That’s my best UAE DJ Rham, his manager Barbie Alokiss and my manager Bashir Cetra for the strong team we have always been and for fans like we call them Dubai Kings and Queens.

I want to say thank you for always turning up in big numbers for our concerts and we promise not to give up soon but continue to entertain you at our  best as you deserve. Thank you Showbiz Uganda for always looking out for us even when we are away from home. I love you all my followers and fans….Big up www.showbizuganda.com

“I will take charge of the boys” – Zari Hassan

Who was Ivan Semwanga?

Socialite to be laid to rest today

Fallen showbiz star and tycoon, Ivan Semwanga’s ex wife Zari Hassan has pledged to take care of the couple’s three sons.

Speaking to the fully attended funeral service at Namirembe Cathedral yesterday, Zari said; church is full now but I know three months down the road, I’ll be by myself”.

She revealed that she is strong and ready to raise their boys. “Ivan lived his life to the fullest and he always told me life is short,” Zari said.

Ivan who died of May 25th , 2017 at Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria South Africa will be laid to rest today at Nakaliro, Kayunga District.

The splashy socialite leaves behind 3 sons Pinto, Raphael Junior and Quincy whom he bore Zarfi Hassan before they separated and she moved on with Tanzanian star singer Diamond Platnumz

Who was Ivan Semwanga?

Ivan Semwanga changed the face of Ugandan Showbiz and social scene by introducing splashy parties which he hosted in top hangouts in Kampala.

Together with his friends and ex wife Zari Hassan, the group would pop champagne like Hollywood stars and would also throw money to revelers.

Driving around in posh personalized number plates cars, Ivan made sure the showbiz in Uganda is enjoyed. He formed a group Rich Gang which headed at the time of his death.

The splashy Tycoon will be laid to rest today Tuesday 30th May 2017 at his ancestral home in Kayunga.

Early Life

Ivan Semwanga was born on 12th December 1977 to George Semwanga Pinto Lutaaya and Liize Semwanga, both deceased.

He is a grandson to the late Pinto Katula Lutaya Semwanga, who was a prominent businessman in Nakaliro, Kayunga town council.

Semwanga grew up in Kayunga before he moved to his grandfather’s place in Mengo, Kampala.

He went to Bishop Brown Primary School before joining Kanjuki S.S. and later Central Academy for his secondary school education.

Moving to South Africa

After venturing in several businesses in Kampala, Ivan would later move to South Africa in pursuit for greener pastures.

Moving to South Africa turned out well for him as he accumulated wealth and started up several businesses including a chain of schools (Brooklyn Colleges) and real estates.

Family Life

Ivan Semwanga was married Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan Kirigwajjo in a traditional wedding and together they were blessed with 3 sons.

In 2015 Zari broke up with Semwanga and got married to Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, with whom she has 2 children now.

Ivan Semwanga was the leader of a group of socialites called the Rich Gang. The other members of the group were Ed Cheune and his cousin, Lawrence Senyonjo popularly known as King Lawrence.

The group was known for throwing flamboyant parties and dishing out money every December when they returned to Uganda for the festive season.

City party goers have described Ivan as “a man that brought life to showbiz in Kampala”. Many people always wanted to hang out at the same nightspot at Ivan.

Despite living a lavish lifestyle, he donated generously to the needy both in Uganda and in South Africa.

According to Ugandans in South Africa, Ivan gave money to poor women and children, also helped his fellow Ugandans in Madiba land whenever they faced challenges.

Semwanga on several occasions gave money to poor children and women in South Africa

Earlier this year, Ivan topped headlines in South African newspapers because of his charity work. The newspapers dubbed him ‘MOREKI’ which means ‘blesser’ and also referred to him as a prophet.

During his recent and last visit to Uganda in April, Semwanga and his group paid a courtesy visit to M-lisada orphanage center in Nsambya, where they donated money and other household items to the less-privileged children.

Semwanga donated money and other household items to the less-privileged children at M-lisada orphanage center in Nsambya in April 2017


Although we could not confirm his actual net-worth, Ivan Semwanga was undoubtedly a very rich man.

He was the first person to bring a Lamborghini to Uganda and would later go on to acquire several other posh cars like a Hummer, Audi among others, some of which were in Uganda while others in South Africa at the time of his death.

By the time of his death, he had a chain of schools (Brooklyn Colleges) with 7 campuses allover South Africa, real estates and other businesses all in South Africa.

He left a palatial home in Waterkloof, a suburb in Pretoria, South Africa, where he lived with his children. He also left a big mansion in Muyenga, a Kampala suburb.

Semwanga passed on at the age of 39 and will be laid to rest at their ancestral home in Kayunga district.

May his soul rest in peace.

Rachael Kembabazi talks about her Makeup artist experience

Rae real name Rachael Kembabazi is a mobile Makeup artist who is planning to make it big up there. She operates under her brand name Lit Faces. She talked to Showbiz Uganda (SB) about her experience.

SB: Tell us about yourself?
Rae Kembabazi: I am a makeup artist by profession and my brand name is Lit Faces. I love what I do.

SB: When did you start?
Rae: It’s almost a year now.

SB: Tell us about your experience?
Rae: It’s been challenging in a positive way. Everyday i tell myself ‘keep moving forward’ no matter what.

SB: What made you to join makeup?
Rae: It’s what i love. Am into beauty and love enhancing our natural beauty.

SB: What do you say about makeup industry in Uganda?
Rae: It has evolved over time. People are embracing makeup more than ever and i think it’s just the beginning.

SB: So where is your studio based?
Rae: I work on mobile basis and I can be reached on 0701941308 or 0788922105 for strictly business.

SB: Who are some of your celebrity clients?
Rae: I prefer to be known as me not to be identified by someone.

SB: So where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Rae: As a well established makeup artist.

Some of her products

SB: Tell us about love life?
Rae: At the moment am focused on building my career before I think about love.

SB: How does someone book you for work?
Rae: They call me and i find them where they are. I can be reached for business on 0701941308 OR 0788922105.

Interview: Judith Babirye talks about her life and music ahead of the Airtel sponsored Concert


Singer and politician, Judith Babirye, is set to have a concert dubbed Maama on May 12th at Kampala Serena Hotel. She talked to us about the event. Read on..

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Born in the small village of Nyenga in Buikwe District, ‘am the third born in the family of Mr. Mukoza Henry a retired headmaster. ‘Am the founder and Executive Director of Arms of Love Uganda an NGO that supports teenage mothers in Uganda and a member of Parliament representing the people of Buikwe District in the Legislative Assembly of Uganda. ‘Am a performing and recording gospel artist, a mother to one beautiful daughter, a motivational speaker, a book author, a preacher and a song writer. I studied from Ndejje Secondary school and Iganga secondary school for my O’ Level and A’ Level respectively and it’s in these schools that my singing career was nurtured. As a young girl and a student in these schools, I was able to compose school anthems for both schools and these anthems are still being sung to this day. I later joined Makerere University and graduated with a bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and its now 16 years and still counting since I first released my debut music album called ‘Wambatira”. I have recorded hits like Yesu beera nange, omusaayi gwa Yesu gumal, Oliko Favor, Ndi kawonawo / Survivor, Omuliro, Eno Mbaga, Nzijukira, Wanjagala, Maama,now newly released Ye gwe Afuga, Mukama amanyi, Katonda Talimba and many others. ‘am very grateful to God, my fans, friends and family for the support they have given me that has enabled me write over 216 songs, record 16 Albums and be who I am today. TO GOD BE THE GLORY


What do you do in your free time?

I take my daughter out, watch a documentary or movie, listen to music and read my Bible

Give us a brief background of your musical career?

My Music career began in my secondary school days at Ndejje secondary school and Iganga secondary school respectively was an active member of the school choir, chapel choir and scripture union. We had our small group of singer and I used to compose Christian songs which we would perform during chapel and scripture union meetings. It was in these days that songs like He Rose, Little manger and many others were composed and released many years later on my first album.

You recently joined the Parliament of Uganda. How do you manage to balance your musical life and politics?

By giving my best to each purpose, responsibility and task I put my hand to

What Accomplishments o you have to your name?

My greatest accomplishment is that to this day ‘am still a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ irrespective of the many threatening challenges that have come my way. It may look easy on the outside but if you believe in God, then you surely know it is not an easy walk. Secondly; ‘Am a mother to one adorable daughter, I have won several music awards/ accolades, I have written over 216 songs, recorded 16 albums, shot several videos and still going on.

 You have managed to stay relevant in an evolving industry. What is the secret to your success?

 Staying in Touch with God Almighty for with God nothing is impossible and staying in touch with my fans.

 Collaborations have become very common in Uganda. Which Ugandan artists are you interested in working with?

 Many of them and my list is endless

What would you say about your fashion sense/style?

I particularly love long dresses because they are simple, gracious and make me feel comfortable no matter where I may be. They rarely go wrong.

 You have held a number of shows over the years. Which have been your most memorable shows?

Maama Concert of 2011 where Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall was filled to capacity and had no more space inside yet the lines were still very long on the outside. Many people came with their mothers, It was a full house, very joyous, very emotional and I sang my lungs out to a very beautiful Sound system. it was exceptional.

So let’s talk about your upcoming Charity Concert. Why have you organized this Concert?

Mothers Day is around the corner and we want to celebrate the gift of mothers in a special way. A mother is the first teacher, first provider, first engineer (makes our home toys), first friend, best friend and a friend of all seasons. She will sleep hungry but feed her children, she will put on one Gomesi / dress but educate her children, she will defend her children irrespective of the circumstances, her love is unconditional, unlimited and lasts a life time. She is an unbreakable bond, a place of rest. Even in the labor ward her priority is to save the life of her baby first. Even though many have passed on due to cancer, birth complications, HIV/AIDs etc., mothers have never shunned their divine responsibility of producing more human beings despite the risks involved. You awe it to you mother, alive or dead, she will always be mother. All proceeds will go to support vulnerable teenage mothers in Uganda.

What should your fans expect?

They should expect the best in terms of quality and excellence! We have rehearsed over 25 songs, we have guest artists like Tonzi  from Kigali – Rwanda, Hanson Baliruno from Stockholm – Sweden and a variety of performances from local music icons like Pr. Wilson Bugembe, Dangelo Busuulwa, Joy Tendo, Julie Mutesasira, Levixone, Sheilla Mutesi, Nsuube primary school Children’s choir in Buikwe District, George Bukedde and many others. Gates will be open by 1:00 pm and performances will begin by 5:0 Pm.

We have also prepared a special moment to sing “Happy Birthday” for all mothers present in the concert. Please buy your mother a ticket and register her name with us on our face book page “Judith Babirye Music” or call us on the numbers below.

When is the Concert and where can someone buy tickets for the Concert

The Concert will take place at Serena Hotel – Kampala Hotel; Victoria Hall on Friday 12th May 2017. Ordinary Tickets: 100,000k, VIP: 300,000, Family Table for 10: 3M. Tickets can be bought from Serena Hotel, Classic Ladies (Garden City), Airtel Shops / outlets, Shell Namirembe, Shell Ntinda, Shell Capital, Shell Bugolobi, Shell Forest Mall, Shell Kabalagala, Shell Jinja Road, Shell Kiira Road . We can also deliver to your office by calling us on 0774535351 / 0704902926/ 0776172070

Who are you working with in a bid to promote this concert and attract music lovers?

‘Am working with Airtel, Arms of Love Uganda, Uganda Communications Commission, Housing Finance Bank, Classic ladies, Wilberforce Kalema House of Fashions, Movit, Classic Ladies, Wina Classic, Seroma Ltd, VIVA General Merchandise Ltd, Middle East Consultants, Chuck Salvator, Peter Russel, Sure Deal and SMS ONE.

What inspired you to release the very popular “maama” song?

It’s a combination of many factors. As a mother, I reflected on what a mother goes through during pregnancy. The pain she endures in the labor ward, the sacrifice she pays to give her baby a life and a future, her unconditional love, her commitment to her baby are virtues only found in maama/ mama/ mother. When the world has tossed you left, right and Centre, the best place we run to for comfort, counsel and rest is called maama / mama / mother. This was my inspiration and the song Lyrics tell the full of the story.

What message do you have for your sponsors and partners?

Thank you a billion ways because without you I wouldn’t have been able to organize this concert on my own. May God richly bless you.

Do you have any advice to aspiring musicians?

My advice to aspiring musician is there is enough space for all of us in the hearts of our fans. Have faith in God Almighty, know what you want and know what your fans want, Stay focused and celebrate those who celebrate you. You may not be the best for everyone but you sure are the best for somebody. Always remember your humble beginnings and believe in yourself. There will always be critics but know what you want because the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong but time and chance happens to them all (Ecclesiastes: 9:11). God bless you.