Choose your true friends selectively, says Uwera Borah

Sexy socialite, humanitarian and entrepreneur Uwera Tracy Borah has called on people to scrutinize their fellows before they make them friends.

The queen of social scene said when it comes to choosing friends, people need to be selective because nowadays people don’t the true meaning of friendship and loyalty. She said this while posting on her social media platforms.

“Be very selective when it comes to choosing friends, People nowadays don’t know the true meaning of friendship and loyalty,” Uwera Borah posted.

Of recent, many people have been betrayed by those they call true friends and it is indeed important to be selective when choosing a friend.

Former NTV producer Walusimbi unmasked as a womanizer and a cheat

Ex NTV Uganda producer Raymond Walusimbi who has since relocated to the United States of America (USA) has been exposed as a womanizer and a cheat. This was after he ran away from her latest girlfriend Massy after she helped settle in the US. Sources say Massy paid every penny that Raymond needed to help him settle including housing him and helping him get a job but has since left describing her as someone you cant tolerate.

According to a post sent to us, it accuses Walusimbi of being a serial dater. Here is the post;

“There’s this guy Raymond Walusimbi former producer of NTV Uganda, he was formally married to Helena Walusimbi Nantale from the Kiwanuka family. Raymond had his young 2nd son with Helena plus his eldest daughter with some other lady, his daughter is 25yrs.

I know some people who know Raymond Walusimbi may not believe this but this guy is real shit and wastage of a sperm!

First of all he dates most of classy gals from Facebook and is a stalker for girls from rich families that’s why he married Helena though it wasn’t for live because Helena has attitude and dirty woman.

Raymond Walusimbi when you meet him and talk oh my God he’s the sweetest guy on this planet with a smart wire just like the Farouk Sempala,  boss Mutoto his work is to impregnant women and abandon them… he’s not focused at all, mukuuzi just..

Before he went to USA, he meet this gal Massy mukazi waatu natomera the guy was so sweet and it seemed really a nice couple this Massy woman is a mother and has with Raymond unfortunately Massy got to know that this guy was using her like other hundreds of gals he slept out with moreover from Facebook while they were dating and he lied to Massy that they had divorced with Helena which was not True!

When you talk to Raymond you might think he’s some cute guy who is smart up stairs only to know that the only thing he thinks about is pussy

For the time he worked for NTV, he doesn’t even own a mattress, Helena was the man in the house even the house they lived in was for Helen’s father plus all the cars he drove.

So when massy processed for him the visa things he went to USA and lived with her as he was on the search for other girls, Massy did everything for this guy medical,  car, house, cooking, plus all the wife duties so when she started realising that Raymond was a user they had endless fights and the day the guy got his papers he asked Massy that he can no longer stay with her because of the fights forgetting whatever caused them, but this is how Raymond Walusimbi’s life has been way back with all the different gals

He doesn’t know his the problem.

This guy has never been proud of any of the girls he has married or dated, he’s so mean, and a thief because when he comes to your house he leaves with something so when he left Massy’s house, he went to Chicago to another girl and started calling all people in Boston that Massy made his life hard so he decided to leave and the worst thing he did want to discuss about Massy amongst his friends only negative things

But some men out there please, if you have daughters put your daughters in that woman’s shoes would you be happy if you heard that your son in law was mistreating her?

Raymond Walusimbi

Massy changed this guy’s life from zero to a certain number

But some men like Raymond Walusimbi your so handsome and sweet talking but why don’t you focus at the age of 42, you don’t own even a bicycle really you need to grow and these bisilani of moving from one woman to the other bikugobelera

The way that gal helped you get papers, you went to USA you found a ready house to live in, a full time job to do, a car then the papers really Raymond Walusimbi you are such an evil man and this will hit you back!!

Raymond Walusimbi if you think those papers are something You might wake up to the next morning in Uganda, don’t over talk..

What of a man okunoba you get to the neighbour’s clutch because she caught you cheating so u turned your guilt to hurt her more instead really? Massy paid her rent , never asked you for anything all the money you spent it in hotels sleeping with other woman so telling you her feelings you started mbu omukazi ayomba nyo,  it’s like prison , why did you wait till when you got the papers?

Raymond Walusimbi you are such a devil, when someone looks at you u seem a smart guy yet actually you have porridge in your brain.

Massy my friend i know it hurts but please don’t accept that fool piece of … back in your life

He is going to use you and hurt you more. Take hurt you will find someone who treasures you like a woman not him he has no balls”

DTB embraces Interswitch ATM Service

As financial institutions look into the possibilities of what they can do within the digital space, more banks are embracing technology to enhance delivery of financial services.

For this reason, Diamond Trust Bank customers will now do transactions from more than 500 Automated Teller Machine (ATM) locations in Uganda following the bank’s partnership between Interswitch East Africa.

Speaking at the launch of the partnership at DTB headquarters in Kampala, Mr. Varghese Thambi, Chief Executive officer DTB said that “interswitch ATM service will bring a convenient and reliable service to our customers, thanks to increased accessibility through the already existent network with other core member banks. Our customers will be able to suitably access their funds all over the country within a network of over 500 ATM locations.”

Employees of DTB Kampala road branch while at the launch of interswitch ATM service

Mr. Olumuyiwa Asagba the Chief Executive Officer at Interswitch East Africa welcomed the entry of DTB into the Interswitch family saying this partnership adds value to customers on the network and is also a secure way to conduct operations.

“We commend DTB for taking the strategic decision to join Interswitch and in providing their customers and those of other banks on the network greater convenience and access to services their banks offer,” Asagba said.

He further said that they strongly believe that by leveraging the Interswitch network, financial institutions will be able to make financial services more affordable and accessible to their customers.

This partnership is an indication of Interswitch and DTB commitment towards using technology to enhance service delivery.

The Interswitch is a national switch that enables customers to access their accounts using other member Banks’ ATM outlets.  Member banks that have previously joined the interswitch network include,; Cairo International Bank, Centenary Bank, Commercial Bank for Africa, dfcu Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, Exim Bank, Finance Trust Bank, FINCA, GTBank, Housing Finance Bank, NC Bank, Opportunity Bank, Orient Bank, PostBank, Top Finance Bank and United Bank for Africa.

Kunyaza, Sex Trick That Trigger Woman’s Orgasm in Five Minutes

The trick can jump-start groin adrenaline and trigger female orgasm at a sensational pace. Prof. N. Bizimana (PHD) analyses the style, which, if put to good use, will naturally cause mutual satisfaction, joy and happiness.

“For the first time, it is presented in a detailed and in depth manner to sexual health professionals,” Nizimana writes.

Introduction The aim of this article is to present an uncommon sexual technique used, as far as we know, only in Burundi, Rwanda, the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Western Uganda and Western Tanzania (this area will be named Central Africa in the rest of the text) for triggering female orgasms during heterosexual encounters.

For the first time, it is presented in a detailed and in depth manner to sexual health professionals.

This sexual practice termed in Rwanda and Burundi as ‘Kunyaza’ and in Uganda as ‘kachabali’ (western jazz) has already been published in two popular books Le Secret de l’amour à l’Africaine (Bizimana, 2008) and Kunyaza.

In this article, we repeat only the matters that in our opinion are essential for sexual health professionals.

The data presented here are essentially based on information collected from 58 women and men during our interviews in Central Africa and from 30 readers of our popular books.

We give only a summary of the results of our research, without going into the details regarding the exact number and the percentage rate of the informants from whom we obtained the data.

How is kunyaza practiced?

During the simple practice of kunyaza, the man rhythmically and continuously strikes the glans of the clitoris with the glans of his erect penis, which he takes in his hand or between the index and the middle finger moving in the same motion from top to bottom and vice versa or from left to right and vice versa.

Eventually, he can make circular movements, also working in the same movement clockwise and then counterclockwise. Alternatively, one can strike both the glans and the body of the clitoris in a similar manner as the glans, moving from the root of the body to the bottom of the glans and back again.

Both parts of the clitoris may also be stimulated by using a zigzagging motion from the root of the body to the bottom of the glans and back again.

Initially the striking may be painful because the area is not yet lubricated.

In this case, the woman should moisten it with her saliva.

During the complex practice of kunyaza, the following is performed: Following vaginal lubrication through foreplay, the man introduces his manhood into the well to practice the technique of conventional penile vaginal penetration (PVP), in the course of which he moves his penis backward and forward in the vagina.

After the manhood has become moist enough, he removes it and takes it into his hand or between the index and middle finger, as done during the practice of the simple form of kunyaza, and then he rhythmically and repeatedly strikes the external surfaces of the labia minora with the glans of his manhood.

He works in the same movement from top to bottom and vice versa, from left toright and vice versa or from top to bottom in a zigzagging motion, and back again in a similar manner as with the stimulation of the glans and body of the clitoris.

When there is intumescence and opening of the labiaminora due to the increasing sexual arousal of the woman, he performs similar movements in the area of the internal surfaces of the labia minora and the vestibule, including the external urethral opening.

The next step consists of stimulating, always in the same movement, the clitoris, the vestibule, the labia minora and the vaginal opening.

The man proceeds in a manner similar to that described above, by moving from the beginning of the body of the clitoris to the inferior margin of her opening.

And finally, almost simultaneously he stimulates all the organs of the vulva (body and glans of the clitoris, vestibule, labia minora, vaginal opening) and the perineum, moving from the beginning of the body of the clitoris to the perineal area and vice versa.


During all stages of external stimulation, the man may change to internal stimulation by loosening his manhood to practice coitus before returning to external stimulation.

He can render the coital thrusts more stimulating by alternating superficial and deep penetrations, actions which are respectively named gucuga and gucumita in Rwanda.

He can also stimulate the walls more directly than with the simple use of the PVP.

To do this, he takes his manhood in the hand or between the index and middle finger, as done during the external stimulation, and makes the body of his manhood perform vertical and horizontal movements from one wall to another and vice versa or circular movements along the vaginal walls, each through a progression from the vaginal opening towards the neck of uterus and back again.

During both internal and external stimulation, the rhythm and the force of the movements are slow and sensitive, and they increase in accordance with the sexual arousal of the woman and the humidification of the areas involved.

Pain to the manhood during perineo-vulval stimulation can be avoided by removing the woman’s pubic hair.

The woman participates in the practice of kunyaza by cooperating with her partner during the choosing of the forms of kunyaza and the intensity of the rhythm to be used and by showing him the zones of her genital area that best respond to the sexual stimulation.

Should the man tire before the end of the sexual encounter, she can take his manhood in her hand and continue the process until he is rested.

If he has difficulties stimulating the vestibule, she can help him by spreading apart the labia minora with her fingers until the whole vestibular area is accessible to the manhood.

To allow him to comfortably stimulate the area between the labium minus and the labium majus, she can also spread them apart with the fingers until the area between them is laid out.

The opened labia are released when it comes to internal stimulation.

In which positions is kunyaza practised?

Kunyaza is performed in many different positions. These positions have in common that they allow the man to, almost without interruption, alternate from the external to the internal stimulation and vice versa.

Two types of positions can be differentiated: the traditional positions and the modern positions.

The traditional positions are the classical positions, which the people have always used in the practice of kunyaza, whereas the modern positions are easy to use for people of contemporary society who are less sportive than their ancestors.

Overall, five groups of positions can be distinguished:

(a) Sitting positions,

(b) Lying positions,

(c) Position from behind,

(d) Standing positions and (e) positions used during pregnancy.

Kunyaza and triggering of female orgasm Kunyaza is believed in Central Africa to be a good technique for triggering female orgasm. It was developed after the people empirically realised that only few women are able to reach orgasm through the use of PVP alone.

According to these people in Central Africa, this African technique has, among others, the following characteristics:

The woman may reach orgasm within 3 to 5 minutes and this can happen before the man has an orgasm.

The external stimulation alone is enough to bring both woman and man to orgasm. Kunyaza enables women to have multiple orgasms, which is why they prefer it to the PVP.

Many women ask their partners to use it if they are not sexually satisfied by the use of the PVP.

They do not ask it directly. They ask him, for example, whether or not he talks to other men.

This question is an indirect and tactful way of cajoling him into talking with other men to ask them how kunyaza is practised.

The stimulation of the clitoris, which is called rugongo in Rwanda and Burundi, is considered to be indispensable for triggering female orgasm.

Thus, when asked to briefly explain the meaning of kunyaza, Rwandese and Burundians answer that it consists of stroking or striking the rugongo.

Many men observe the increase in diameter and length of this organ during the sexual arousal of the woman when positions are used which expose the vulva to the man.

FLOODS Production and expulsion of large quantities of liquid by the woman into the perineo-vulval region during the practice of kunyaza.

During the practice of kunyaza, the woman generally produces and expels large quantities of liquid into the perineo-vulval region.

This is why this kind of sex is called kunyaza, which literally means to make urinate.

The genital area of the male often also gets wet and sometimes the wetness reaches the umbilical area due to the stroking movements.

The men report that they get warm liquid on their manhood. Though the literal translation of kunyaza seems to suggest that the ejected liquid is urine, for the traditional users of this technique, it is not urine, since in Rwanda urine is termed as inkari, whereas the liquid secreted during kunyaza is termed as amavangigo or ibinyare.

Besides the differing terms used to designate both liquids, they are also described as having differing properties. The liquid expelled during kunyaza is described as colourless to milky, whereas concentrated urine is yellowish or brownish.

It is described as having a thick consistency, whereas that of urine is always aqueous.

Its odour is described as not being particular, whereas urine has the typically strong odour of ammonia.

The quantity of expelled liquid is estimated to be up to one litre and more. However, there are some women who do not respond to the stimulation of kunyaza with liquid production.

They are termed in Rwanda as rwasubutare which means granite splitter, an expression which insinuates that having sexual encounters with this kind of women is as hard as splitting granite.

Contrary to rwasubutare women, there are also those who expel enormous quantities of liquid during this sexual practice from the moment the man penetrates.

Women who are not sexually experienced may initially think that there is something wrong with them.

Men in Central Africa like to have sex with these women, also referred to as kingindobo or shami ryifiikivu in Rwanda, which respectively means put a bucket under her and branch of Lake Kivu, the Lake Kivu being the largest lake in Rwanda.

They are praised for their strong response to sexual stimulation. Because of large quantities expelled during kunyaza, this type of sex is often characterised by a noise that is evocative of the sound of someone splashing water with his hands.

That is why people in Rwanda use the expression the dog that drinks water to insinuate this particular noise or this EXPERTS DISCUSS Kunyaza seems to be a good technique for triggering female orgasm in the traditional African milieu The following arguments seem to confirm it: The use of kunyaza has a long tradition.

The persons aged 70 years and above that we interviewed in 1986, confirmed that their grandparents also used this technique. This means that it has been used for at least 150 years.

Had it not proven to be beneficial to sexual pleasure, it would not still be in practice today.

Most data collected in our interviews have confirmed that most women reach orgasm when this uncommon sexual technique is applied and that it is the main reason why it is used and why many women ask their partner to use it.

During sex with the kunyaza technique, the man can stimulate almost all genital erogenous zones of the woman.

The clitoris and the distal urethra which are regarded as the focus of female orgasm function and which form a common tissue cluster are stimulated by vertical, horizontal and zigzagging movements of the glans of the manhood.

The two first organs being directly stimulated, the last one indirectly. The internal parts of the clitoris (vestibular bulbS and clitoral crura) are stimulated when the man uses strong movements.

The other zones of the perineo-vulval region,which are also considered to be erogenous, namely the vestibule, the labia minora, the external urethral opening, the vaginal opening and the perineum (Kinsey et al., 1953).

The external urethral sphincter (possible G-spot according to O’Connell et al., 2005), the Skene’s glands and the periurethral glands (G-spot according to some adepts of female ejaculation.

Intravaginal vertical, horizontal and circular movements stimulate more directly the vaginal walls than the PVP does and they directly stimulate the inferior parts of the vestibular bulbs and clitoral crura, the distal urethra, the Skene’s glands, the periurethral glands, the external urethral sphincter and the deep-lying erectile tissues of the perineum.

During both internal and external stimulation, it is theoretically possible to trigger orgasm by individually stimulating each erogenous zone.

If the man performs rapid and strong movements, he can stimulate several erogenous zones simultaneously and, thus, trigger several orgasms whose effects may accumulate resulting in one intense orgasm or appear one after another to allow the woman to experience multiple orgasms.

Can the phenomenon of expelling large quantities of liquid by the woman during the practice of kunyaza be considered as female ejaculation?

It is reported that sex with kunyaza is generally characterised by the production and expulsion of large quantities of liquid by the woman.

Besides the term kunyaza, used to describe this characteristic of this type of sex, and the data collected during our interviews and from the readers of our popular books, further confirmation can be found in some of the limited written information on this African sexual technique.

Tamale (2005) reports, for example, that during a workshop on sexuality a sexual teacher, specialised in the Ugandan traditional practices, told other participants the following:

‘‘I myself was truly ignorant about female ejaculation until I met my current lover. It works better with the Banyankore kachabali technique. If you lover knows what he is doing, you’ll pour rivers and experience multiple orgasms at the same time.’’

Another confirmation is to be found in the report from the 10th International Conference of the Society for Women and AIDS (SWAA) in Africa, held in Kigali from 24 to 28 July 2005, in which kunyaza was translated as wet sex (SWAA, 2005).

The phenomenon of expelling large quantities of liquid during the practice of kunyaza is considered in some written information on this kind of sex as female ejaculation (Tamale, 2005).

In our part II next time, don’t miss reports that estimate the quantity of expelled liquid during the practice of kunyaza to be up to one litre and more, it is most likely that this liquid has several sources.

Kwesiga Brian Karate

Subscribers win over UGX 9,000,000 as Airtel Uganda’s Yoola Amajja Promo nears End

Airtel Uganda has today rewarded subscribers with a total of UGX 9,124,000 in the 9th draw of their ongoing Yoola Amajja promotion.

Scheduled to end next month, Yoola Amajja was launched late last year with an aim of rewarding customers who are actively using the Airtel Money platform to carry out their daily transactions. The promotion that requires subscribers to enter a glass box and grab money saw Kiyemba Ronald take home UGX 1,488,000 – the largest cash sum of the day.

Airtel Uganda Yoola Ammajja 9th draw winners pose with their money at Airtel Uganda head office

Other winners Nangobi Sharifa, Katusiime Justin, Wabwire Ivan, Ainembabazi Patricia, Mukuye Badru, Lugaizi Salim and Mbabazi Jassy managed to grab UGX 719,000, UGX 1,252,000, UGX 1,212,000, UGX 983,000, UGX 1,314,000, UGX 1,015,000 and UGX 1,141,000 respectively.

On receiving his cash, an overjoyed Kiyemba thanked Airtel Uganda for the promotion that has changed his and many other people’s lives.

“Who knew that by simply transacting using Airtel Money we would all be winners? I could not have received this money at a better time! Thank you Airtel Uganda for always remembering us, your subscribers,” he commented.

Lugayizi Salim, a taxi operator from Kyengera, receives UGX1,015,000 from Airtel’s Simon Mugisha

Mbabazi Jassy, also a winner in the 9th draw, pledged to continue transacting and encouraging her neighbours and friends to do the same.

Speaking during the cash handover, Airtel Uganda Ag. Enterprise Director Mr. Simon Mugisha encouraged the winners to keep transacting via the Airtel Money platform and Airtel will continue to reward them.

“We launched this promotion to reward our subscribers and over the past few months, we have done exactly that. Subscribers have won millions of shillings by simply going by their day-to-day activities of sending money, paying bills and other transactions offered on our safe and reliable platform,” he commented.

To take part in the Yoola Amajja promotion, Airtel Money customers should dial *185# on their phones and carry out any 3 of these transactions weekly;

Send money

Pay bills like pay TV, water, electricity, school fees etc.

Purchase a data or voice bundle through Airtel Money

Top up a minimum of 500/= airtime through Airtel money

Transact on your bank account through Airtel Money

Wewole loans service

Lucky winners will be allowed into the cash box to grab up to 2 million shillings and will strictly be called using 0752600222.

Malaikah releases new single featuring Flint Bedrock  

Malaiwain singer Malaikah’s has released her new single ‘Let You Go’. ‘Let You Go’ featuring Flint Bedrock was released on 19th January 2018. The song was produced by UK number 1 producer Rymez.

Dropbox video download link:

‘Let You Go’ is a RnB/Pop song with afro beats and dancehall flavours. The song encourages women not to settle for less than what they deserve in relationships particularly within certain cultures where women have no voice and are practically trapped in marriage due to religious and cultural beliefs. The single challenges women to find their voice and be free of abusive relationships.

Malaikah is a Malawian born singer/songwriter who grew up in Zimbabwe before moving to England. Malaikah released her debut single “Falling For You” in July 2017, the single was widely covered around the world and landed her the reputation of being a bit after a “bad girl.” The song sought to encourage women to be more outspoken within relationships about their sexual desires. Malaikah argued the lack of communication led to unhappy relationships,infidelity and divorce.

Follow Malaikah on social media:

Twitter –

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Instagram –

Official website –

Flint Bedrock is a Zimbabwean born U.K singer/songwriter, rapper & music producer. Flint first made waves in 2011 with the release of his debut single “Dreamer.” His Latest single “Can’t Bring Me Down” was released in January 2017.

Follow Flint Bedrock on social media:

Twitter –

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Official –

Miss Pru releases Fire Video for ‘Isaga Lam’

Miss Pru has finally released visuals for her latest hit single “Isaga Lam” featuring La Sauce, Gigi Lamayne, Nadia Nakai and Londie London.

Shot by Ambitiouz Visuals, the video is powerful, dominant, sexy and the best representation from SA’s leading female artists.  Miss Pru is seen carried in by well-built men dressed in sexy royal clothing. La Sauce carrying the song with her chorus, she is seen in a bathtub full of money with a dominant aura.

Gigi Lamayne as the wild fire in the game, we introduce Gigi Lamayne as a party boss. She is seen performing from on top of a dinner table while a group of men are seated having dinner around her. Lastly, Nadia Nakai who is no stranger to the sexy, flawless look. Nadia is an influence to many women and we capture that in scenes where she is the lead of a room full of sexy women dancing in lingerie.

This follows the release her previous visuals “uGesi” featuring Emtee, Sjava, Saudi, Kid Tini and Neo on the hook which received an immense amount of positive response and airplay.

Watch “Isaga Lam” video right here:

Brookside Limited wins gold award during the President’s export award 2017

Brookside Limited produces Fresh Dairy products in Uganda

Brookside Limited, the producer of all Fresh Dairy products in Uganda has won a Gold Award in the Dairy and Dairy products Category at the President’s Export Award 2017 organized by the Uganda Export Promotion Board held this evening at Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala.

(L-R) is Fresh Dairy’s Benson Mwangi – Finance and Administration General Manager, Vincent Omoth – Marketing Manager, Joseph Awino – Sales General Manager and Walibwa Robert pose with the Gold Award that Brookside Limited won

The theme for this year’s President’s Export Award is ‘Exporting – Growth Opportunity for local industry’

Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB) is the national focal point for export promotion and development whose main role is to help entities export their products and services out of Uganda. The UEPB through its annual event; the ‘President’s Export Award’ acknowledges the export fraternity’s contribution towards the economic development of the country.

Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Hon. Amelia Kyambadde (2L) poses with the team from Fresh Dairy – Benson Mwangi – Finance and Administration General Manager (L), Joseph Awino – Sales General Manager (M), Vincent

The Gold Award was handed over by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Hon. Amelia Kyambadde to Vincent Omoth, Marketing Manager Fresh Dairy who received it together with Joseph Awino – Sales General Manager, Benson Mwangi – Finance and Administration General Manager and Walibwa Robert.

Group photo of all the winners at the President export award 2017 held by Uganda Export Promotion Board

Suspected killers of Case Clinic Accountant Arrested

Francis Ekalugar an employee of case clinic was kidnapped and later murdered on Tuesday 2nd  January  2018 and his body discovered by police in Kajansi on 3rd January 2018. Security agencies have been since working together to bring the suspects to book.

Acting on very reliable information, on Friday 19th 2018 an operation was conducted to arrest one of the suspects Mr Kiwalabye Huzairu. In the process, there were attempts by some sympathisers to obstruct the arrest. However, this was overcome.

After interrogating Kiwalabye Huzairu, the investigators found a need to make further arrests. The following were subsequently arrested.

  1. Abdul Kitata a brother to Kiwalabye Huzairu
  2. Mawa Muzamiru a – driver to Dr SSebale Kato proprietor of Case Clinic
  3. Kikandi Muhindo and Bizimani David – Congolese nationals at whose residence the vehicle of the late Francis Ekalugar was found

Others in custody helping investigations are:

  1. Ssebandeke John
  2. Bwanika Fred
  3. Ssengoba Hassan
  4. Kibirige Joel
  5. Kayondo Johnathan
  6. Ssemogerere Sunday Kiseka
  7. Ssemogerere Sadam
  8. Barigye Asaf
  9. Nsindazi Joseph
  10. Ngobi Sowali
  11. Arinaitwe Thomas
  12. Ssekaja Ibrahim
  13. Ssozi Frank
  14. Kirya Shaban
  15. Mugema Hussein
  16. Kagajju Joram
  17. Ssebata Hassan
  18. Ssenfuka Matia
  19. Kiddugavu John
  20. Kasirye Godfrey
  21. Lukyamuzi Enock
  22. Ssengonzi Laurence
  23. Twinomujuni Amon
  24. Makumbi Frank
  25. Kanyamudali Thomas

On Sunday 21st January 2018, a search was conducted following leads from the arrested suspects and the vehicle Registration Number UAW 899U Toyota Premio in which the late Francis Ekalugar was kidnapped was recovered with altered number plate to UAT 764L

More detailed investigations will be conducted with a view of arresting all those still at large and prosecuting them. Currently those arrested are held at a police post in Kireka.

We wish to commend the public for continuing to support such operations geared at ensuring Law and Order in the country

The UPDF shall continue to work with all other security agencies to guarantee peace and security in the country and therefore there is no cause of alarm.


Deputy Defence Spokesperson

Tel. 0392947455, 0751663154