Masindi District to host upcoming Airtel Regional Health Camp

All roads lead to Masindi this Saturday (21st October) as Airtel Uganda continues on its mission to provide health care and health information to less fortunate Ugandans across the country.

In fulfillment of the health pillar of its Corporate Social Responsibility, the telco holds regional health camps every year. This year alone, residents in Kampala and Kisoro districts have benefitted from the free medical care outreaches that the company is currently holding every quarter.

Airtel Uganda staff, helping out an old lady during one of the health camps

In partnership with Hinds Feet Project Uganda various medical practitioners and health institutions such as Red Cross, Cancer Institute, Doctor Agrawal, Re-pad, Maristopes, Uniliver, District health centers etc among others have volunteered their services and medical personnel to participate in the cause and treat thousands of Ugandans across the country with free diagnosis, treatment and referrals to major hospitals. The health camps have also dedicated time to educating Ugandans on different topics such as HIV prevention, sexual and reproductive health, maternal and child health, nutrition, prevention of communicable & infectious diseases among others.

Commenting about the upcoming health camp, Mrs. Charity Bukenya, Airtel Uganda’s CSR Manager said Health is a pertinent issue in our country and information is vital key in formulating our behavior and health choices; Airtel thus comes in to support the work of the Government and other health practitioners, not only make this information accessible, but also to bring the doctors closer to where there is a shortage of health information as well as evidence of health challenges among the people.

“Research shows that Masindi still has a high prevalence of infectious and communicable diseases and we would like to, not only treat these diseases, but also teach the residents how to stay healthy,” she commented, adding that Airtel will also give out clothes to the needy.

“As part of the camp, we shall also offer minor surgeries, dental care, health and nutrition, re-pad project that involves boys alongside the girls learning how to make the pads and help the girls stay in school through avoiding stigmatization, there will be blood donation, a maternal health program, counseling, treatment of communicable diseases, First Aid and Primary Health Care information,” Bukenya added, noting that since October is cancer month, people will be screened for Cervical, Breast, Prostate Cancer and other abnormal growths that may be of concern.

According to the District Health Office, there have been some efforts to improve the health situations; however, the health status of the population of Masindi is still poor.  A high prevalence of infectious and communicable diseases and Malnutrition among the general population especially in children under 5 still contributes to a heavy disease burden.  Malaria is the major disease in the District with morbidity at 37% in 2005/06, followed by coughs (17%), intestinal worms (6%), and skin infections (4%); as provided by our research partners Hinds Feet Project Uganda.

Other environmental health issues include acute diarrhea affecting 2.6% of the population, pneumonia, eye infections and genital infections.

“Our effort is a drop in the ocean that supports what several other generous organizations are doing to make conscious and deliberate steps towards fulfilling the sustainable development goal #3 which is about ensuring Good Health and Wellbeing and we at Airtel know Together We Can,” Bukenya concluded.

Rachel Ayo is Miss Pearl Northern Region 

Ugandans have gotten solace in the name of a beauty pageant; The Miss Pearl Beauty pageant. After their search in Jinja and Mbale, Miss Pearl Northern Region was held last week in Gulu. The ceremony, held at Smiling Panda started on a high note.

Rachel Ayo is Miss Pearl Northern Region

Hordes of people were trickling in from all parts of Northern Uganda. Many had come to support contestants from their districts, while others had heard that Miss Pearl Northern Region would be a ceremony like no other. And indeed, it was.

Miss Pearl 2nd Runners Up Sarah Aromach(far left) Miss Pearl Northern Rachel Ayo in the Middle and Salma Sadat first runner up (far left)

At about 8:00pm, the contestants made their way to the stage. Clad in their golden Miss Pearl vests, they wowed the crowd with an introductory creative dance routine. After which, the contestants introduced themselves by name and region.

Shortly after that, the MC of the night Acapella officially started the ceremony. The witty MC cracked up the crowd and warmed them up for a night that would be punctuated by exhilarating feats.

The contestants were recalled on stage to showcase their creative wears, after which they also showcased their talent. Most of the contestants performances bordered around the famous Lakaraka dance, though one contestant stood out when she evoked ululations by balanced 6 pots on her head.

At about 10:00pm, it was time for Okeng Born Town to step onto stage. Like the Acholi darling that he is, he hopped onto the flamboyant Smiling Panda stage amidst ululations. He performed a number of songs, before the mc introduced the next session.

The girls beautifully strutted the runway clad in their evening wear/dinner attires, after which Rachel Ayo was crowned Miss Pearl Northern. She had exuded intelligence and talent yet her delivery on stage had such energy.

Olivia Nambuya the proprietor of Pearl Beauty Uganda

The talented Sarah Amokach was 2nd runners up while the beautiful Salma Sadat who was the crowd’s favorite was first runners up.

At exactly 11:00pm, musical artiste Ykee Benda stepped onto stage to evoke thunderous ululations from the mammoth crowd that was waiting for him.

Rachel Ayo showcasing

He performed songs like Malaika, Budumbu, Farmer, Eva as the crowd sung along in pure ecstasy. He ended the night on a high note, as many walked out of their quenched, after having been part of such an action-packed night.

Talent showcase from one of the contestants

Showbiz parties to rock Kampala in December

With a few months to the end of the year, party lovers are ready to organise parties to celebrate the year end on a high note.

The month of December comes with a lot excitement and joy as Ugandans most especially those who stay abroad commonly called ‘ba summers’ organise showbiz parties to celebrate life and have fun.

As has been the norm, this year is not left out and here are the parties to watch out for in coming weeks though old major players the Rich Gang, The Money Team aren’t not on the list;

Money and Power

Rich Niggaz led by money lord Don Banat Lubega are set to announce their entry into Kampala social scene with a mega party dubbed ‘Money and Power’ on 28th December 2017 at the posh Guvnor. The hosts Don Bahat and M Julio have promised a rain of alcohol on the night with an open bar all night long. Entrance fee is 50k.

Don Bahat boss of Rich Niggaz

With death of showbiz party king Ivan Semwanga, his ‘Money, Fame and Power’ party could be replaced by Money and Power. The party wil alsi feature Shakib Cham, Derrick Money and Dr. Dre.

Zari All White Party

Zari has maintained her annual showbiz party although last year it wasn’t possible for her to have one, the queen of Ugandan social scene is back with ‘Zari All White Party’ on 21st December this year at Guvnor. The theme and dress code is White.

“Save the date 21st December ‘Zari All White Party’ at Guvnor #UBL it’s on. Details to follow,” Zari posted.

Girl Power Party 

US based socialite Don Zella Nalongo is also in the mix with a December party. She is set to host Girl Power party on the same day as Zari’s All White Party on 21st December at Club Play. Both sides have vowed not to change the date for the events and they want to show their mighty. Don Zella said her party is kind of charity show with proceeds from the party going to help the needy women.

Black and White Party

Birungi Brownsuga Connie also a Ugandan socialite based abroad. She is also back with ‘Black and White’ party on 14th December 2017 at Guvnor. She has also maintained her theme for three years now and she wants to keep at that for more years to come.

“Everything you need is within you. If You Don’t Take “Action” Nothing Will Happen.  14th December ‘Black and White’ party Uganda Edition is going to lit. For Optimal Pleasure, Book A Table There Are Few Left For Grabs Each Table Comes With The Luxurious Bottle Of Bellaire #14thBlackandWhitePartyGuvnor,” Birungi Brownsuga Connie said.

Million Dollar Party

Just like the Rich Niggaz, these ones are new on the party scene. The Denmark based crew ‘Scandinavian Haves’ will host themed party dubbed ‘Million Dollar Party’ at Guvnor on 30th November to open the party season. Lots of prizes are at stake for partiers to win and being the opening party of the season, it is truly headed for a bigger attendance.

Joseph Wajjala and Dee Dee sounds are the brains behind Guvnor 30th November 2017 Million Dollar Party.

‘I will make it rain alcohol in Guvnor’ – Don Bahat

Rich Niggaz boss Don Bahat Lubega is set to make the biggest party of the year come this December at Guvnor. The Don said he is ready to make it rain alcohol on 28th December 2017 during his Money and Power party. He has promised to make an open bar all night long.

Bahat will host the Showbiz party alongside M Julio, Shakib Cham, Derrick Money and Dr. Dre.

“The happiest people in life are the givers, not the getters. God is the only reason i made it so far…. Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it. 28th December Club Guvnor open bar and i will make it rain,” Don Bahat Lubega said.

Zari, Don Zella rivalry takes a new twist as the two set same date for December parties

Don Zella insists she wont change the date for her party as requested 

The new rivalry between socialites Zari Hassan and Don Zella Nalongo has taken a new twist as the two showbiz ladies have set the same date for their December showbiz parties, we can confirm.

Info reaching us has it that Zari will be hosting her annual ‘Zari All White Party’ while Don Zella Nalongo will be hosting ‘Girl Power Party’ which she has described as a charity party to help the needy ladies. Both parties are slated to take place on the same date which is 21st December 2017.

Don Zella Nalongo

Zari’s All White Party will be at Guvnor as usual while the Girl Power party will be at Club Play formerly Club T1 just a few metres from Guvnor.

The two ladies started rivalry after Don Zella backed Hamisa Mobeto, the Tanzania sexy model at the centre of singer Diamond Platnumz’s cheating scandal. Diamond fathered a son with Hamisa behind Zari’s back throwing their relationship on the rock.

Zari Hassan

“At the beginning of this year i put up the poster advertising my event so people who are trying to tell me to change the date, i won’t change it.  At my home we are born winners, am not a coward why should i be a coward it makes no sense. Come what may 21st is the date i choose in January and will stick to it those who will support our event women empowerment welcome on board team real hustlers teri jikwatako musaga every life u save matters, Nalongo Don Zella posted.

Don Zella

“Gal Power is a theme i came up with to encourage women going through rough times with life like divorce, teenage mothers, abandoned kids, disabilities, school drop outs and many through entertainment we can achieve this goal it’s going to be an event carried every December with fun to give back to our fellow women and children in Uganda. For the past years, we have been splashing money to friends, boyfriends who didn’t deserve let us all get on board my team is more than ready we not here to fight for dates, we are here to change someone’s life every life matters to all you women we welcome you on board,” Don Zella said.

Don Zella has insisted that she will not change the date for her party at whatever case. Watch the space!!!

Nambi to launch her clothing store

Fashionista Brenda Nambi is set to launch her clothing line. The Nambi Clothing/Textile Store will be officially launched on 23rd November 2017 at The Embers, Bar and Restaurant. Socialite Sue O’chola de Roy will host the glamorous event.

“Now let’s get back to work….as we know it. mark our calendars, Nambi Clothing/Textile Store will launch on 23rd November 2017. Glamour as we know it and but of course hosted by the one and only Sue O’chola de Roy at The Embers, Bar and Restaurant. Miss if you must,” Brenda posted.

Goethe-Zentrum Kampala is set to host a special event in the first week of October, and you are invited!

“Your Music, Your Voice” will bring together artistes from across Africa and the diaspora whose music is all about social justice, with Uganda represented by our own Ghetto President turned MP, Bobi Wine.

In the first week of October, music and social responsibility will come together in a symposium at Uganda Museum on October 3rd, and a public concert on October 4th at the Design Hub Kampala.

Attending African artistes will include: Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi AKA H.E. Bobi Wine (Uganda), Eric 1Key (Rwanda), Juma (Kenya), Monza (Mauritania), Nash MC (Tanzania), Outspoken (Zimbabwe), Xuman (Senegal)

Event Schedule


Tuesday, 3rd October

9:30 am to 4:00 pm


The public symposium in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung will define what it means to be a civically engaged artist, sharing best practice examples from different countries, and discussion about different approaches, challenges, and the role of social media.


Bobi Wine (Uganda), Tongai Makawa aka Outspoken (Zimbabwe), Jason Mushumbusi Mutalemwa  aka Nash MC (Tanzania), Eric Ngangare aka Eric 1Key (Rwanda), Kane Limam aka Monza (Mauritania), Makhtar Fall aka Xuman (Senegal)

Afternoon panel: ARTS & ACTIVISM IN UGANDA

Ugandan artists from the fields of Hip Hop, poetry, film, photography, and bloggers.


Wednesday, 4th October

7pm till late

Venue: DESIGN HUB KAMPALA, 5th Street, Industrial Area (next to Bata)

Concert headlining the German Hip Hop artistes Megaloh and Ghanaian Stellion and Ugandan Bobi Wine, as well as Monza (Mauritania), Xuman (Senegal), Outspoken (Zimbabwe), Nash Emcee (Tanzania), Eric Onekey (Rwanda), Juma (Kenya) and local acts such as Sylvester & Abramz, Lady Slyke, Yellah MC and St. Nellysade

Our Music, Your Voice” will create a platform for Pan-African dialogue between socially active artistes to discuss their role in using music and fame to raise awareness of social issues. Hon. Kyagulanyi AKA Bobi Wine will represent Uganda as a politically vocal artiste and newly elected MP, bringing that point of view to the discussion.

The artistes will also engage with festival organizers and other stakeholders in their industries to discuss the different roles in supporting socially conscious music, creating platforms for self-empowerment, and critically analyzing the space they operate in – including funding structures, censorship and self-censorship.

At the public symposium, participants will also discuss the role of social media in respect to socially conscious music and freedom of expression.

Behind the scenes, artists will also gather at Firebase Studio to record a collaboration together that will be published on

‘If you are bothered by my age, poison yourself’ – Desire Luzinda

Curvy singer Desire Luzinda who last Friday threw a mega birthday party dubbed Black and Gold birthday party to celebrate her ‘25th’ year has scoffed at those she said are bothered by her age.

Desire Luzinda

Those who are bothered by my 25 years, should take rat poison, she told this website. She went to post the statement on her social media wall.

“If you are bothered about the 25 take rat poison. Chapter closed. Click below for kale Video.,” Desire posted.

Meanwhile Desire has released a new video titled ‘What a Man’. As she wished the entire nation a happy eid, the singer went to post the link of her new video and we must say it is amazing and one of her best.

“Happy EID MUBARACK to you all. Here is my Latest Video “What A Man”. Click below for a full Video from my YouTube channel and kindly subscribe for More Desire Luzinda Music.,” Desire posted.

The Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards unveils 2017 categories

The ASFA’s (Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards) have, for the past 4 years, been the most anticipated function on the Ugandan event calendar. The awards, organized by fashion icon, Brian Ahumuza have hastily amassed a fun based across Africa because of their growth every year. The team organizing the awards has carved a name off its creativity; managing consistently, to add a new exciting twist to the event every other year. News reaching our desk has it that this year’s first addition to the awards has been in the categories.

The Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards – 2017 have officially announced the categories at their upcoming award ceremony. Back on its fifth edition this year, the 2017 ASFAs have unveiled a total of 17 categories of the awards in 4 classifications: Honorary Awards, Fashion Categories, Fashion Contributors and Public Influencers. Nominations of the ceremony are expected to begin worldwide from Monday 4th September.

In a different fashion from last year, the awards have excluded a total of 11 categories that were featured in the previous years. The new edition under the theme “The Fashion Takeover” – are set to be the biggest edition yet, drawing professionals in African entertainment – with a mission to shine a global spotlight on the African Fashion industry while highlighting creativity, achievement and excellence.

This year, two new categories have also been introduced: Fashion Entrepreneur of the year Uganda and Fashion Entrepreneur Africa in support of the ceremony’s theme: “Fashion Takeover”. These awards will recognize individuals who have shown outstanding commercial success of their fashion businesses or personal brands.

See below 2017 ASFAs classifications of categories:



  1. Lifetime/Style and Fashion Icon Achievement Award


  1. Humanitarian Award for Works in Fashion


  1. Outstanding Model of the year


  1. Fashion Entrepreneur award (Uganda & Continental)




  1. Fashion Designer of the Year (Uganda & Continental)


  1. Model of the Year – Male & Female (Uganda & Continental)




  1. Makeup Artist of the year (Uganda & Continental)


  1. Hair stylist of the year (Uganda & Continental)


  1. Fashion Photographer of the year (Uganda & Continental)


  1. Stylist of the year (Uganda & Continental)


  1. Best Fashion Blogger / Writer (Uganda & Continental)




  1. Most stylish/Best dressed celebrity – Male & Female (Uganda & Continental)


  1. Most stylish Artiste – Male & Female (Uganda & Continental)

14. Fashionable Music video of the Year (Uganda & Continental)


  1. Best dressed media personality of the year – Male & Female (Uganda & Continental)


  1. Fashionista of the year – Male & Female (Uganda & Continental)


  1. Best Dressed on the Red Carpet – Male & Female (Uganda & Continental)

2017 ASFAs will take place on the 8th of December at the Kampala Serena Hotel courtesy of leading Ciroc in association with KCCA, Bell lager and NTV Uganda. The show will be produced and directed by David Tlale from South Africa, Front of House Production from Kenya, together with Fenon Events and the ASFA team supported by MNT Consult. PR will be spearheaded by Anyiko PR Agency.

Ahead of the main event, the organizers have already held a launch event held on (20th July) in Kampala, Uganda. As a build-up, a number of Fashion Takeovers will be taking place across the continent in September in Namibia (1st – 2nd Sept), Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda.




To join the conversation about the awards, please use the hashtag #Asfa2017 #OnArrival and #Ciroc4Asfas

Chobe Safari Lodge in amazing end of year party promotion

It is perhaps one of the best places you can take yourself and loved ones and feel at home away from home. Chobe Safari Lodge, the best holiday destination in Uganda located in northern Uganda on the shores of River Nile has amazing end of year party.

You don’t have to wait for December to book, you can book now and get discounts on premiums and spirits.

The hidden gem on the Nile is an amazing place to visit because it offers a unique opportunity to sample the wildlife, birds, flora and fauna; all in an area of the park that has yet to be discovered.

If you want to have the best times with loved ones, then Chobe Safari Lodge is a must visit, don’t say we didn’t info you.

“Go in to the world and do well, importantly also, go in to the world and do good, but don’t forget to live a little. Love yourself as you love others, make your body and soul happy, take up our amazing End of Year Party. #Karibu for the #unforgettable,” Chobe Safari Lodge posted on their wall.

The Gem on the Nile!

Located in the Murchison Falls National Park, this Five Star lodge is undoubtedly the gem in Uganda’s crown of tourism destinations.

The breathtaking panoramic views, coupled with the sounds of the River Nile’s magnificent rapids, sets the scene for an adventure that will impress even the most discerning of visitors. Chobe Safari Lodge offers a unique opportunity to sample the wildlife, birds, flora and fauna; all in an area of the park that has yet to be discovered.

This area of Murchison Falls National Park is ideal for fishing, and will revive this newly refurbished lodge to become one of the best fishing destinations in Africa. Go and discover a hidden gem of luxury, in and amongst the wildest surroundings.