The 20-year old sexy babe tells of how she’s been making love to husbands of female presenters while watching them live on TV

Meet the young Girl who has been frustrating the Kenyan presenters’ marriages

A chilling confession of a 20 year old sexy babe who has slept with husbands of Kenyan TV Female presenters while watching them live on screens has left Kenya in shock.

The girl, whose name we cannot reveal, comes from a very wealthy family. She lives in Nairobi City where she runs her own businesses including; sale of beauty products which gives her close to 1000 USD per day after tax.

“I started sleeping around with the husbands to media ladies who would ignore me on social media. Basically the best time would be at 6-10pm when I know the wives weren’t around and for the safety of the guys; I would wait for them in my house.

I used to film all our intimate moments and I have stored them well in my safe which no one can access.

So far I have slept with 8 husbands who are married to media personalities and what I like most is having our good time as we watch their wives live on air on prime time reading the news.

Since we were good at timing and I knew when the wives would come back, we would make love and make sure that I do this each time I would be suggest that the “wife” was going to be on live shows.

From this, I have made over 200,000 USD as their husbands would pay for my silence. This has gone on for the past two months. I feel this is not a bad sum of cash because we always have it on mutual agreement, and besides the men die to have me though am always very specific on the kind of men I date.



I would like to apologize to the hearts of the married women whose hearts I have broken, though what I can say is that its life and there is nothing I can do about it.

Ladies please forgive me for messing up. I am young and naive and also I love making quick money given to me kindly by your men. I confess”.

‘Nothing kills dreams like Negative thinking which translates into FEAR’ – Olivia Ziwa    

I USED to be afraid of the unknown: I used to wonder what life would be tomorrow; if things will fall in line or worsen as I grow up& take On more responsibilities coz I always heard older people say life is hard”; Ensi ejudde ebizibu” , never trust anyone etc.

Conversations drawn to my ears were of people in debts; people displaced; families starving; lack of school fees; sickness and unemployment among other negative encounters::: The thought that these things are out there and they could possibly happen to me & to my family or friends scared me.

The more time I spent thinking about how to avoid them is the more afraid I became. Little did I know that every little thought digs into another building a huge mountain of impossibilities in ONE’S MIND:

*** Until I started to look at it this way****

These were facts of life! REALITY IS Everyone has faced one or two of these problem and these were at some point obstacles BUT they are still standing meaning they overcame SO there is hope that Every situation will pass at some point.( am thinking that’s a good start) it’s called ” HOPE” that something good will come out of your situation, hope that it’s going to get better, hope that there are some things that EVEN YOU can’t solve BUT GREATER Hope that there is a Super Power ABOVE ALL ELSE that can SOLVE IT ALL; ohh YES GOD CAN if you trust HIM.

He can never give you more than you can handle: SO whatever your going through today, Know that YOU CAN HANDLE IT.

I came to the realization that the MIND, TONGUE and HANDS have the power to Make or Break ambitions, dreams or even Life.

What your mind believes your tongue will confess and your hands with the help of your feet will perfectly execute:

Therefore it starts with your mindset; if you are stuck in the “I CAN’T”; THEY ARE JUST LUCKY” I WILL SEAT HERE& WAIT FOR MY TURN;” EBYO BYABAGAAGA” ” WHO AM I, I CANT GO TO THAT PLACE, “WHAT IF I FAIL?, “WHAT IF MY WORDS DON’T MAKE SENSE! “AM TOO SHY TO SPEAK” “Ffe twabaki?” ” If i do, they will laugh at me” BUT I WAS TOLD I CAN’T” NO ONE IN MY FAMILY or CLAN has SUCCEEDED —ZONE then your mind will believe it’s really impossible to make it or to be the person you wish to become hence you stuck in procrastination, anxiety and defeat:::: You will watch the strong headed succeed in envy as your dreams die out::(but would you rather?):: THE CHOICE IS YOURS- I  say YOU CHOOSE TO STEP OUT TODAY: choose to at least try; you can’ t say it’s impossible without trying and even if you fail try again:

I speak to several young people who say they want to be this and that but they are too shy or afraid to speak or try and when I share my story of how I used to be very shy and super quiet could not step out to do anything coz I was afraid, what if it all goes wrong? Or what if I make a mistake? So i just sat back..And they are in shock and in disbelief “the OLIVIA ZIWA they see On TV seems super confident and eloquent without a trace of ever being shy:::

That’s my point exactly I PUSHED THROUGH coz NO ONE IS BORN SHY; and it’s amazing what I found on the other side!! THE REAL ME…. So you do have a choice sweetheart to either mask yourself as shy which won’t get you anywhere or do something about it***


Get up and chase your Dream Today.

Step Out of your comfort zone or your shy corner and Try and when it doesn’t go well TRY AGAIN until you Get it..

YOU CAN!!!!!



Rahab Uganda, a ray of hope in a grim world

Every time, we scroll through our social media timelines and read newspapers, we got shocked by the atrocious stories of girls going through prostitution and human trafficking and our hearts break. We read about girls being sold off into marriages, ladies stuck in the Middle East and Asia being harassed without any means to come back home and girls as young as 12 years stuck in prostitution. After feeling terrible, saying how unlucky they are and being thankful to be in a decent home and occupation, we go back to a daily schedules and scroll to things that make us happier.

What started out as a simple prayer group of Christian women from Rhema Ministries, turned into Rahab Uganda, an NGO that rescues and rehabilitates young girls mainly between 18 and 25 stuck in prostitution and human and domestic trafficking. Annette Kirabira, the E.D of Rahab Uganda tells us the story;

“As a group of Christian women, we realized that there was no one in particular we were serving. However, a daughter of one of the member’s daughters witnessed a young girl from Burundi who had been lured here by the seemingly successful prostitution industry get dropped by clients after work. Unfortunately her clothes got stuck in the door and she was dragged by the car, after which she was left for dead. We rescued her but the girl was stolen from the hospital by her pimps. This was a new thing to us, we did not even know pimps existed. We took this as a sign. With time, we got together with a pastor in Katanga region, the hotbed for prostitution. We started by bringing food and clothes but decided to get organized.” This is the story of how Rahab Uganda was born eleven years ago.

What many of us don’t know is that in 2004, there were 12,000 child prostitutes in Uganda and by 2011 the number had risen to 18,000 (Uganda Youth Development Link 2011) and without a doubt continues to rise.

It breaks any heart to see that children who are the purest form of innocence are involved in sex trade, married off or trafficked. Rahab Uganda realized the need for awareness of the plight of the young girls in these situations. They provide psychosocial support, medical support, counselling and skills training to the girls at both their drop in center and residential site.  The skills provided to the victims coming out of these traumatic experiences include business training, hairdressing, functional adult literacy- reading, writing and literacy.

The organization even supports the girls who are willing and have the aptitude from primary school up to University level. Above all, the organization provides as many talking opportunities for the girls because for many, their self-esteem has hit a major low.

It is the belief of Rahab Uganda that ‘Transformation is not cosmetics, comes from inside.’ The organization believes that the girls being able to make a choice of what to do in their lives is the beginning of dignity and honor.

Through their work; Rahab has been able to rescue 200 girls through their residential program (where they rehabilitate and eventually re-intergrate them into the society after assessing the safety and opportunities for the girls), 600 girls at their drop in center and 1000 girls through their field outreach.

Kirabira explained that the Ugandan law surrounding trafficking is well-defined and in place. However, enforcement and awareness is the problem. There are too many unregistered companies and that is why girls continue to be knowingly and unknowingly sold into the trafficking industry.

The Middle East continues to be a problem especially when the girls do not have safety plans. As such while Rahab Uganda is working to help the girl out of her situation, they remain part of the process to keep the girl focused and calm.  Although Rahab Uganda faces resistance, especially from impoverished families engaged in ‘harmless’ domestic trafficking and possible safety problems, their motto is to keep on keeping on.

This year, in order to raise even more awareness about the plight and create prevention measures, Rahab Uganda will be holding their annual charity walk named Kampala Entebbe Challenge at a fee of only 20,000shs to “Say No to Human Trafficking” this Saturday 16th September 2017 starting at 5:30 am from International School of Uganda, Lubowa to Faze 3, Entebbe.

The proceeds from this fun run for a fun cause will go to the Rahab Education Fund, which supports the girls at the Rahab home to find and live a new dignified life. If we are all to bring the change and happiness we truly want in this world, we all need to start by helping these girls to dream again.

Do we really need coffee and tea breaks?

By Frank Gashumba

Last Friday, I was invited by Motivation Foundation as one of the keynote speakers at a dialogue that had many youth in attendance and the topic of the day was, “Are you school or street Smart?” I was informed by the emcee that my talk was to last not more than 20 minutes as the next programme on the agenda, which was a coffee break, had to commence immediately after that.  I went on to let him know that  the youth present had paid their 10k for this dialogue to come and listen to us, share with them our life experiences, to learn and be empowered and not to take coffee! If they wanted coffee, coffee is sold all over Uganda.

This is a disease that has killed Ugandans and the continent as a whole. Lately, attending conferences to drink coffee or tea, indulge in three course meals (buffet) has become a lifestyle: a bad one at that.

Isn’t it strange how Ugandans will spare time to attend overnight prayers, Ebigunda b’yomwaka, drinking and smoking all night, but will not spare time to sit down for a few minutes and listen to someone sharing some life help skills?

JESUS!!  Basically, people don’t come to exchange views to better their lives, but rather enjoy whatever amenities are being served.  These conferences that are organized by the international community (NGO,s) in Africa have successfully killed us. It is in this county that you will find a conference to do with poor and underprivileged women in Bundibugyo being held at Speke Resort Munyonyo! When you interact with the participants, you will find that majority of these reside in Kololo, Mbuya, Nakasero etc.

Frank Gashumba

They hold the latest iPads and gadgets, and wear the latest designer perfumes. They drive posh cars and only the latest models. If you showed them the map of Uganda, they can’t even locate Bundibugyo or Kotido.

If these various seminars and conferences that take place in Kampala were driven towards transforming the lives of Ugandans, our economy and livelihood would compete with nations like Japan. I think 90% of these conferences in Kampala are held for accountability purposes.

And that is why I made sure there was no coffee break during the dialogue I was attending Last week-end. The dialogue was meant to end at 8:00pm. We pushed it 11:00pm and I don’t recall seeing any one demanding for Coffee.  The people that these youth admire and look up to work 16 hours a day. Every successful person I have read about from Richard Branson, Sir Gordon Wavamuno, Sudhir Ruperalia, Aliko Dangote  to Warren Buffet rarely talk about coffee breaks!

And as Sisimuka Uganda, the conferences we have held before are usually run like a marathon. No coffee breaks!

To those of you who showed up yesterday, thank you for turning up. My next engagement will be with students of Islamic University of Uganda.


Changing Mindests, Creating Self Belief, Transforming lives and Communities

Thinking Independently. 

NWSC commissions public water points in Kanungu

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) over the weekend commissioned Ishasha Mains extension and public water points to serve people in Kanungu-Kihihi. The will help people in the areas mentioned have access to clean and safe water.

“Last evening, we commissioned Ishasha mains extension & public water points to serve our people in Kanungu-Kihihi area,” NWSC posted.

NWSC works are now present in over 200 towns across the country and the water body aims at extending the service to more towns in the near future.

Meanwhile Download the NWSC Mobile app and manage your account on the go. Install the app today and make it happen just like that.


A USD $1m Skoda Fabia for Pearl of Africa Rally at Busika and Kayunga

Multiple Industries Group car Racing Team called Multiple Racing Team (MRT) has sponsored East Africa’s finest driver Manvir Baryan, the nephew to Multiple Industries Limited Ugandan Billionaire Owner Bob Bryan “Singh” to participate in Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally at Busika Adventure Park this Friday 30th June and Saturday 1st July 2017 at Kayunga. Manvir has promised to unleash his skills in the monster car.

Manvir Baryan will be driving the most expensive this Friday and Saturday

The car comes with a price tag of USD$1,000,000 approximately UGX 3.6bn fully customised to Manvirs height, size, weight plus so driver.

Skoda Fabia is worth USD 1m

The car utilises a super computer to adjust to section requirements and can only be serviced by Polish, Czech & South African Mechanics who are employed all year around to stay with car.

According Mr. Gunpreet, Chairman of MRT Organising Committee “The Car is in a class of its own, the Driver is extremely skilled and we are looking to a big win”.

The Skoda Fabia is competing against all top classes of Evos, powerful Subarus, Corollas, Celicas and Toyota Vitz.

Manvir is son to Chairman Multiple Haulers while Managing Director Multiple Industries Group Bob Bryan is Uncle to Manvir.

Review of 2017 Skoda Fabia

From £10,510

Of all the cars now sold by Skoda, it is the Fabia and its immediate forebears that best plot the manufacturer’s remarkable three-decade journey from nationalised crackpot to modernistic marvel.

The Favorit, a car that had been gestating in the communist industrial belly for almost a decade, may have been the butt of more than one joke in late-1980s Britain, but its front-engined, front-drive design was a technical breakthrough for the Czechs.

The latest Skoda Fabia is on average 17 per cent more efficient than its predecessor

Similarly, its rehashed replacement, the Felicia, was the first Skoda to benefit from new owner Volkswagen’s input during its development – one reason why it began to top 1990s satisfaction surveys.

However, the Fabia, launched in 1999, was nothing short of revelatory. Using a platform so new that no other VW Group product had yet adopted it, the car showed not only what the new-millennium Skoda would be capable of but also the significance that its German parent was prepared to place on ensuring its progress.

If the second generation, with nearly a 50mm increase in height, was intended to excel in the sturdy Skoda standards of practicality and value, the third, launched late last year, is a carrier of fresh purpose. Style has become a significant part of the Fabia discussion as Skoda hopes to appeal to an audience slightly less mature than its retiree fan base.

Not that their concerns have been forgotten. The latest model is on average 17 per cent more efficient than the car it replaces. Frugality is even more crucial to selling superminis in 2015 than it was 10 years ago, as evidenced by an engine line-up dominated by three-pots and shorn of a warmed-up vRS powerplant. As is the way of car development the Skoda Fabia is rapidly approaching its facelift, with the 2018 model breaking cover and will include more of the safety and intelligent features found on the larger Octavia.

Five trim levels are available: S, SE, Colour Edition, Monte Carlo and, replacing Elegance as the range-topper, SE-L. Our test car came thus equipped, along with the 1.2 TSI engine that is expected to make up a healthy proportion of Fabia sales.

NWSC joins School Water and Sanitation Clubs to promote hygiene

Today National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Tororo-Malaba team working with School Water and Sanitation Clubs members and Young water professionals both initiatives of NWSC helped to clean Malaba town council.

The trio cleaned roads, schools and markets. The excited residents and local leaders joined in the cleaning exercise.

“At NWSC, we are building responsible citizens through the youth clubs. The area leadership appreciated NWSC for the good gesture and promised go always be part,” NWSC posted.

The exercise is also part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and customers connect.

Photos: Mun G pulls massive crowd at Sente Zange concert

Singer Emmanuel Matovu Mungi commonly known as Mun G excited fans on Saturday during his “Ondisa Bubi Sente Zange concert that was held at Freedom City Mall, Entebbe Road.

The show which started at 7 pm registered one of the highest numbers of fans who began storming the venue as early as 6pm. By 8:30PM, the venue was full from the VIP Section to the ordinary section.

Mun G who took to the stage at around 10pm was welcomed by thunderous screams, cheers and ululations from the crowd.

The Kuntakinte entertainment boss didn’t disappoint as he put up an energetic performance that kept her fans on their feet. He fired up the crowd with his hit songs like Sala Puleesa, Byayanga, Big Bumpa, Sente Zange among others.

There was an endless flow of black bell at the concert

There were also guest performances from Navio and Gravity Omutujju as well as other upcoming artists.

Navio on stage
Revellers dancing the night away

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