Kunyaza, Sex Trick That Trigger Woman’s Orgasm in Five Minutes

The trick can jump-start groin adrenaline and trigger female orgasm at a sensational pace. Prof. N. Bizimana (PHD) analyses the style, which, if put to good use, will naturally cause mutual satisfaction, joy and happiness.

“For the first time, it is presented in a detailed and in depth manner to sexual health professionals,” Nizimana writes.

Introduction The aim of this article is to present an uncommon sexual technique used, as far as we know, only in Burundi, Rwanda, the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Western Uganda and Western Tanzania (this area will be named Central Africa in the rest of the text) for triggering female orgasms during heterosexual encounters.

For the first time, it is presented in a detailed and in depth manner to sexual health professionals.

This sexual practice termed in Rwanda and Burundi as ‘Kunyaza’ and in Uganda as ‘kachabali’ (western jazz) has already been published in two popular books Le Secret de l’amour à l’Africaine (Bizimana, 2008) and Kunyaza.

In this article, we repeat only the matters that in our opinion are essential for sexual health professionals.

The data presented here are essentially based on information collected from 58 women and men during our interviews in Central Africa and from 30 readers of our popular books.

We give only a summary of the results of our research, without going into the details regarding the exact number and the percentage rate of the informants from whom we obtained the data.

How is kunyaza practiced?

During the simple practice of kunyaza, the man rhythmically and continuously strikes the glans of the clitoris with the glans of his erect penis, which he takes in his hand or between the index and the middle finger moving in the same motion from top to bottom and vice versa or from left to right and vice versa.

Eventually, he can make circular movements, also working in the same movement clockwise and then counterclockwise. Alternatively, one can strike both the glans and the body of the clitoris in a similar manner as the glans, moving from the root of the body to the bottom of the glans and back again.

Both parts of the clitoris may also be stimulated by using a zigzagging motion from the root of the body to the bottom of the glans and back again.

Initially the striking may be painful because the area is not yet lubricated.

In this case, the woman should moisten it with her saliva.

During the complex practice of kunyaza, the following is performed: Following vaginal lubrication through foreplay, the man introduces his manhood into the well to practice the technique of conventional penile vaginal penetration (PVP), in the course of which he moves his penis backward and forward in the vagina.

After the manhood has become moist enough, he removes it and takes it into his hand or between the index and middle finger, as done during the practice of the simple form of kunyaza, and then he rhythmically and repeatedly strikes the external surfaces of the labia minora with the glans of his manhood.

He works in the same movement from top to bottom and vice versa, from left toright and vice versa or from top to bottom in a zigzagging motion, and back again in a similar manner as with the stimulation of the glans and body of the clitoris.

When there is intumescence and opening of the labiaminora due to the increasing sexual arousal of the woman, he performs similar movements in the area of the internal surfaces of the labia minora and the vestibule, including the external urethral opening.

The next step consists of stimulating, always in the same movement, the clitoris, the vestibule, the labia minora and the vaginal opening.

The man proceeds in a manner similar to that described above, by moving from the beginning of the body of the clitoris to the inferior margin of her opening.

And finally, almost simultaneously he stimulates all the organs of the vulva (body and glans of the clitoris, vestibule, labia minora, vaginal opening) and the perineum, moving from the beginning of the body of the clitoris to the perineal area and vice versa.


During all stages of external stimulation, the man may change to internal stimulation by loosening his manhood to practice coitus before returning to external stimulation.

He can render the coital thrusts more stimulating by alternating superficial and deep penetrations, actions which are respectively named gucuga and gucumita in Rwanda.

He can also stimulate the walls more directly than with the simple use of the PVP.

To do this, he takes his manhood in the hand or between the index and middle finger, as done during the external stimulation, and makes the body of his manhood perform vertical and horizontal movements from one wall to another and vice versa or circular movements along the vaginal walls, each through a progression from the vaginal opening towards the neck of uterus and back again.

During both internal and external stimulation, the rhythm and the force of the movements are slow and sensitive, and they increase in accordance with the sexual arousal of the woman and the humidification of the areas involved.

Pain to the manhood during perineo-vulval stimulation can be avoided by removing the woman’s pubic hair.

The woman participates in the practice of kunyaza by cooperating with her partner during the choosing of the forms of kunyaza and the intensity of the rhythm to be used and by showing him the zones of her genital area that best respond to the sexual stimulation.

Should the man tire before the end of the sexual encounter, she can take his manhood in her hand and continue the process until he is rested.

If he has difficulties stimulating the vestibule, she can help him by spreading apart the labia minora with her fingers until the whole vestibular area is accessible to the manhood.

To allow him to comfortably stimulate the area between the labium minus and the labium majus, she can also spread them apart with the fingers until the area between them is laid out.

The opened labia are released when it comes to internal stimulation.

In which positions is kunyaza practised?

Kunyaza is performed in many different positions. These positions have in common that they allow the man to, almost without interruption, alternate from the external to the internal stimulation and vice versa.

Two types of positions can be differentiated: the traditional positions and the modern positions.

The traditional positions are the classical positions, which the people have always used in the practice of kunyaza, whereas the modern positions are easy to use for people of contemporary society who are less sportive than their ancestors.

Overall, five groups of positions can be distinguished:

(a) Sitting positions,

(b) Lying positions,

(c) Position from behind,

(d) Standing positions and (e) positions used during pregnancy.

Kunyaza and triggering of female orgasm Kunyaza is believed in Central Africa to be a good technique for triggering female orgasm. It was developed after the people empirically realised that only few women are able to reach orgasm through the use of PVP alone.

According to these people in Central Africa, this African technique has, among others, the following characteristics:

The woman may reach orgasm within 3 to 5 minutes and this can happen before the man has an orgasm.

The external stimulation alone is enough to bring both woman and man to orgasm. Kunyaza enables women to have multiple orgasms, which is why they prefer it to the PVP.

Many women ask their partners to use it if they are not sexually satisfied by the use of the PVP.

They do not ask it directly. They ask him, for example, whether or not he talks to other men.

This question is an indirect and tactful way of cajoling him into talking with other men to ask them how kunyaza is practised.

The stimulation of the clitoris, which is called rugongo in Rwanda and Burundi, is considered to be indispensable for triggering female orgasm.

Thus, when asked to briefly explain the meaning of kunyaza, Rwandese and Burundians answer that it consists of stroking or striking the rugongo.

Many men observe the increase in diameter and length of this organ during the sexual arousal of the woman when positions are used which expose the vulva to the man.

FLOODS Production and expulsion of large quantities of liquid by the woman into the perineo-vulval region during the practice of kunyaza.

During the practice of kunyaza, the woman generally produces and expels large quantities of liquid into the perineo-vulval region.

This is why this kind of sex is called kunyaza, which literally means to make urinate.

The genital area of the male often also gets wet and sometimes the wetness reaches the umbilical area due to the stroking movements.

The men report that they get warm liquid on their manhood. Though the literal translation of kunyaza seems to suggest that the ejected liquid is urine, for the traditional users of this technique, it is not urine, since in Rwanda urine is termed as inkari, whereas the liquid secreted during kunyaza is termed as amavangigo or ibinyare.

Besides the differing terms used to designate both liquids, they are also described as having differing properties. The liquid expelled during kunyaza is described as colourless to milky, whereas concentrated urine is yellowish or brownish.

It is described as having a thick consistency, whereas that of urine is always aqueous.

Its odour is described as not being particular, whereas urine has the typically strong odour of ammonia.

The quantity of expelled liquid is estimated to be up to one litre and more. However, there are some women who do not respond to the stimulation of kunyaza with liquid production.

They are termed in Rwanda as rwasubutare which means granite splitter, an expression which insinuates that having sexual encounters with this kind of women is as hard as splitting granite.

Contrary to rwasubutare women, there are also those who expel enormous quantities of liquid during this sexual practice from the moment the man penetrates.

Women who are not sexually experienced may initially think that there is something wrong with them.

Men in Central Africa like to have sex with these women, also referred to as kingindobo or shami ryifiikivu in Rwanda, which respectively means put a bucket under her and branch of Lake Kivu, the Lake Kivu being the largest lake in Rwanda.

They are praised for their strong response to sexual stimulation. Because of large quantities expelled during kunyaza, this type of sex is often characterised by a noise that is evocative of the sound of someone splashing water with his hands.

That is why people in Rwanda use the expression the dog that drinks water to insinuate this particular noise or this EXPERTS DISCUSS Kunyaza seems to be a good technique for triggering female orgasm in the traditional African milieu The following arguments seem to confirm it: The use of kunyaza has a long tradition.

The persons aged 70 years and above that we interviewed in 1986, confirmed that their grandparents also used this technique. This means that it has been used for at least 150 years.

Had it not proven to be beneficial to sexual pleasure, it would not still be in practice today.

Most data collected in our interviews have confirmed that most women reach orgasm when this uncommon sexual technique is applied and that it is the main reason why it is used and why many women ask their partner to use it.

During sex with the kunyaza technique, the man can stimulate almost all genital erogenous zones of the woman.

The clitoris and the distal urethra which are regarded as the focus of female orgasm function and which form a common tissue cluster are stimulated by vertical, horizontal and zigzagging movements of the glans of the manhood.

The two first organs being directly stimulated, the last one indirectly. The internal parts of the clitoris (vestibular bulbS and clitoral crura) are stimulated when the man uses strong movements.

The other zones of the perineo-vulval region,which are also considered to be erogenous, namely the vestibule, the labia minora, the external urethral opening, the vaginal opening and the perineum (Kinsey et al., 1953).

The external urethral sphincter (possible G-spot according to O’Connell et al., 2005), the Skene’s glands and the periurethral glands (G-spot according to some adepts of female ejaculation.

Intravaginal vertical, horizontal and circular movements stimulate more directly the vaginal walls than the PVP does and they directly stimulate the inferior parts of the vestibular bulbs and clitoral crura, the distal urethra, the Skene’s glands, the periurethral glands, the external urethral sphincter and the deep-lying erectile tissues of the perineum.

During both internal and external stimulation, it is theoretically possible to trigger orgasm by individually stimulating each erogenous zone.

If the man performs rapid and strong movements, he can stimulate several erogenous zones simultaneously and, thus, trigger several orgasms whose effects may accumulate resulting in one intense orgasm or appear one after another to allow the woman to experience multiple orgasms.

Can the phenomenon of expelling large quantities of liquid by the woman during the practice of kunyaza be considered as female ejaculation?

It is reported that sex with kunyaza is generally characterised by the production and expulsion of large quantities of liquid by the woman.

Besides the term kunyaza, used to describe this characteristic of this type of sex, and the data collected during our interviews and from the readers of our popular books, further confirmation can be found in some of the limited written information on this African sexual technique.

Tamale (2005) reports, for example, that during a workshop on sexuality a sexual teacher, specialised in the Ugandan traditional practices, told other participants the following:

‘‘I myself was truly ignorant about female ejaculation until I met my current lover. It works better with the Banyankore kachabali technique. If you lover knows what he is doing, you’ll pour rivers and experience multiple orgasms at the same time.’’

Another confirmation is to be found in the report from the 10th International Conference of the Society for Women and AIDS (SWAA) in Africa, held in Kigali from 24 to 28 July 2005, in which kunyaza was translated as wet sex (SWAA, 2005).

The phenomenon of expelling large quantities of liquid during the practice of kunyaza is considered in some written information on this kind of sex as female ejaculation (Tamale, 2005).

In our part II next time, don’t miss reports that estimate the quantity of expelled liquid during the practice of kunyaza to be up to one litre and more, it is most likely that this liquid has several sources.

Kwesiga Brian Karate

‘How I have been beaten, abused, traumatized and denied access to my babies by Human Rights Activist’ – Prisca Baike

Human Rights Activist, Willington Ssekadde, Abuses, Traumatises and Denies me my Babies aged 3 and 2 years

When you read the touching story of Prisca Baike, you can’t fail to cry. The mother of two has narrated her brutalised relationship with human rights activist Willington Ssekadde. Here is her story;

“I have beaten you, insulted you and chased you but you are not leaving. If you don’t want to leave this house alive, tell your people to buy a coffin in which they will take you.” Said the father of my two children

“I will stay here and raise my kids,” I responded amid tears generated by the blow I had just received on my head before my kids, who were more or less used to this scenario.

“Are these the bu-ones keeping you here? Take them and go or else, leave them to die from here. After all I have my other kids and a woman who are meant to be staying here,” he said before driving off in his Mercedes Benz Compressor UAX 450K.

“Daddy is bad,” said my innocent daughter, trying to comfort me.

As I looked at the big house and my Pajero UAZ 871J parked on the one-acre compound, I missed the good old days Willington and I had in our two-roomed Muzigo in Kireka, with not even enough compound space for a boda to park but we were happy.

Willington Ssekade and I met in March 2013 when he was working as the programs manager at raising voices and I had just started a journalism career with the Observer Newspaper.

A few months later, his organisation was awarded a DFID project which came with lots of allowances and in a nutshell, our lives changed. He finally completed his house that he had been building for the last six years, expanded the plot from a mere 90×100 to one acre, bought two Mercedes Benzes, a Pajero, several plots of land, and constructed flats for rent in Mukono.

He asked me to have kids, promising he was going to marry me but two kids later and four years down the road there was no marriage. Any mention of the word would spark a beating.

He first laid his hand on me when I was six weeks pregnant with our first child in September 2013. Later at seven months of pregnancy, I had locked myself in the bathroom of our rented Kireka muzigo to escape his beating when he forcefully kicked the door open, nearly killing me in the process. I went back home to my parents and delivered our daughter from there.

Seeing that our innocent child needed both her parents, I gave him another chance and in 2015, we had a second child, Malcolm Ssekadde who was prematurely born due to an infection and the stress I was enduring in the abusive violent marriage.

Brutal: Willington Ssekadde

He never allowed me to go back to work and he beat me on several occasions for attempting to start working but in 2016 February, I put my foot down and started working. I endured his abuse but it only got worse until he started threatening to kill me for competing with him by working.

On the 7th April 2017 I left his house with nothing but only my kids and our clothes, not even a feeding bottle or spoon did I carry, save for the Pajero that I used for taking my suitcases to a friend’s home. I hired an Ipsum to take my children who were with my elder brother to my parents’ home in Mbale since I had no place to stay and I also to work that day despite my condition. I stayed with a friend, Dr. Mirembe Leila until I got my own place. He never called me or any member of my family to ask about us.

A week later, on the 14th of April, I went to Mbale to check on my kids and I was informed that Malcolm had been taken to an ENT and he needed immediate operation. His father and I were already aware of this so I called him to ask for money for the operation he was aware of. He didn’t pick so I sent a message. The response I got was heart breaking.

“If you can’t afford the operation, you burry him.”

My dad was willing to foot the bill but I decided to sell my supermarket to pay for my son’s operation the following week. One day while at FIDA I asked him for support so that I could bring the children to stay in Kampala where he could easily see them but he refused. I was working hard to pay up my loan and ensure that my children could come stay with me in Kampala as soon as I was financially stable.

After the boy had recovered, Willington went to my parents’ home to kidnap the kids but luckily, the neighbours saw him and called police. He was put on a seven year police bond and asked to start supporting the children. He only paid tuition and I took care of the other fees including requirements and shuttle services. He absolutely gave us no support apart from that. He sent lawyers and court bailiffs to take his car and I handed it over to them at Kira Road Police.

In August, while at my parents’ home, attending to our son who was severely sick, I received a phone call from my daughter’s teacher telling me that a man claiming to be my daughter’s father had gone to school with armed police women led by ASP Lydia Birungi and AIP Sarah Kawuma and abducted my daughter along with the school headteacher, throwing the entire school in panic. And just like that she was gone. This directive as I later found out was issued by Maureen Atuhaire, the Director of Child and family protection unit, Naguru.

A few weeks later, he presented a custody order from Mukono court that had granted him custody to our two kids, Shanelle who was 3 years and Malcolm who was 23 months old. I was never summoned to court and the case was judged by a one Okwong in my absence. Since I was given visitation rights, I settled for that since I was tired of fighting and tossing the kids from one home to the other. What hurts me is that he doesn’t want me to see my children. He never picks my calls, he never calls me. I absolutely know nothing about my kids whereabouts as he keeps telling me they have shifted whenever I ask to see them. I last saw my kids in October after a prolonged battle of exchanging various emails with his lawyers who are always harassing and intimidating me and my family. He even sued my parents for taking care of my children without his permission. I sent them clothes and shoes last November and all I got in response were threats and insults to stay away from his children.

I had tried FIDA before but I wasn’t helped. This man is a renowned child rights activist who has sadly represented the country across the globe on issues pertaining children’s rights and more embarrassing, Gender based violence. He is currently working with World Education International. Due to his work history, he knows so many influential people in the family courts, Police, the gender and justice ministries, plus he has all the money to bribe anyone. He recently sent me messages telling me he had a new wife with whom they are raising my children. All I want are my kids. I have not heard from them in over three months since he and his relatives don’t talk to me.

Every time I ask him to let me see my kids, it is as if I have opened a can of worms for endless insults. I’ve tried several lawyers but this man has so many connections. I tried drinking, out of frustration to forget but it didn’t work. I have since turned to prayer and abandoned my drinking habits to rebuild my life but my heart still aches for my little ones. They are too young to be on their own without me, especially with a father who is bitter with their mother, a father who has denied them the opportunity to enjoy their mother’s love especially at such a tender age. I forgave him and I am willing to have shared custody because I know we are both equally important in our children’s life but he is so bitter yet I am the victim in all this. I am so heartbroken. I want my babies.

To all the women, activists, authorities, lawyers, fellow parents, journalists, for how long shall I and other women suffer in silence under the heavy boots of the rich and the connected? Don’t my children deserve their mother’s love? How can court award custody of such young kids to a father without hearing from their mother?

Please I beg of you, kindly help me share this message and tag whoever can help me access justice for my little ones. I know there is a kind lawyer out there who can help me access justice. Please help me rescue my children. I am totally stuck. Thank you very much and may the good Lord richly reward you.

#RescueShanelleAndMalcolm. Prisca Baike

‘Things You Miss For Not Having Sex’- Zari Hassan

South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has listed 10 things you miss for not having sex. Here is here list as posted on her wall.

A lot of people might have told you that you miss a lot for not having “sex”, the answer is capital “yes” you miss a lot and would continue missing them:

  1. You miss contracting HIV/AIDS
  2. You miss unwanted pregnancy.
  3. You miss being unwanted husband/wife
  4. You miss having sexually transmitted disease.
  5. You miss having unwanted child.
  6. You miss being a school dropout.
  7. You miss having a broken home.
  8. You miss making God and your parents sad.
  9. You miss barrenness due to abortions.
  10. You miss having a destroyed career prospects and lastly, you miss going to hell.

Have you seen that you really miss a lot by not having sex? My fellow brethren, your life worth more than five minutes enjoyment that can destroy your life forever. Preserve your body not just for your future husband or wife but for mighty God. So we shall continue to miss every negativity in our lives in Jesus mighty name AMEN.

‘Work for a cause not for applause’ – Bryan White

Tycoon and poverty fight activist Bryan Kirumira aka Bryan White has urged people to work for a cause not for applause. Posting on his wall, Bryan said live life to express not to impress, don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your presence felt.

The activist who has recently launched a campaighn to help youth fight poverty said he doesn’t hate but just keeps his circle small.

“Work for a cause not for applause, live life to express not to impress, don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your presence felt” Thank you my people. I don’t hate I just keep my circle smaller,” Bryan White said.

“Kindness is a wonderful way to let another struggling soul know that there is still love in this world. We at Bryan white foundation are fulfilled each time a soul feels loved then we know our purpose is fulfilled. God bless you all,” Bryan White.

You follow Bryan White Foundation activities on the following social media platforms,

INSTAGRAM: Bryanwhite foundation

TWEETER: Bwfoundation2

LINKED IN: Bryan White.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bryan-white-foundation-1555796424505147/

EMAIL: info@bryanwhitefoundation.org

And its website is www.bryanwhitefoundation.org to be able to know latest activities under his belt.

Emirates and flydubai to offer travellers even more connections in 2018

Partnership now covers 81 destinations, offering customers a breadth of travel options to, from, and via Dubai

Over 165,000 passengers have benefited from the partnership since launch

Emirates and flydubai will offer travellers even more connectivity and flight options in 2018, with new codeshare flights planned for various destinations across the globe including Entebbe.

Both Dubai-based airlines currently offer customers a breadth of travel options across their complementary networks, with codeshares to 81 destinations and more to follow.

The partnership initially began with codeshare flights to 29 cities, and this has quickly expanded to meet demand as customers realise the benefits of increased flight frequencies, expanded access to global destinations on a single ticket, the convenience of checking in their baggage through to the final destination, smooth transfers during transit in Dubai, and more.

In the two months since the first codeshare flights took off on 29 October, over 165,000 passengers have benefitted from the partnership.

Click here to see the list of Emirates and flydubai partnership codeshare destinations.

Smooth journeys

Emirates and flydubai will continue to offer travel experiences reflecting their individual brands. For bookings under the codeshare, Emirates passengers will receive complimentary meals and the Emirates checked baggage allowance on flights operated by flydubai in Business and Economy class.

Connecting via Dubai’s ultra-modern hub offers a smooth transfer experience and under the partnership, passengers will benefit from a reduced minimum connection time of 120 minutes between Emirates’ home in Terminal 3 and flydubai’s in Terminal 2.

More benefits for frequent flyers

Emirates Skywards members earn Skywards miles and Skywards Tier Miles on codeshare flights as per the existing Skywards programme.

In addition to the Emirates free checked baggage allowance, Skywards Premium members can also enjoy their extra checked baggage allowances of 20kg (Platinum members) 16kg (Gold members) and 12kg (Silver members) on codeshare flights operated by flydubai.

Skywards Silver, Gold and Platinum members travelling on codeshare flights can access flydubai’s Business Check-in counters and receive priority tags.

Further benefits for members of each airline’s frequent flyer and loyalty programmes will be announced in due course.

Reasons the Hottest Girls Are Always Single

She has what it takes to be with any man but yet she’s single. So what could be the reason?

Here are 5 reasons why the prettiest women are single


Beauty can be a blessing and a curse too. It’s a blessing because every man wants and worships beautiful women and it’s a curse because being beautiful can also be intimidating.


Another problem with being so beautiful is that it makes it really difficult to trust a man. It’s difficult for a beautiful woman to know whether he is coming for her good looks or he really wants her for who she really is.


Most pretty women know what they want and would never settle for less. She won’t just date any man just because she’s single but will wait to meet a man who is worthy of her beauty.


Most man think most beautiful women definitely have a man in their life so this kind of keeps them away. Most men tend to think she is telling a lie if a very beautiful woman says she’s single.


Most women who are very beautiful know their worth and are never in a hurry to be in a relationship. If she’s not ready, she won’t enter a relationship no matter how charming the man is. www.showbizuganda.com

Men fear to approach such hot looking girls thinking they have someone else

NSSF, UBTS in countrywide blood donation drive to raise 4,500 units

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) in partnership with Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS) under the Ministry of Health have today kicked off the six-day Annual NSSF Blood Donation Drive aimed at collecting 4,500 units of blood in response to a nationwide appeal for safe blood.

The drive will take place from 8th to 13th January at Workers House, Constitutional Square, Queens Way –Katwe, Mukwano Arcade, and NSSF Kampala branches in Kireka, Mukono, Kawempe, Bakuli, Bugolobi and Entebbe. Outside Kampala, the drive will take place in major regional towns of Mbale, Mbarara, Gulu ,Arua, Fort Portal, Jinja, Mukono ,Kabale, Masaka as well as NSSF branches in the respective towns.

Addressing media at the launch of the drive at Constitutional Square, Richard Byarugaba, NSSF Managing Director, said, “Through this drive, we would like to sensitize communities where we will be, about blood donation and its benefits to help us raise our target of 4,500 units, ultimately increasing the number of blood donors countrywide.”

According to World Health Organization, (WHO), Uganda needs about 340,000 units of blood annually although less than 200,000 units are collected annually. It should be noted that only 1% of Uganda’s population that is eligible to donate blood regularly do so, causing blood shortages.

Dr. Dorothy Kyeyune Byabazaire, the Executive Director at UBTS said that the lowest collections were experienced in Fort Portal, Kabale, Mbarara and sections of Mbale, despite large populations in these towns. The low collections in these areas could be attributed to low awareness of blood donation and cultural myths about it,” she said.

“The demand was highest in the central region because of the numerous health centers that receive referrals. The highest demand for blood is usually from expectant mothers, cancer patients, HIV Positive patients, accident victims, among others. To help us close the shortage, we take up partnerships with organizations like NSSF to boost the blood collections. ” She added.

Through NSSF’s partnership with UBTS in the last six years, over 9,420 units of blood have been collected to-date.

“This year, we are positive that the collections will increase further having gotten another partner on board, Equity Bank, for the cause,” Byarugaba said. This initiative is part of Fund’s Social Responsibility agenda which is premised on supporting vulnerable members of the community as well as improving their social wellbeing.

To donate blood, a donor needs to be between the ages of 17 and 65 years, weigh above 45 kgs and must not be on medication.

She quit a UGX 28m job to pursue her dreams- And she’s winning!

An inspiring story from Maxima that will get you going immediately

Ever since her childhood, Maxima Nsimenta has been a trendsetter and leader with a keen eye for detail. Having passed her exams with flying colors Maxima joined Makerere University to pursue a Degree in Electrical Engineering, which she excelled at – graduating with a First Class. She was on the Premier team that built Uganda’s first hybrid car – the Kiira EV.

She then joined the Petroleum industry first as a Joint Ventures Coordinator with Total E&P Uganda and shortly after as field engineer with Schlumberger where she went to work in Pointe Noire, Congo. However, despite all this seemingly successful career, Maxima’s true passion was elsewhere – in the Cosmetics industry.

And after three years of working at Tullow Oil where she was working as an expatriate and traveling the world, she quit her USD 8000 a month to follow her dream. She first created a comprehensive business plan which she shared with her grandmother for strategic guidance from an experienced and successful entrepreneur. Livara was then officially birthed in May 2015.

Livara is the first brand in East and Central Africa to manufacture natural and organic lipsticks in the region. Livara lipsticks are made using Ugandan Shea Butter, Castor Oil, beeswax and Brazilian Carnauba Wax. Since their releases in June 2016, the lipsticks have sold more than 2000 units.

Livara is the first brand in East and Central Africa to manufacture natural and organic lipsticks in the region

Livara focuses on extracting shea butter from the shea nuts collected by local farmers and processing the butter into different hair and body products and lipsticks. Livara products are sold both locally and internationally. All Livara products are retailed in Livara stores which are the first of their kind in Uganda. A one brand, one stop shopping center for 100% Ugandan manufactured natural and organic cosmetic products. The products are manufactured, stored and branded with international standards. The first store was opened on the first floor of The Cube in Kisementi and eight months later, a second and franchised store was opened at Kampala Boulevard. Livara is already implementing a franchise business model right here in Uganda. Talk about trendsetting with international standards!

To date, the Company employs 11 people 8 of whom are women and it has developed a network of well over 2000 farmers on the outskirts of Soroti organized in smaller groups. Because the shea tree is cut down for charcoal, it is important to sensitize the communities about the financial value of not cutting down trees. Shea butter is a $3 Billion industry as of November 2015. The communities are also sensitized about alternative means of revenue acquisition, such as farming other oilseeds like sunflower.

Maxima plans to set up a Shea Butter and oilseed processing factory soon. This will create employment directly and also increase the demand for nuts and seeds. Through the Livara foundation, some children of the impoverished farmers are sponsored in good schools in Soroti. The plan is to have at least 250 children sponsored academically within the next 10 years.

Here is her story https://youtu.be/4sfz32d18ZI

“It was very humbling being honoured and recognized by women who understand business and are passionate about hard work and studious achievement.

Receiving the C. Kisumba Award for UWEAL Rising Star has been the highlight of my year thus far. And undoubtedly makes the effort worthwhile. I am very grateful for the recognition by Uweal Uganda. Mwebaare!

The Dream Team Livara, couldn’t have gotten this without you. Thank you.

My family, you are very special and dear to me. Through all the ups and downs, you’re always there. Thank you.

Uganda Industrial Research Institute, thank you for the mentorship and incubation. Without you, all this wouldn’t be possible!

The big big big Livara family – you’re the bestest! You make us who we are!

And then to be friends with Rusia Orikiriza who was also recognized and awarded the C. Busuulwa UWEAL Pioneer Award is another blessing on another level altogether! I look up to ladies like you and especially treasure our friendship. You build me up and I definitely want to be like you when I grow up. 🤗 Congratulations dear!

How far the Lord has brought us and how much farther He’s taking us, only He comprehends. All we can do is be eternally grateful and share the blessings,” Maxima posted earlier this month after she was recognized.

Emirates celebrates holiday season with special Christmas treats

Emirates is spreading the festive joy with treats across all cabin classes this December. Customers travelling for the holidays will enjoy several Christmas specials both on the ground and on board from food to entertainment.

Christmas Classics on ice

In addition to the regionally inspired cuisine served on board, Emirates is bringing back its Christmas menu with a more extensive offering of holiday favorites. Emirates’ seasonal menus are a key component of its dining offering and the Christmas menu is one of the main highlights.

The festive meals are available throughout December for customers travelling from Dubai to Australia, Europe, the United States or the United Kingdom and those travelling from the UK to Dubai.

Customers travelling in Economy Class can enjoy rolled turkey buffé served with cranberry jus lié, mashed potatoes, Vienna chicken sausages and seasonal vegetables. For desserts, customers will be served festive sweets such as a lemon cranberry cake with cream cheese frosting or a cocoa cake with white chocolate chips and raspberry coulis.

Kids offering of young flyers on Emirates

Those travelling in First and Business Class will start with king prawns marinated with lemon and herb and served with cocktail sauce and a fennel salad, and enjoy a main course of rolled turkey buffé served with chestnut and apricot stuffing, cranberry jus lié, pumpkin mash and creamy brussels sprouts with turkey bacon.  A variety of desserts is available on the different routes including Ginger bread roulade, Chocolate Mint dome and Yule log.

As a special treat, First Class customers, can look out for Santa-inspired macaroons and hot chocolate served with marshmallows and gingerbread. Young fliers in First Class will be surprised with snowman-inspired marshmallow biscuits.

Brand new amenity kits across all classes

Besides Dom Pérignon , Veuve Cliquot and Moët & Chandon champagnes available on board to celebrate the holidays, those travelling to Europe or Africa can pair their meals with the premium vintage Château Ducru-Beaucaillou 1985 – a rare treat available in December in First class.

Premium customers can also get into the holiday spirit before the flight departs at the seven Emirates lounges found in Dubai International Airport and over 30 Emirates lounges worldwide. From mid-December, traditional sweets such as Basler Leckerli gingerbread cookies, Christmas cake and Stollen cake are being served as well as roasted turkey in the First Class lounges.

First Class festive meal

Emirates is also making sure customers’ Christmas stockings are filled with special goodies. Across all classes, newly designed amenity kits are being introduced for December.

A new range of Bulgari amenity kits are being rolled out in First and Business Class. There are 16 brand new designs for men and women which can be re-used to keep electronics or make-up. The laser-cut pattern is inspired by Bulgari’s design archives with a touch of Middle Eastern influence inspired by Dubai, Emirates’ hub. The exclusive designer kit bags include new signature Bulgari fragrances and lotions, along with other pampering essentials. The latest kits feature Bulgari’s White Tea fragrance and are available on long-haul night flights and on flights over 10 hours.

Noel, limited edition character for December

The Economy Class amenity kit bags are also getting a refresh in time for the holiday season. The six new designs are inspired by EXPO 2020 which will be hosted by Dubai. Emirates is the Official Airline Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai. The collectable bags feature the key subthemes of EXPO 2020 – Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity. When arranged together, the kit bags form an image that represent the collaborative spirit of Expo 2020 and the key theme of connecting minds and creating the future.

The kit bags are given out on ultra-long haul flights and feature travel essentials such as socks, matching eye mask and a toothbrush.

In addition, parents travelling with infants will receive an amenity kit especially for baby. The newly designed pouch features Emirates’ iconic Little Traveller characters and contains essentials such as a bib, spoon, baby wipes, changing mat, diaper rash cream and small diaper bag for a comfortable journey.

Special treats in First Class

Young flyers are given special attention when travelling on Emirates. Kids will enjoy a specially created festive menu with roast turkey, sweet potato mash, carrots and peas, as well as a moist chocolate brownie with cream cheese frosting and a white chocolate lollipop.

As part of the Emirates Fly With Me Animals range, a special limited edition character will greet young travelers. Noel the polar bear, decked out in a festive red scarf, will be introduced on board to coincide with the Christmas season and will only be available in December.

Noel will be available as a Travel Buddy which comes with a plastic toggle allowing the toy to be hung in the car, on a pram or in the cot and the Carry Buddy, a dual purpose toy and blanket.

To get travelers into the spirit of the holidays, Emirates’ award-winning inflight entertainment system, ice, will feature Christmas classics for the month of December. These include movies such as It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone and Scrooged, as well as TV specials including The Office and Family Guy Christmas shows.  Customers can enjoy over 2,500 channels of entertainment including Christmas number 1s music playlist for the first time this year and dedicated kids’ TV channels. Special programmes for kids include The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and The Snowman.

Emirates offers customers across all classes 20MB of free Wi-Fi data to keep connected with friends and family, and Emirates Skywards members enjoy special benefits depending on membership tier and class of travel.

For those looking to brush up on a new language in the New Year, the airline has added 10 new uTalk language channels including Japanese, Swedish, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Turkish.

The Emirates Official Store has a range of new Christmas inspired products for those still looking for gifts. These include a limited edition red First Class blanket, and Christmas sweaters and festive pyjamas for the whole family. Other gifts include Santa teddies, tree decorations and greeting cards. These are also available in stores and online at www.emirates.store

Last minute shoppers can also get gifts on board with brand new products and special offers in the Emirates duty free collection. Shoppers will find over 100 new items in the collection as well as Emirates official merchandise. Special deals include discounts when purchasing 2 or more fragrances.

Opinion: Innocent Nahabwe’s reply to Justine Nameere’s post about the Red Pepper  

I have read your article about the Red Pepper and the current detention of its directors and editors with a lot of interest. While my immediate feeling was that I should ignore it after all it is your opinion, I now feel it important to respond your several allegations as a former staff of the Red Pepper. I worked with the Red Pepper from 2001 till I resigned in 2009 to do my private business. I can proudly say that I worked closely with all the persons currently in detention and I am proud to stand up for all of them as strong, hardworking and responsible men.

Personally, as one of the pioneer staff of the Red Pepper, I was nurtured by its directors to take on different roles from news writing to marketing to advertising to circulation to transportation etc, despite the fact that at the time I was a student at University. They taught me business acumen, resilience, passion which have been important in my journey thus far.

Innocent Nahabwe

The Red Pepper has been in the business of tabloid journalism for close to 20 years now. They were in fact the pioneer tabloid in Uganda. Tabloid journalism is sensational. It touches on personal aspects. It reports that which the mainstream newspapers may overlook. It will not ‘cuddle you’ (pun intended) when you have scandal. So it is understandable that people like you may find it necessary to celebrate when the Red Pepper is faced with what I would call a ‘small’ challenge. Yes I call it so because when I went to visit my former bosses in jail, that is what they called it. And that is their spirit. They are men with spirits that are hard to crush. Don’t joke with men who were bold enough to start a newspaper with just a borrowed laptop and are standing strong in business almost 20 years later. I can assure even after this challenge, whatever comes out of their current legal situation, I know that my former bosses with rise up again and shock people like you who celebrate this ‘small’ challenge and who choose to allege all sorts of things at a time  when they are locked up and can’t defend themselves. And by the way, I am not their staff anymore and have nothing to gain from this response.

When I worked with the Red Pepper, I noticed that it was the only company where staff and directors comfortably mixed, shared roles and went out to share a drink after a tough day’s work without the usual tensions that come naturally between workers and their employers. I can bet that in the several companies you may have worked in, you need permission to enter your CEO’s office and it is hardly likely that he will give you a ride or you will sit in the same kafunda and have a good laugh over lunch or comfortably share a beer after work without tension. This I only saw at the Red Pepper.

When you mention that there are many former Red Pepper staff celebrating the current situation, I wonder if you are objective enough to also look at former staff like me and many others who were even present in court yesterday to support their former employer. These hundreds of workers now are worried about their future and that of their dependants as their work place remains closed.

Any organization will have employees who will not be happy with the way things are run. Particularly, the Red Pepper is an SME. It was started by simple young boys. So as a staff, you had to work hard, to account for your time and to get your job done to be able to earn. This kind of strictness will not be found in government parastatals or companies whose directors are very rich. You will also agree with me that sometimes it is normal to have employees who will clash and leave on a negative note amidst such tough terms. And that’s ok. There are also staff who will indeed work hard, achieve and get the blessings of the boss to move on to other things probably for career advancement or personal interests. I am glad that I and many other former Red Pepper staff belong to the latter. Of course there has to be a group that belongs to the former. And we still co-exist like civilized people.

Justine Nameere

Today, the Red Pepper still employs hundreds of staff directly and many others indirectly. And for these, their livelihoods are currently affected and they probably are missing out on their day to day routine of dealing in tabloid journalism. It is selfish of you to think that these don’t deserve to be thought about because you expected them to ‘cuddle you’ when you had scandal. Sorry, it shall not happen. And by the way, your concerns are understandable and I don’t expect you to cuddle them as well. To each, his own.

I am sure many upcoming artists got a lot of coverage from the Red Pepper and that is how they came to be known. The Red Pepper also has very affordable advertising rates for small businesses and has given every businessman a chance to afford an advert in the daily newspaper. We both know that before the Red Pepper, it was hardly possible for small businesses to afford an advert in the media. Thanks to them and many other new players today, we can all afford to advertise now.

I saw your claims about the Red Pepper extorting money from people. Well, as far as I recall, the Directors themselves at some point run adverts in the Red Pepper warning people of characters who were extorting money in the name of their company. In fact, they worked with police and made arrests of some staff and outsiders who used the name of the Red Pepper to extort monies. Any company may have wrong elements. How they deal with them is what is important. I write it with authority that it has never been the policy of the Red Pepper to extort money from people to cover up their scandals. At least not while I was staff. More so, I read your claims and I found them wanting. You claim your friends told you the Red Pepper reporters extorted millions from them. What did they do about it? Especially since the Red Pepper run a campaign informing the public to report to them on a given hotline in case such ever happened. I don’t like to believe in hearsay. Just like you go ahead to claim that your fiancée was blackmailed by the Red Pepper just because one of the guys there tried to date you and you rejected him. Assuming it was true, what’s wrong with an adult asking another out?

The Red Pepper has nurtured many of us and we will stand with them at this time. The Association of online Journalists the other day released a statement demanding for the release of the Red Pepper directors and editors. Many people in this association are actually former staff who are now independent and working for their own companies. The Human Rights network as well has come out against the manner in which they were detained and treated. So be assured, there are many of us routing for them and we are sure they will bounce back stronger and bigger.

The people you pray that they rot in jail simply suffered what is a work hazard. We chose different jobs and each has its dangers. Tabloid journalism will always expose the writers to hatred and jail. I am sure they will come out probably better. We pray for them. It’s trying to be in jail.  As someone who has been in the media, its strange that your prayer is such!


The writer Innocent Nahabwe is a former employee of Pepper Publications