Radio’s situation is not alarming, says his management  

The management of Radio and Weasel has denied allegations that the singer was fighting for his life after he was involved in a reported fight last night. Reports on social media say the talented singer was involved in a brawl which resulted in serious injuries to his body.

However, his management has now released a statement saying the singer was involved in an accident last night and that his situation was not alarming as it has been reported. He is currently receiving best treatment at Case Clinic, management said.

“Hi Family, Yesterday night, Radio was involved in an accident and he is currently receiving the best treatment at Case Clinic. The situation is not alarming as being reported on social media by some people. We would like to make it clear that RADIO is getting better and right now is out of comma. Please disregard all the unnecessary reports going around. We do appreciate all your love and support during this time. Continue praying for our brother #Radiology,” Management posted. Get well soon!!!

Legendary South African jazz trumpeter, Hugh Masekela, passes on

Masekela was given his first trumpet at the age of 14


Legendary jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela, a leading figure in the struggle to end apartheid and “the father of South African jazz”, has died aged 78.

In a statement, his family said he had “passed peacefully” in Johannesburg “after a protracted and courageous battle with prostate cancer”.

RIP, Hugh Masekela

Masekela gained global recognition with his distinctive Afro-Jazz sound and hits such as Soweto Blues.

The 1977 song became synonymous with the anti-apartheid movement.

In a statement, South African President Jacob Zuma said Masekela’s death was “an immeasurable loss to the music industry and to the country at large”.

Zuma continued: “His contribution to the struggle for liberation will never be forgotten.”

Born in the South African town of Witbank in 1939, Masekela was inspired to learn the trumpet after seeing Kirk Douglas play Bix Beiderbecke in the 1950 film Young Man with a Horn.

He persuaded one of his teachers – the anti-apartheid crusader Father Trevor Huddleston – to buy him an instrument, promising to stay out of trouble in return.

He helped open the 2010 World Cup in South Africa with fellow musician Femi Kuti

In 1960, aged 21, he left South Africa to begin what would be 30 years in exile from the land of his birth.

Under the tutelage of Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong, he was encouraged to develop his own unique style.

In 1967, he performed at the Monterey Pop Festival alongside Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, Ravi Shankar, The Who and Jimi Hendrix.

The following year, his instrumental single Grazing in the Grass topped the charts in the US and became a worldwide hit.

Masekela returned to South Africa in 1990 following the release of Nelson Mandela, whose freedom he had called for in his 1986 anthem Bring Home Nelson Mandela.

In June 2010, he performed at both the opening concert of the Fifa World Cup and the tournament’s opening ceremony in Soweto’s Soccer City.

In their statement, Masekela’s family described him as “a loving father, brother, grandfather and friend” who would be “forever in our hearts”.

“Hugh’s global and activist contribution to and participation in the areas of music, theatre and the arts in general is contained in the minds and memory of millions across six continents,” it continued.

“We are blessed and grateful to be part of a life and ever-expanding legacy of love, sharing and vanguard creativity that spans the time and space of six decades.”

Details of memorial and burial services, the family said, would be released “in due course”.

South African musician Loyiso Bala was among many to mark his death on Twitter.

Analysis by Pumza Fihlani, BBC News, Johannesburg

The passing of Hugh Masekela is the end of an era and has saddened many across the country. Described as a legend, he was celebrated for his contribution to music, theatre and social and political activism.

The jazz musician whose Soweto Blues served as one of the soundtracks to the anti-apartheid movement was never one to shy away from challenging the status quo.

Isaiah Katumwa performs with Hugh Masekela in Kampala

In a career spanning six decades, he gained international recognition with his distinctive sound, a constant reminder of his love for South Africa – a country whose political turmoil once forced him into exile.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008, the world-acclaimed musician – affectionately known as Bra Hugh – spent the last months of his life encouraging men to go for regular cancer check-ups.

The veteran Jazz star last performed in Kampala in February 2017.

Iryn Namubiru back with a bang in Tick, set to perform at Naguru Skyz Hotel

Songbird Iryn Namubiru is back a banger, we can confirm. Her new song titled ‘Tick’ is surely taking over. The song is becoming everyone’s favourite according to our street Spies.

“Loving myself and some, isn’t that what matters most? #Tick #Mylove #NyonyiNtono. Enjoy the rest of my songs too, catch me live at Naguru Skyz Hotel on Valentine’s Day as we tick each other,” Iryn said.

The singer is set to perform on Valentine’s Day special dinner happening at Naguru Skyz Hotel, Naguru.

“Valentines is coming. Tick will be my special dedication to you, then you’ll choose your favorite Jam and I will do it live,” Iryn.

Enjoy music video for ‘Tick’ performed by Iryn Namubiru through these links;

Iryn will perform live at Naguru Skyz Hotel on Valentine’s Day

‘Having a soft heart is not a weakness’- Carol Flower

GXP Gospel show on NTV Uganda presenter Carol Flower has revealed that having a soft heart in a cruel world is not weakness but courage. She said this while posting on social media wall where she revealed she is creating a difference come 29th September 2018.

“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is not weakness, but courage. We need each other. Be the one to create the Difference. On 29th September 2018, I am creating a difference,” Carol Flower said.

Renah Nalumansi outs new love song ‘Nakuwaza’

Song bird Renah Nalumansi has released a new song titled ‘Nakuwaza’, we can confirm. The song talks about a woman telling her guy that she’s thinking about him (Nakuwaza) and also asking him if he feels the same way about her because she loves him. The song is in Afro Zouk style.

Enjoy the song here

Renah Nalumansi who is also nicknamed Uganda’s Sweetheart has thanked her fans for the support and wished them all the best.

“As we get into the new week, let me wish you the best of it….I continue to thank you for all your Love and support. Here is the link to my YouTube Channel, Please Subscribe to it and also please take some time to view any of my videos both New and Old. Comments on any are very welcome as well…….Peace, Love and Blessings.

“If he can’t handle you at your worst then he does not deserve you at your best. Real love means seeing beyond the words spoken out of pain, and instead seeing a person’s soul. We talking love. Listen to some love. Nakuwaza audio is out,” Renah said.

Choose your true friends selectively, says Uwera Borah

Sexy socialite, humanitarian and entrepreneur Uwera Tracy Borah has called on people to scrutinize their fellows before they make them friends.

The queen of social scene said when it comes to choosing friends, people need to be selective because nowadays people don’t the true meaning of friendship and loyalty. She said this while posting on her social media platforms.

“Be very selective when it comes to choosing friends, People nowadays don’t know the true meaning of friendship and loyalty,” Uwera Borah posted.

Of recent, many people have been betrayed by those they call true friends and it is indeed important to be selective when choosing a friend.

Former NTV producer Walusimbi unmasked as a womanizer and a cheat

Ex NTV Uganda producer Raymond Walusimbi who has since relocated to the United States of America (USA) has been exposed as a womanizer and a cheat. This was after he ran away from her latest girlfriend Massy after she helped settle in the US. Sources say Massy paid every penny that Raymond needed to help him settle including housing him and helping him get a job but has since left describing her as someone you cant tolerate.

According to a post sent to us, it accuses Walusimbi of being a serial dater. Here is the post;

“There’s this guy Raymond Walusimbi former producer of NTV Uganda, he was formally married to Helena Walusimbi Nantale from the Kiwanuka family. Raymond had his young 2nd son with Helena plus his eldest daughter with some other lady, his daughter is 25yrs.

I know some people who know Raymond Walusimbi may not believe this but this guy is real shit and wastage of a sperm!

First of all he dates most of classy gals from Facebook and is a stalker for girls from rich families that’s why he married Helena though it wasn’t for live because Helena has attitude and dirty woman.

Raymond Walusimbi when you meet him and talk oh my God he’s the sweetest guy on this planet with a smart wire just like the Farouk Sempala,  boss Mutoto his work is to impregnant women and abandon them… he’s not focused at all, mukuuzi just..

Before he went to USA, he meet this gal Massy mukazi waatu natomera the guy was so sweet and it seemed really a nice couple this Massy woman is a mother and has with Raymond unfortunately Massy got to know that this guy was using her like other hundreds of gals he slept out with moreover from Facebook while they were dating and he lied to Massy that they had divorced with Helena which was not True!

When you talk to Raymond you might think he’s some cute guy who is smart up stairs only to know that the only thing he thinks about is pussy

For the time he worked for NTV, he doesn’t even own a mattress, Helena was the man in the house even the house they lived in was for Helen’s father plus all the cars he drove.

So when massy processed for him the visa things he went to USA and lived with her as he was on the search for other girls, Massy did everything for this guy medical,  car, house, cooking, plus all the wife duties so when she started realising that Raymond was a user they had endless fights and the day the guy got his papers he asked Massy that he can no longer stay with her because of the fights forgetting whatever caused them, but this is how Raymond Walusimbi’s life has been way back with all the different gals

He doesn’t know his the problem.

This guy has never been proud of any of the girls he has married or dated, he’s so mean, and a thief because when he comes to your house he leaves with something so when he left Massy’s house, he went to Chicago to another girl and started calling all people in Boston that Massy made his life hard so he decided to leave and the worst thing he did want to discuss about Massy amongst his friends only negative things

But some men out there please, if you have daughters put your daughters in that woman’s shoes would you be happy if you heard that your son in law was mistreating her?

Raymond Walusimbi

Massy changed this guy’s life from zero to a certain number

But some men like Raymond Walusimbi your so handsome and sweet talking but why don’t you focus at the age of 42, you don’t own even a bicycle really you need to grow and these bisilani of moving from one woman to the other bikugobelera

The way that gal helped you get papers, you went to USA you found a ready house to live in, a full time job to do, a car then the papers really Raymond Walusimbi you are such an evil man and this will hit you back!!

Raymond Walusimbi if you think those papers are something You might wake up to the next morning in Uganda, don’t over talk..

What of a man okunoba you get to the neighbour’s clutch because she caught you cheating so u turned your guilt to hurt her more instead really? Massy paid her rent , never asked you for anything all the money you spent it in hotels sleeping with other woman so telling you her feelings you started mbu omukazi ayomba nyo,  it’s like prison , why did you wait till when you got the papers?

Raymond Walusimbi you are such a devil, when someone looks at you u seem a smart guy yet actually you have porridge in your brain.

Massy my friend i know it hurts but please don’t accept that fool piece of … back in your life

He is going to use you and hurt you more. Take hurt you will find someone who treasures you like a woman not him he has no balls”

Malaikah releases new single featuring Flint Bedrock  

Malaiwain singer Malaikah’s has released her new single ‘Let You Go’. ‘Let You Go’ featuring Flint Bedrock was released on 19th January 2018. The song was produced by UK number 1 producer Rymez.

Dropbox video download link:

‘Let You Go’ is a RnB/Pop song with afro beats and dancehall flavours. The song encourages women not to settle for less than what they deserve in relationships particularly within certain cultures where women have no voice and are practically trapped in marriage due to religious and cultural beliefs. The single challenges women to find their voice and be free of abusive relationships.

Malaikah is a Malawian born singer/songwriter who grew up in Zimbabwe before moving to England. Malaikah released her debut single “Falling For You” in July 2017, the single was widely covered around the world and landed her the reputation of being a bit after a “bad girl.” The song sought to encourage women to be more outspoken within relationships about their sexual desires. Malaikah argued the lack of communication led to unhappy relationships,infidelity and divorce.

Follow Malaikah on social media:

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Official website –

Flint Bedrock is a Zimbabwean born U.K singer/songwriter, rapper & music producer. Flint first made waves in 2011 with the release of his debut single “Dreamer.” His Latest single “Can’t Bring Me Down” was released in January 2017.

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Miss Pru releases Fire Video for ‘Isaga Lam’

Miss Pru has finally released visuals for her latest hit single “Isaga Lam” featuring La Sauce, Gigi Lamayne, Nadia Nakai and Londie London.

Shot by Ambitiouz Visuals, the video is powerful, dominant, sexy and the best representation from SA’s leading female artists.  Miss Pru is seen carried in by well-built men dressed in sexy royal clothing. La Sauce carrying the song with her chorus, she is seen in a bathtub full of money with a dominant aura.

Gigi Lamayne as the wild fire in the game, we introduce Gigi Lamayne as a party boss. She is seen performing from on top of a dinner table while a group of men are seated having dinner around her. Lastly, Nadia Nakai who is no stranger to the sexy, flawless look. Nadia is an influence to many women and we capture that in scenes where she is the lead of a room full of sexy women dancing in lingerie.

This follows the release her previous visuals “uGesi” featuring Emtee, Sjava, Saudi, Kid Tini and Neo on the hook which received an immense amount of positive response and airplay.

Watch “Isaga Lam” video right here: