DTB embraces Interswitch ATM Service

As financial institutions look into the possibilities of what they can do within the digital space, more banks are embracing technology to enhance delivery of financial services.

For this reason, Diamond Trust Bank customers will now do transactions from more than 500 Automated Teller Machine (ATM) locations in Uganda following the bank’s partnership between Interswitch East Africa.

Speaking at the launch of the partnership at DTB headquarters in Kampala, Mr. Varghese Thambi, Chief Executive officer DTB said that “interswitch ATM service will bring a convenient and reliable service to our customers, thanks to increased accessibility through the already existent network with other core member banks. Our customers will be able to suitably access their funds all over the country within a network of over 500 ATM locations.”

Employees of DTB Kampala road branch while at the launch of interswitch ATM service

Mr. Olumuyiwa Asagba the Chief Executive Officer at Interswitch East Africa welcomed the entry of DTB into the Interswitch family saying this partnership adds value to customers on the network and is also a secure way to conduct operations.

“We commend DTB for taking the strategic decision to join Interswitch and in providing their customers and those of other banks on the network greater convenience and access to services their banks offer,” Asagba said.

He further said that they strongly believe that by leveraging the Interswitch network, financial institutions will be able to make financial services more affordable and accessible to their customers.

This partnership is an indication of Interswitch and DTB commitment towards using technology to enhance service delivery.

The Interswitch is a national switch that enables customers to access their accounts using other member Banks’ ATM outlets.  Member banks that have previously joined the interswitch network include,; Cairo International Bank, Centenary Bank, Commercial Bank for Africa, dfcu Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, Exim Bank, Finance Trust Bank, FINCA, GTBank, Housing Finance Bank, NC Bank, Opportunity Bank, Orient Bank, PostBank, Top Finance Bank and United Bank for Africa.

Subscribers win over UGX 9,000,000 as Airtel Uganda’s Yoola Amajja Promo nears End

Airtel Uganda has today rewarded subscribers with a total of UGX 9,124,000 in the 9th draw of their ongoing Yoola Amajja promotion.

Scheduled to end next month, Yoola Amajja was launched late last year with an aim of rewarding customers who are actively using the Airtel Money platform to carry out their daily transactions. The promotion that requires subscribers to enter a glass box and grab money saw Kiyemba Ronald take home UGX 1,488,000 – the largest cash sum of the day.

Airtel Uganda Yoola Ammajja 9th draw winners pose with their money at Airtel Uganda head office

Other winners Nangobi Sharifa, Katusiime Justin, Wabwire Ivan, Ainembabazi Patricia, Mukuye Badru, Lugaizi Salim and Mbabazi Jassy managed to grab UGX 719,000, UGX 1,252,000, UGX 1,212,000, UGX 983,000, UGX 1,314,000, UGX 1,015,000 and UGX 1,141,000 respectively.

On receiving his cash, an overjoyed Kiyemba thanked Airtel Uganda for the promotion that has changed his and many other people’s lives.

“Who knew that by simply transacting using Airtel Money we would all be winners? I could not have received this money at a better time! Thank you Airtel Uganda for always remembering us, your subscribers,” he commented.

Lugayizi Salim, a taxi operator from Kyengera, receives UGX1,015,000 from Airtel’s Simon Mugisha

Mbabazi Jassy, also a winner in the 9th draw, pledged to continue transacting and encouraging her neighbours and friends to do the same.

Speaking during the cash handover, Airtel Uganda Ag. Enterprise Director Mr. Simon Mugisha encouraged the winners to keep transacting via the Airtel Money platform and Airtel will continue to reward them.

“We launched this promotion to reward our subscribers and over the past few months, we have done exactly that. Subscribers have won millions of shillings by simply going by their day-to-day activities of sending money, paying bills and other transactions offered on our safe and reliable platform,” he commented.

To take part in the Yoola Amajja promotion, Airtel Money customers should dial *185# on their phones and carry out any 3 of these transactions weekly;

Send money

Pay bills like pay TV, water, electricity, school fees etc.

Purchase a data or voice bundle through Airtel Money

Top up a minimum of 500/= airtime through Airtel money

Transact on your bank account through Airtel Money

Wewole loans service

Lucky winners will be allowed into the cash box to grab up to 2 million shillings and will strictly be called using 0752600222.

Brookside Limited wins gold award during the President’s export award 2017

Brookside Limited produces Fresh Dairy products in Uganda

Brookside Limited, the producer of all Fresh Dairy products in Uganda has won a Gold Award in the Dairy and Dairy products Category at the President’s Export Award 2017 organized by the Uganda Export Promotion Board held this evening at Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala.

(L-R) is Fresh Dairy’s Benson Mwangi – Finance and Administration General Manager, Vincent Omoth – Marketing Manager, Joseph Awino – Sales General Manager and Walibwa Robert pose with the Gold Award that Brookside Limited won

The theme for this year’s President’s Export Award is ‘Exporting – Growth Opportunity for local industry’

Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB) is the national focal point for export promotion and development whose main role is to help entities export their products and services out of Uganda. The UEPB through its annual event; the ‘President’s Export Award’ acknowledges the export fraternity’s contribution towards the economic development of the country.

Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Hon. Amelia Kyambadde (2L) poses with the team from Fresh Dairy – Benson Mwangi – Finance and Administration General Manager (L), Joseph Awino – Sales General Manager (M), Vincent

The Gold Award was handed over by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Hon. Amelia Kyambadde to Vincent Omoth, Marketing Manager Fresh Dairy who received it together with Joseph Awino – Sales General Manager, Benson Mwangi – Finance and Administration General Manager and Walibwa Robert.

Group photo of all the winners at the President export award 2017 held by Uganda Export Promotion Board

‘How I have been beaten, abused, traumatized and denied access to my babies by Human Rights Activist’ – Prisca Baike

Human Rights Activist, Willington Ssekadde, Abuses, Traumatises and Denies me my Babies aged 3 and 2 years

When you read the touching story of Prisca Baike, you can’t fail to cry. The mother of two has narrated her brutalised relationship with human rights activist Willington Ssekadde. Here is her story;

“I have beaten you, insulted you and chased you but you are not leaving. If you don’t want to leave this house alive, tell your people to buy a coffin in which they will take you.” Said the father of my two children

“I will stay here and raise my kids,” I responded amid tears generated by the blow I had just received on my head before my kids, who were more or less used to this scenario.

“Are these the bu-ones keeping you here? Take them and go or else, leave them to die from here. After all I have my other kids and a woman who are meant to be staying here,” he said before driving off in his Mercedes Benz Compressor UAX 450K.

“Daddy is bad,” said my innocent daughter, trying to comfort me.

As I looked at the big house and my Pajero UAZ 871J parked on the one-acre compound, I missed the good old days Willington and I had in our two-roomed Muzigo in Kireka, with not even enough compound space for a boda to park but we were happy.

Willington Ssekade and I met in March 2013 when he was working as the programs manager at raising voices and I had just started a journalism career with the Observer Newspaper.

A few months later, his organisation was awarded a DFID project which came with lots of allowances and in a nutshell, our lives changed. He finally completed his house that he had been building for the last six years, expanded the plot from a mere 90×100 to one acre, bought two Mercedes Benzes, a Pajero, several plots of land, and constructed flats for rent in Mukono.

He asked me to have kids, promising he was going to marry me but two kids later and four years down the road there was no marriage. Any mention of the word would spark a beating.

He first laid his hand on me when I was six weeks pregnant with our first child in September 2013. Later at seven months of pregnancy, I had locked myself in the bathroom of our rented Kireka muzigo to escape his beating when he forcefully kicked the door open, nearly killing me in the process. I went back home to my parents and delivered our daughter from there.

Seeing that our innocent child needed both her parents, I gave him another chance and in 2015, we had a second child, Malcolm Ssekadde who was prematurely born due to an infection and the stress I was enduring in the abusive violent marriage.

Brutal: Willington Ssekadde

He never allowed me to go back to work and he beat me on several occasions for attempting to start working but in 2016 February, I put my foot down and started working. I endured his abuse but it only got worse until he started threatening to kill me for competing with him by working.

On the 7th April 2017 I left his house with nothing but only my kids and our clothes, not even a feeding bottle or spoon did I carry, save for the Pajero that I used for taking my suitcases to a friend’s home. I hired an Ipsum to take my children who were with my elder brother to my parents’ home in Mbale since I had no place to stay and I also to work that day despite my condition. I stayed with a friend, Dr. Mirembe Leila until I got my own place. He never called me or any member of my family to ask about us.

A week later, on the 14th of April, I went to Mbale to check on my kids and I was informed that Malcolm had been taken to an ENT and he needed immediate operation. His father and I were already aware of this so I called him to ask for money for the operation he was aware of. He didn’t pick so I sent a message. The response I got was heart breaking.

“If you can’t afford the operation, you burry him.”

My dad was willing to foot the bill but I decided to sell my supermarket to pay for my son’s operation the following week. One day while at FIDA I asked him for support so that I could bring the children to stay in Kampala where he could easily see them but he refused. I was working hard to pay up my loan and ensure that my children could come stay with me in Kampala as soon as I was financially stable.

After the boy had recovered, Willington went to my parents’ home to kidnap the kids but luckily, the neighbours saw him and called police. He was put on a seven year police bond and asked to start supporting the children. He only paid tuition and I took care of the other fees including requirements and shuttle services. He absolutely gave us no support apart from that. He sent lawyers and court bailiffs to take his car and I handed it over to them at Kira Road Police.

In August, while at my parents’ home, attending to our son who was severely sick, I received a phone call from my daughter’s teacher telling me that a man claiming to be my daughter’s father had gone to school with armed police women led by ASP Lydia Birungi and AIP Sarah Kawuma and abducted my daughter along with the school headteacher, throwing the entire school in panic. And just like that she was gone. This directive as I later found out was issued by Maureen Atuhaire, the Director of Child and family protection unit, Naguru.

A few weeks later, he presented a custody order from Mukono court that had granted him custody to our two kids, Shanelle who was 3 years and Malcolm who was 23 months old. I was never summoned to court and the case was judged by a one Okwong in my absence. Since I was given visitation rights, I settled for that since I was tired of fighting and tossing the kids from one home to the other. What hurts me is that he doesn’t want me to see my children. He never picks my calls, he never calls me. I absolutely know nothing about my kids whereabouts as he keeps telling me they have shifted whenever I ask to see them. I last saw my kids in October after a prolonged battle of exchanging various emails with his lawyers who are always harassing and intimidating me and my family. He even sued my parents for taking care of my children without his permission. I sent them clothes and shoes last November and all I got in response were threats and insults to stay away from his children.

I had tried FIDA before but I wasn’t helped. This man is a renowned child rights activist who has sadly represented the country across the globe on issues pertaining children’s rights and more embarrassing, Gender based violence. He is currently working with World Education International. Due to his work history, he knows so many influential people in the family courts, Police, the gender and justice ministries, plus he has all the money to bribe anyone. He recently sent me messages telling me he had a new wife with whom they are raising my children. All I want are my kids. I have not heard from them in over three months since he and his relatives don’t talk to me.

Every time I ask him to let me see my kids, it is as if I have opened a can of worms for endless insults. I’ve tried several lawyers but this man has so many connections. I tried drinking, out of frustration to forget but it didn’t work. I have since turned to prayer and abandoned my drinking habits to rebuild my life but my heart still aches for my little ones. They are too young to be on their own without me, especially with a father who is bitter with their mother, a father who has denied them the opportunity to enjoy their mother’s love especially at such a tender age. I forgave him and I am willing to have shared custody because I know we are both equally important in our children’s life but he is so bitter yet I am the victim in all this. I am so heartbroken. I want my babies.

To all the women, activists, authorities, lawyers, fellow parents, journalists, for how long shall I and other women suffer in silence under the heavy boots of the rich and the connected? Don’t my children deserve their mother’s love? How can court award custody of such young kids to a father without hearing from their mother?

Please I beg of you, kindly help me share this message and tag whoever can help me access justice for my little ones. I know there is a kind lawyer out there who can help me access justice. Please help me rescue my children. I am totally stuck. Thank you very much and may the good Lord richly reward you.

#RescueShanelleAndMalcolm. Prisca Baike

Movit kicks off community campaign dubbed ‘Kuma Life Yo’

Manufacturers of the best quality and affordable cosmetics in a timely fashion and efficiently supply them, Movit Products has kicked off community campaign dubbed ‘Kuma Life Yo’.

The campaign is aimed at sensetising motorcycle riders to wear helmets to help them their lives in case of accidents.

“Today Movit kicked off a campaign of giving back to the community called “Kuma Life Yo, Yambala Helmet” at different Boda Boda stages. We started with Bunamwaya, Kajjansi and Nabbingo stages,” Movit posted.

This two day campaign is led by Ndahiro Peter, Movit Brand Manager, Kitenda Robert, Movit PR Manager, and Jeff Bossa, Movit Events Supervisor.

In related developments, the company with over 3000 employees, yesterday launched a 2 day blood donation drive at their office premises in Bunamwaya.

The management said the donation is aimed at contributing to the nation’s blood banks in light of recent blood shortages. “At Movit, we value your life as much as we value your image”

Meanwhile the week has ended on a high note for the cosmetic company (Movit Products Limited) emerged as the Gold winner in the cosmetics category on Thursday night at the Presidential Export Awards.

The award was presented to Movit by the Prime Minister of Uganda Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda, and the minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Hon. Amelia Kyambade.

Coca-Cola Rewards More Consumers in ‘Vimba’ Promo

Uganda, Kampala – Beverage giant Coca-Cola, this afternoon, rewarded two lucky consumers as part of their on-going Under the Crown promotion ‘Vimba ne Coca-Cola’.

Nagujja Ruth, a retail shop owner, and Ali Afijar, a resident of Entebbe, were handed UGX5, 000,000 each by Century Bottling Company’s Commercial Director Mr. Patrick Oyuru.

Nagujja Ruth, a retail shop owner displays the UGX5,000,000 she received from Coca-Cola’s Vimba ne Coca-Cola promotion

“When I received the message and phone call informing me that I had won, I was both excited and confused. I want to encourage everyone out there to walk to the nearest shop and purchase a Coca-Cola. You will not regret,” exclaimed Afijar after he received his money.

Oyuru congratulated this week’s winners and noted that since the promotion was launched, thousands of Ugandans have had an opportunity to win airtime and cash sent directly to their phones, with a few lucky ones taking home the weekly grand prize of UGX5, 000,000.

Ali Afijar, a resident of Entebbe, displays his cash received from Coca-Cola’s Vimba ne Coca-Cola promotion

“Today, I am very excited to hand over millions of shillings to our ‘Vimba ne Coca-Cola’ winners. These winners did not do anything extra-ordinary to win – Nagujja bought a crate of soda for her family and Afijar just wanted to quench his thirst – and today, they are millionaires! I encourage consumers out there to keep sending the codes to 6088, this could be you,” he said.

‘Vimba ne Coca-Cola’ is a three months promotion that is changing lucky Ugandans’ lives by giving them a chance to win over UGX1,000,000 daily in airtime and instant cash, as well as weekly cash prizes of UGX100,000, UGX200,000, UGX500,000 and UGX5,000,000.

To participate, consumers should simply buy Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Stoney, Krest and Schweppes Novida glass bottle, check under the gold crown for the unique code and SMS that code to 6088.

NWSC boosts water supply reliability in Mbarara

The National water and sewerage corporation Mbarara area has completed system upgrade works at Ruharo water treatment plant.

The works included the construction of a new DN 400 (16″) steel pipe and reconfiguration of associated pipe work and systems to add more water to the network.

According to Mbarara area General manager Mr Ekanya Emmanuel, the newly completed works will add over 2000million litres of water into the Mbarara water network.

Other interventions that will include installation of a new 500m3/h raw water bigger capacity pump that has already been shipped and expected in the country very soon. This will add over 1million litres of water per day to the network.

Mbarara area engineer Emmamuel Mujuni assured residents that daily production will very soon move from the current 13million litres of water per day to 16million litres per day.

NWSC MD Dr.Eng Silver Mugisha shared that the works are part of the corporation’s ongoing water supply stabilisation plans aimed at boosting water supply reliability in all NWSC areas of operation.

Dr Silver added that the corporation is looking at other measures like new clarifiers at the plant in Mbarara, motorised boreholes in various parts of Mbarara to boost water production and the much anticipated Isingiro water supply system along river Kagera.

The new Isingiro water supply system will improve water supply in Isingiro, Mabrara, Masaka corridor and the surrounding areas he added.

NWSC MD ENG. Silver Mugisha

NSSF nationwide blood drive raises over 5800 units

The national blood bank has been boosted with 5,898 units of blood following a successful nationwide blood drive championed by the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and Equity Bank in partnership with Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS). This was in response to an appeal for safe blood in country.

The drive was held in Kampala at the Constitutional Square, Workers House, Queens Way, Mukwano Arcade and at all NSSF branches in Kireka, Mukono, Kawempe, Bakuli, Bugolobi and Entebbe from January 8 – 13, 2018.Outside Kampala, it was carried out in Mbale, Mbarara, Gulu ,Arua, Fort Portal, Jinja, Mukono, Kabale, Masaka at NSSF offices and selected places in the  respective towns.

Richard Byarugaba NSSF MD

According to Dr. Dorothy Kyeyune, the Executive Director UBTS, the exercise was a success as many people heeded to the call for blood and turned up in large numbers at the various collection points. “The support that we received from NSSF helped us take the message out of office and into the field through radio interviews, talk shows and announcements. This helped drive the message on the benefits of blood further to potential donors hence the surplus,” he said.

Adding, “However, this is not enough because there’s still need for more blood given that the one we collect can only last 30 days after which it expires. On a daily basis, the country needs about 1,000 units. If we could get more of such campaigns that go outside the city, then we would be able to collect enough blood. We therefore appeal to more companies and individuals out there to continue turning up whenever we call upon them to donate.”

Now in its 8th year, the annual NSSF Blood Drive mobilizes blood donors countrywide, especially at this time when stocks of blood have greatly dropped at the Blood Bank due to a limited number of donors.

Richard Byarugaba, the Managing Director NSSF expressed his gratitude towards all those who responded to the call for blood donation.

“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all Ugandans who heeded to this call and came out to help save lives. Together, we have surpassed our target of raising 4,500 units of blood in just 6 days. Without blood, hospitals around the country cannot carry out lifesaving operations. It is therefore our responsibility as Ugandans to contribute to saving lives by giving blood hence this annual blood drive. This initiative is part of our Social Responsibility agenda which is premised on supporting vulnerable members of the community as well as improving their social well-being,” he said.

Blood is vital as it is used in surgeries, deliveries for expectant mothers and victims of accidents.

According to World Health Organization, (WHO), Uganda needs about 340,000 units of blood annually although less than 200,000 units are collected annually. It should be noted that only 1% of Uganda’s population that is eligible to donate blood regularly do so, causing blood shortages.

Blood donors can still donate at the national blood bank in Nakasero and at UBTS regional offices in Gulu, Arua, Fortportal, Mbale ,Mbarara, Masaka.

NITA-U: False Reports Meant to Undermine IT Infrastructure Development

National Information Technology Authority – Uganda (NITA-U) has revealed that false reports about its activities are meant to undermine IT Infrastructure Development. A local newspaper published an article allegedly exposing fraud at the institution.

Authorities at NITA-U told this website that the false information is aimed at undermining development plans at an institution mandated to coordinate, promote and monitor Information and Technology developments in the country.

The information that was used in the story was obtained from “a

whistle-blower attached to the Internal Security Organisation (ISO).”

In one of the scams shown in the story, the publication reports that the Authority is about to cause a huge financial loss to government after awarding a contract to develop infrastructure to expand broad band access and use in Uganda – to the highest bidder instead of the lowest.

Huawei is the said beneficiary of the project — Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (RCIP) – which will cost $75 million (Shs270 billion).

The bidding process, which by the way is still ongoing, attracted six companies, and of them all, Huawei was the highest bidder.

And according to this kind of bidding, the lowest bidder should be the one to scoop the contract.

NITA-U, in details, responded to all those misunderstandings in the reported story;

This story, using information from NITA-U, rebuts all those reports.

Internet charges on Government Ministries, Departments & Agencies and Local governments

In the said report, the whistle blower indicated that Nita charges $300

(Shs 1.08 million) on government ministries, departments & agencies and local governments per mbps, which is too high compared to what is paid in neighbouring countries like Rwanda where government pays $50 (Shs 180,000) per mbps.

That, according to Nita, is false.

“By the end of Financial Year 17/18, NITA-U plans to have connected 730 MDAs and Local Governments to the backbone. There are currently

321 MDAs and Local Governments (LGs) already connected to the NBI (National Backbone Infrastructure). This means that more MDA/LGs will access reliable internet at a low cost, which translates into significant cost savings for the Government of Uganda,” reads Nita-U’s statement.

“NITA-U remains committed to digitizing Uganda by reducing the cost of internet connectivity, which is a significant barrier in encouraging the use of Internet across the country. This effort has been deliberate and we are happy to have led the industry in reducing the cost of connectivity to Government offices by over 84% since 2010, when 1Mbps cost a government office $1200 to the current cost of $70 for 1Mbps.”

That aside, the Authority notes that there is a planned reduction in the cost of internet to Government offices that will take effect in

July 2018; the charges will reduced further to $50 per 1Mbps.

In related achievements, since 2011, NITA-U has successfully completed three phases of the National Backbone Infrastructure (NBI).

With over 2,400km of fiber laid across Uganda, a number of towns have been connected, these include Kampala, Entebbe, Mukono, Jinja, Bombo, Busia, Tororo, Mbale, Malaba, Kumi, Soroti, Lira, Gulu, Elegu, Masindi, Kyenjojo, Fort Portal, Kasese, Bushenyi, Masaka, Mutukula, Mbarara, Kabale and the Katuna Border Post.

Additionally, extension of the NBI is planned for the following districts in West Nile; Pakwach, Nebbi, Arua, Yumbe, Koboko and Adjumani.

Certification Services Contract irregularly awarded

As per The NITA- Act 2009 and The NITA-U (Certification of Providers of IT Products & Services) Regulations 2016, NITA is mandated to carry out certification of IT service providers.

But, according to the whistleblower, the IT regulatory agency awarded to Comtel Africa a contract to certify ICT companies that want to do business with government.

The company in question is owned by a former NITA-U board member, and it was allegedly allowed to take 80 per cent of the revenue it collects and only remit 20 per cent to NITA-U.

However, NITA-U says that CyberQ Consulting, an Indian company, is instead the one that won the deal and later on decided to partner with Comtel, a local company.

This was reached after an international bidding process, says Nita.

CyberQ are a global company with extensive experience with over 650 clients across 24 countries.

Furthermore, the Authority notes that “this procurement was carried out as per the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) rules with quality control at each stage to ensure all the bid requirements were met and the consequent award was considered compliant to the PPDA regulations.”

Explaining the part on benefits, NITA-U shows that “the procurement is turn-key in nature, what this means is that CyberQ/Comtel undertook to design, construct and implement the Certification of Providers of IT Products & Services.”

It adds, “This involves operational costs associated with running a full-functional certification office with salaried staff, tools of trade, office equipment, a lot of field visits across the country and other related expenses. Therefore the revenue share between CyberQ Consulting and NITA-U took into consideration the nature of the project, turn-key.”

[If that explanation of turn-key up there wasn’t helpful, refer to this: a defined by Google: “of or involving the provision of a complete product or service that is ready for immediate use.”]

On comtel being owned by the board member, the agency says, “being a former board member of an institution doesn’t preclude one from participating in a commercial activity,” adding: “This would be unfair and unreasonable.”

The cost of construction of a manholes and buying is high

The publication’s report shows that Nita “pays $1,200 (Shs 4.3 million) for manhole covers that the same supplier sells to MTN at Shs 400,000.”

Nitsa insists “this is untrue.”

The Authority writes, “A simple check in the market will reveal that a transmission manhole is more than just a cover. It includes culverts, a concrete cover, joint boxes (JB) to mention but a few.”

It adds, “Therefore to state that the cost would be Shs400,000 would not be a fair assertion.”

Below is a description of the transmission manholes that NITA-U builds:

 Manhole and accessories:

Manholes are precast with a diameter of 1100mm (outer diameter) and 900mm (inner diameter), 200mm thickness. The duct/pipe entry holes to manhole are placed at the bottom, 100mm from the base such that it lines up with the underground ducts. The manhole base is 1300mm diameter and 100mm thick. The precast concrete top section is 1100mm diameter and 100mm thickness. Accessories include cable bearer that holds the cable slack into one position.

The Manhole cover

The manhole cover is made of polymer, hard plastic branded with NITA-U logo. The Manhole cover constitutes of the ring, and removal cover.

The ring is precast with the Manhole top section and the 600mm diameter removable cover is placed on top of the ring.

iii. Transportation & Installation

Precast manholes transported to site are placed in excavated pits (2m by 2m) with the top cover raised slightly above the ground or at ground level for roadside path ways. The level of the base is made in such a way that the duct entry holes to the Manhole line up with the underground cable ducts. Backfill material is placed around the ring and compacted.

Installation process

(All information in italics got direct from the statement.)

Port switch charges

Responding to allegations that Government is being cheated in the procurement of Cisco switches, which NITA-U buys at $2,600 (Shs 9.3 million) as opposed to Shs 1.4 million on the open market, the

Authority said:

“The contract for extensions to the NBI defines a Cisco 2960 24 port. This switch on the market starts at $2400. A quick search on the internet would show this price.

“Costs for switches are determined by the functionality required of those switches. Just stating the number of ports is not enough to determine the functionality or the cost of a switch.”

ALARMING!!! WSDF_C rocked by Multi Billion Corruption Scandal, Project supervisor, Felix Twinomucunguzi on the Spot!

A MULTI BILLION corruption scandal has rocked the Water and Sanitation Development Facility (WSDF), a project under the Ministry of Water and Environment with the top bosses including the project supervisor, Felix Twinomucunguzi are on the spot.

A report leaked to this website reveals rot at the WSDF-C project that is infested with corruption related scandals, with the national coordinator Felix Twinomucunguzi at the centre of the evil and service depriving activities.

According to information availed to us, Felix works closely with Moses Bujure, currently based in Mbale.

Felix and Moses, this website can reveal, connive to swindle donor funds.

WSDF is funded by African Development Bank and the European Union.

According to reports these scandalous corruption acts have been going for years.

It all started, when Felix Twinomucunguzi influenced   most of the administrative jobs handing them top posts in Wakiso, thereby transferring the non compliant ones to upcountry/regional offices.

By this Felix was on a mission to get compliant ones near him in order to execute his dubious deals.

One of the transfers that raised eyebrows was when a high performing female administrator was transferred to Mbarara in favor of his friend and fellow tribes mate.

Since the said transfer Felix and his cohorts have managed to siphon funds out of the project with no question.

The female admin, it is said adamantly refused to cooperate with Felix and his gang.

With the female staffer out of the picture, Felix managed to handle his dubious activities, accumulating massive wealth including several properties in Kampala and Wakiso.

According to the detailed report on our desk Felix connives with various project managers and solicit money from locals in different regions of the country.

Yet according to donors World Bank and ADB, these donor projects are meant to strictly be free of charge.

For example in Kiboga, peasants contributed money to get what were supposed to be free water services that include boreholes and piped water. In Hoima, Felix connived with locals to inflate prices of land where the project was to pass. However, government later decided to use another route something that didn’t go well with Felix who was supposed to bag a big kickback from the land owners.

All this money is kept by Felix and his crew.

This is done without the knowledge of development partners, World Bank and ADB.

Further kick backs from suppliers and contractors like multi industries are the order of the day. Just a few months ago, it is said Felix through the Eastern Uganda coordinator Moses Bujure received a kickback of Shs200 million from Plan Bass, a supplying company.

Like already noted, Bujure was recently transferred to Mbale from Wakiso as part of the measures to break the wide corruption chain in WSDF.

The source went on to reveal that Felix and Moses recently asked for money from Multiple industries after giving them business to supply building materials.

Felix is said to have amassed vast wealth all over the country majorly in Kampala, Wakiso and in western Uganda.

It must be noted that Felix works very closely with the water ministry commissioner a one Herbert who is his project supervisor. Felix has a lot of money and has amassed a lot of wealth like cars, houses and farms in Kampala and Wakiso and in western Uganda. Felix also spends a lot of money on woman a reason why he separated with his first wife and fell for her current wife who is a doctor.

Felix is responsible for most of the audit queries in auditor general’s 2015 report as will be shown in the next article

More details to follow in our next articles…