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Thousands turn up for treatment at Airtel Uganda Masindi Health Camp

Masindi, Uganda. This weekend, residents of Masindi and surrounding areas were treated to a free Airtel Uganda regional health camp as part of the telco’s efforts to give back to the community in which they operate.

The camp, that was held at Bwijanga Health Center IV located on Masindi – Hoima road, was the third health camp for the year sponsored by the telecommunications company in fulfilment of the health pillar of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. This camp saw many locals including prisoners from Uganda Prison Farm Isimba get a chance to receive free treatment.

Mrs. Flavia Lwanga, Airtel HR assists patients at the Masindi health camp

Every year, Airtel Uganda offers free medical services to hundreds of community members in an effort to improve their wellbeing and empower them with the basic health information and services they need to make appropriate health decisions. These health camps are done in partnership with Hinds Feet Project Uganda along with various medical practitioners and health institutions such as Red Cross, Cancer Institute, Doctor Agrawal, Re-pad, Mariestopes, Uniliver and District health centers who volunteer their services and medical personnel to participate in the cause and treat thousands of Ugandans across the country with free diagnosis, treatment and referrals to major hospitals.

Mrs Flavia N. Lwanga, Airtel HR supporting patients at the Masindi health camp

The health camps have also dedicated time to educating Ugandans on different topics such as HIV prevention, sexual and reproductive health, maternal and child health, nutrition, hepatitis B, prevention of infectious diseases among others.

According to the Masindi District Health Office, there have been some efforts to improve the health situations; however, the health status of the population of Masindi is still poor with a high prevalence of infectious and communicable diseases, malaria, skin diseases and malnutrition among the general population especially in children under 5. Masindi district is also affected by other environmental health issues including acute diarrhea affecting 2.6% of the population, pneumonia, eye infections and genital infections. “This gesture is so much appreciated as it gives our people a chance to get free medical education and treatment,” she commented.

Speaking during the Masindi health fare, Airtel Uganda Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Mrs. Charity Bukenya said “Our effort is a drop in the ocean that supports what several other generous organizations are doing to make conscious and deliberate steps towards fulfilling the sustainable development goal #3 which is about ensuring good health and wellbeing and we at Airtel know that together we can make an impact in the lives of Ugandan’s through such camps,” she commented, pledging to continue reaching out to communities in Uganda.

Inside NSSF Deputy MD Geraldine Ssali’s desperate bid to save her job

As the moment of truth for “iron lady” NSSF deputy managing director, Geraldine Ssali Busuulwa draws near, she is desperately trying to save her job.

Having unsuccessfully tried to appeal to the same board, she has previously dismissed as ‘inconsequential’ and often rebelled against, she has now turned to finance minister finance Matia Kasaija as her last hope.

Her 3-year contract runs out on Sunday 29th October and unlike 2 of her other statutory appointees- Richard Byarugaba (Managing Director) and Richard Wabwire (Corporation Secretary)- the board has recommended that her contract be not renewed.

The board, led by retired central banker, Patrick Kaberenge on 26th September wrote to the minister saying that, “her (Ssali’s) character has been abrasive as evidenced by various caution letters in her file” and the “relationship between her and her Managing Director has been disconcerting and not good to the Funds reputation.”

Geraldine Ssali

Kaberenge further wrote that “various attempts to intermediate between the two offices have come to Nil,” adding: “she routinely ignored the authority of both the board and her line manager, her disciplinary conduct and personal judgment was lacking that necessitated caution for reckless communication attributed to her, raising false allegations against the fund to PPDA and the board and clandestinely attempting to obstruct disciplinary proceedings against a staff member.”

The board therefore recommended to the minister that: “given the record of her personal conduct over the three year contract period, she has demonstrated she is not suitable for the position of Deputy Managing Director.”

Ssali fires back

In her first official reaction to the board’s recommendation, Ssali in an interview with said that the board’s recommendations are inconsequential.

“The board doesn’t make such decisions. It is not the first time the board has made such a pronouncement; but ultimately this is the minister’s decision to make and that is what we should all wait for,” she said.

She also, in a 16th October 2017 letter, entitled ‘RENEWAL OF MY CONTRACT AS DEPUTY MANAGING DIRECTOR-NATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY FUND [NSSF], Ssali has in the same unrepentant attitude gone on to make several accusations against the board and her performance, many of which accusations are either absolutely false or selectively in her favor.

In the letter, she claims that she was not properly appraised by the board, but most importantly, claims that the decision to ‘fire’ her was not reached at by a fully constituted board.

“One would imagine that a decision as important as this would have been decided by the full board; unfortunately this was not the case,” she wrote.

However available information indicates the decision to ‘fire’ Ssali was reached at by a full board- in its actual meaning.

Section 5 (3) of the NSSF Act says “The quorum at any meeting of the board shall be five.”

Available information shows that the journey to Ssali’s sacking actually followed the set procedure. It started with her supervisor’s (Managing Director, Richard Byarugaba) report to the board’s Staff and Corporate Affairs (SACA).

SACA is a sub-committee of the board that handles staff affairs.

Following the MD’s report, SACA sat on the morning of September 25th.

SACA is composed of Florence Mawejje, Penninah Tukamwesiga, Nelson Makwasi and Richard Byarugaba, however, Florence Mawejje was not present in this meeting.

In the meeting, after reviewing the MD’s report, all the three SACA members, in their report to the full board, anonymously agreed not to renew Ssali’s contract.

The full board meeting, attended by 7 members, out of the 9 members constituting the full board, 6 voted against renewing her contract with only 1 voting to retain her.

“In other words, 85% of the board, decided to let her go. Even though all the others who did not attend, had been in attendance and had voted in her favour, she still would not have had her contract renewed, by a 66% board majority!,” said a source familiar to the meeting, adding: “Ssali can’t honestly put this on Byarugaba and Kaberenge. The entire board does not seem to agree with her.”

Questionable Performance Ratings

In an attempt to salvage her job, Ssali wrote to the minister, claiming that she is a “she is a seasoned business administrator, finance expert and business strategist” during whose shot stint as acting managing director from January- November 2014 made significant gains for the fund.

“I achieved phenomenon results despite the financial stress in the economy. My high leadership resolve saw the business benefit from a number of local investments and businesses like UMEME (UGX 34 Billion out of the UGX 70 Billion) and KAKIRA SUGAR (Through a corporate bond of USD 43 Million). UMEME immediately made a Capital gain of UGX 44.5 Billion and a dividend of UGX 4.5 Billion. This set the total value of investment at UGX 119.2 Billion. This was about 83% Return on investment. During this time, the Fund was able to cross it’s milestone of hitting the UGX 5 Trillion mark, while Net Income grew by 8% (UGX 188 Billion). Out of the Total revenues of UGX 808 Billion, the Fund was able for the first time to put away a surplus of UGX 272 Billion into the reserve, the highest surplus in the history of the Fund,” she wrote.

However, analysts have questioned her alleged historic performance and accused her of “selective amnesia that borders on lies.”

One source who spoke to us on condition of anonymity said that the period in question refers to the time that Richard Byarugaba left the Fund in December 2013, at the end of his first term leaving Ssali as Acting MD between January 2014- November 2014, before Byarugaba returned in December 2014 for his second term as Managing Director.

“What Ssali didn’t say is that NSSF’s financial year runs from July- June and as such any successes made by the Fund between July 2014-June 2015) are the joint work of Ssali and Byarugaba. She can’t claim that alone. If she was honest enough, she should have told that to the minister,” said the source.

The source also said that much as it is true that Ssali presided over the Fund’s increase in shareholding in Umeme from 131,722, 771 shares (8.1%) to 231,722,771 shares (14.27%) at a cost of UGX34 billion, any positive gains from the Umeme investment should also recognize the fact that it was Richard Byarugaba under whose tenure, the very first Umeme investment at IPO was made.

“Ssali is lying to the minister, to make herself look good. She at least should have had some level of honesty about this.”

Finally, the source also said that over 75% of NSSF income is from fixed income assets and government paper- many of which range between 1 year to 15 years.

“The bulk of these investments were made during Byarugaba’s first tenure and Ssali was only earning what you can call automatic and risk free income. For Ssali to claim exclusive credit for growing the Fund’s worth during this time is a deliberate distortion of facts,” said the source.

NSSF’s performance under Ssali still unmatched

Amid standoff between National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Uganda Board and Deputy Managing Director Geraldine Ssali Busuulwa over her job, we have established that while acting as the Managing Director, the no nonsense lady performed excellently.

Records have it that performance by National Social Security Fund (NSSF) under deputy Managing Director, Ms Geraldine Ssali when she was the acting Managing Director is yet to be matched by any.

Geraldine Ssali

Amidst controversy surrounding the top management, board and deputy MD Ssali, her performance can’t be questioned because it was excellent.

The plot to force her out has been described as a continued victimization stance from last year when they miserably failed to get me her of her office. Our experts have called it corporate hooliganism, jealous and envy aka Chauvinism.

“Meanwhile, Fund performance when she was acting Managing Director has never been matched. So how a board that has only been there for two years concludes otherwise leaves us baffled! Never mind that the board has no powers to Hire/Fire. It’s simply a continued victimization stance from last year when they miserably failed to get her out of her office. Corporate hooliganism, jealous and Envy aka Chauvinism,” a source said.

OPINION: How did Geraldine Ssali’s stellar performance suddenly fall below par?

Firstly, you keep telling us how the board on which Byarugaba seats has sacked his deputy. But according to the NSSF Act, the power to appoint and disappoint rests with the Minister in charge of social security, who in this case, is the Minister of Finance since the

President moved NSSF from Labour to Finance. This very board of Byarugaba was clearly reminded by Justice Steven Musota last year that they acted outside the law in assuming powers and trying to suspend the DMD as she returned to work from the Maternity leave. Even at their recent AGM this month, the

Chairman was wailing about being unable to sack senior managers as part of the changes he would like to see in the NSSF Act amendments instead of discussing an actual wish list that would remove the bottlenecks in their investment activities. So for them to turn around and claim that they sacked is ” self defeatist” to say the least. Claiming victory too early. You will also recall that the previous board of Kyayonka made recommendations of Agaba and Ayota who came first in the interviews but the appointing authority who has the final say brought back Byarugaba and Ssali who both came third in the same interviews.

Geraldine Ssali is determined to keep her job

The 14% interest (not 15%) that Jamwa paid was out of unrealised gains – this was not sustainable for NSSF, that’s why they subsequently dropped it to about 4% in order to recover. The 13% that Ssali paid was out of purely realised gains. Hence the reason NSSF put aside the UGX 272 Billion surplus, which cushioned the poor returns in subsequent years. Therefore this assertion is valid.

Byarugaba has constantly and deceivingly lied that his deputy “sanctioned the Siphoning of money from from the Fund to UTL” – Which is total propaganda, sensationalism and unsophisticated dishonesty on the part of Byarugaba who cannot even lie in a straight line. Can anyone tell me if the letter below from Ssali is Sanctioning to Siphon money? Also see the advice of AG on the same. The competent Authority on the Issue is the AG and NOT Byarugaba! AG gave a legal Opinion which the Fund was bound to abide by. Byarugaba instead opted for a populist approach to challenge that position, at an even greater expense to the workers of UTL in terms of fees to Private Lawyers. The subsequent High court ruling by Justice Lydia Mugambe reaffirmed the same advice given by the AG, TWICE!

I know for a fact that even Byarugaba’s supervisor, Kasaija as Minister wrote to him instructing him to pay the money to UTL to save useless litigation costs and he stubbornly refused and continued with

Costly court battles and appeals to the detriment of workers savings.

So how does he convince us that this is a Ssali Issue? This was purely a legal issue beyond Ssali. Through the Corporation Secretary, she sought legal advice from the Attorney General and went ahead to administratively implement. Even the current CS, Wabwire sought the same advice from AG and was also told the same thing – consistent with the Advice that was given to Ssali. It’s even Ironic that the same CS,

Wabwire who misadvised the Fund on the issue and endorsed the contempt of court orders reinstating his boss, the DMD leading to costs of over Shs 300 M in damages was recommended for good performance – a classic case of rewarding incompetence.

Clearly, Byarugaba has run out of real excuses for continuously attempting and miserably failing to get rid of his deputy and has resorted to lies! Which means his reasons are personal as he assured

us before returning himself that he can never work with her again. Let him get used to the fact that Ssali is the DMD and move on with his life. The Fund will perform better with younger blood that has never been involved in any financial scandals like crashing banks!

The writer is Agaba Ronald Bills,

Team Leader Leadership Square Africa as well as an  

Author/leadership speaker

A frank memo to Bobi Wine supporters

By Andrew M. Mwenda

Since I posted my criticism of your hero, Bobi Wine, you have been hurling insults and abuses at me.

You have devoted all your emotional energy for an entire week in a vain effort to respond to me. It is clear the sting of my post was deeply felt.

You are angry, not because you think I am wrong, but because my truths about your hero is very painful to bear. That is why I haven’t read anything that really answers the issues I raised.

I care only in passing what you think of me in large part because most of it is fiction. I am not looking for your votes.

I write what I believe. If you don’t like what I write, just quit this page. But of course you will stay because you know multitudes of Ugandans follow me and trust what I say. Otherwise you would not be responding to me.

Andrew M. Mwenda

Very few of you responded with the most rudimentary arguments to the issues I raised against Bobi Wine or the facts I adduce against his empty political slogans.

I only criticized his lack of historic and contemporary facts. Criticism of his person was only incidental. Your responses proved more that Bobi Wine and you his supporters reflect the crisis of Uganda not a solution to its challenges.

One of his admirers, a one Henry Mutebi, wrote a long dissertation of 2,257 words to reply to my post of only 542 words.

He devoted his considerable intellectual talent in dissecting my personality, even claiming I am mentally ill and need psychotherapy. Perhaps I am. I will check at Butabika.

I read his piece to the end.

In spite of it being entirely an attack on my character, he sounded intelligent.

What a waste of brains! Like most of my critics, and typical of Uganda’s opposition “intellectuals,” he did not contest a single argument I made or debunk a single fact I adduced against his hero, Bobi Wine. Instead he made my character the centerpiece of his letter.

Bobi Wine

Let me address myself to my relationship with President Yoweri Museveni.

I deal with him, when necessary, often. I have found him, in spite of all his faults, a much more liberal, tolerant and open-minded person than you his opponents.

I only go to see him when there is an issue I consider of serious national concern. And I go with well-researched facts.

And to his credit, each time I have gone seeking a particular decision, Museveni has always listened carefully to the facts I present to him and he has always accepted my recommendations.

Where he has disagreed with a particular recommendation, he has explained to me the basis of his disagreement and in most cases I have always found his counter argument convincing.

If there is any bribe he has given me therefore, it is this expression of maturity in leadership. Hence unlike his opponents who rely on rumors and hallucinations to inform their opinions on public policy, Museveni is scientific.

That is why he is president and they are activists and singers.

I admit I find most public debate in Uganda emotional and ill informed. This is a statement of fact not a moral judgment.

People have a right to their ignorance and to express their frustrations emotionally. I don’t blame them even though I despise it.

Secondly most Ugandan elites I encounter online are lazy, intellectually dull, always thinking within the box and taking no lessons from history.

Many feel the sting of my attitude and mistake my irreverence for arrogance. I have no apologies for this.

In an ideal world, I would like to see Uganda develop a serious opposition that can challenge Museveni’s hold on power.

The problem is that most of those who pose as the alternative are worse – uncouth, intolerant, anti-democratic, uninformed and angry. And I know most of you will mistake “most” for “all.” The opposition lack alternative ideas and believe their anger is sufficient to cause change.

Look here friends. You are angry and I share many of your frustrations. But anger does not make history. Power does.

And power may be supplemented with anger, but it relies on much more fundamental realities – organization, strategy, social networking etc. Only organisation and strategy can convert anger into purposeful political action.

Otherwise anger leads to mob action. Mobs don’t get things done. They destroy things. If you removed Museveni as a mob, Uganda would go the way of Somalia.

None of you wants (or needs) that. You and your cult leaders need to learn this lesson. You may hate me for telling you this basic truth. I don’t like being hated. However, if it is the price I have to pay, I am will willingly do so.

You want power. But your cult leaders don’t understand its dynamics. Power is not something you find and just pick and take.

Power (especially Museveni’s power that you want to wrestle from him) is cultivated, accumulated, harnessed and consolidated.

To take it from him, you have to evolve superior organization and strategy, better social networks and a broader vision for our country than simply pointing at his weaknesses and mistakes, real and perceived.

Incidentally I think you constitute a majority. But you are deluded to believe you have ever won a presidential election.

I agree Museveni’s system fiddles with votes in some areas. But this is because they are strong and better organized.

And such fiddling is not the reason you lose. He would win without it. You are not organized to turn your numbers into an effective political force. And the trick of Museveni’s victories is simple: look at voter turnout.

In 2011, Museveni got 5.4m votes (68%) and voter turnout was 58%. That translates to about 38% of registered voters. So 62% of Ugandans, a huge majority, didn’t vote for him.

Besigye got 2m votes (26%). But he has never asked himself why 42% of Ugandans, more than those who voted Museveni, did not vote. Instead he has deluded himself into the belief that he won and his votes were stolen. This is tragic.

I thought 2016 results would teach him something. Alas they didn’t.

Last year, Museveni got nearly 6m votes (an increase of only 500,000 or 8% growth). Controlling for the increase in registered voters, Museveni got no growth at all.

He declined by 8.2%. Besigye got 3.5m votes (an increase of 1.5m votes or growth of 75% in absolute votes). Besigye’s growth was largely, if not entirely, because of a 10% increase in voter turnout from 58% in 2011 to 68%.

All these voters showed up not because of improved FDC organization but greater passion to get rid of Museveni.

You need to supplement passion with organization and the results will be bountiful. But you are too angry and emotional to listen.

The facts are obvious. If more of you showed up to vote, you have a chance at winning. But to get so many of your potential supporters to the polling booth requires organization, something your cult leaders ignore and that you don’t understand.

The fact that you and your cult leader cannot see this simple fact is certainly tragic for your cause but obviously makes Museveni a very happy man. You are not the enemy he hates. You are the enemy he loves and enjoys to have.

Right now you are under organized, disorganized or unorganized. You can act, but only as a mob.

As I have already pointed out above, mobs don’t get things done. They destroy things. Majorities don’t rule. Well-organized minorities do.

To convert your numbers into an effective political force, you need two things: organization and strategy. Unfortunately your leaders lack both. Museveni is not in power by accident.

So your Bobi Wine and his rants against Museveni can give you psychological comfort that someone cares and is fighting for your interests.

It is also possible he is well intentioned. I know you will ignore the fact that he is ignorant, emotional and lacking in an alternative vision for our country and strategy to get rid of Museveni.

So you will choose psychological comfort over painful truths. But if I have to die for telling you this painful truth, it will be a happy death.

‘Suudi I am coming for you’ – Don Zella

Socialite Don Zella has described promoter Suudi Lukwago aka Suudiman as a ‘fool’ and again warned that she is coming for him cum December this year.

Don Zella

Don Zella was responding to Suudi’s claims that he didn’t con her.

Posting on her wall, the socialite has vowed the jail the fading promoter who she accuses of conning her of $30,000 that was meant to buy Busy Signal beach show.

Suudi Lukwago

“Look at this fool i didn’t know that when people get deported, they ran mad but this time you will rot in jail. You can run but you can’t hide. December isn’t far am coming for you, you will vomit my money,” Don Zella posted.

Meanwhile Don Zella is set to host her charity show dubbed Gal Power Party on 21st December at Club Play. The party will feature top celebrities and singers. Entrance fee is 30k per head.

Singers Karitas, Ronald Mayinja too close

Upcoming singer Karitas Kario and Golden Production Band boss Ronald Mayinja are an item, we can reveal.

For a long time now, word has been circulating around town telling how Mayinja is so deeply involved with Karitas to the extent that early this year he allegedly organized for her a lavish birthday bash at a bar in Munyonyo, Kampala, during which they fervently enjoyed themselves, something that didn’t go down well with his wife Aisha Mayinja.

Karitas and Mayinja

Spies reveal that the two are getting closers each that passes by and according to Karitas’ recent post on Facebook confirms it.

“When two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time too long and no other love can break them apart. #NJAGAZA KAJANJA my new audio with Ronald Mayinja. To all those in love. Hope you love it. Straight outta golden production,” Karitas posted.

It should be noted Mayinja and Karitas did a love duet titled ‘Njagaza Kajanja’, which she was alluding to in her post, although the message about her love for him is clearly seen in the post. Watch the space!!

Sources say Mayinja’s wife Aisha Kyomuhangi is not happy with her hubby’s behavior of late putting their marriage in jeopardy.

South African Fashion designer David Tlale to produce the ASFAS

The Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAS) are reputed for their production. Since inception in 2013, the awards shows have progressed in leaps and bounds. Creating something new to the fashion and entertainment industry with every ceremony. A reason they are reputed as the most anticipated show of the year.

This year is not any different. The management of ASFAs have handed South African Fashion designer, David Tlale to produce the show. To confirm what started out as mere hearsay, David Tlale was in Uganda last week to finalize the details of the show.

The organizing team of the ASFAs met with David Tlale, Fenon Events and the proprietor of the ASFA’s Brian Ahumuza at Kampala Serena Hotel Victoria Hall, where the event is set to take place to kick start the production process.

Proprietor of the ASFAS Brian Ahumuza and David Tlale when he visited

David Tlale is a South African fashion designer whose work has been showcased at the Cape Town Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week and who has also designed collections for major retailers like Edgars. Tlale was a semifinalist at the South African Fashion Week Elle New Talent Show Competition in 2002. In May 2003, Tlale started working from home running a design studio and has studios in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Don Zella undresses Suudi Lukwago, calls on government to arrest him

Socialite Don Zella Nalongo has undressed Promoter Suudi Lukwago aka Suudiman as a superstar conman. Posting on her wall social media pages yesterday, Don Zella said Suudi conned her of $30,000 promising to sell her a music show for an international artist. The socialite said she entered into an agreement with Suudi to sell her Busy Signal Beach show in 2015 which he agreed and the cracked a deal.

Don Zella said Suudi conned her of $30,000

Zella paid the promoter $30,000 for the show but she was paying air because she later learnt that Suddi wasn’t the one bringing Busy Signal but it was too late for her.  Don Zella said with the help of Police, Suudi was arrested of which he spent a week at CPS before he was produced to court. The two decided to settle the matter out of court and in the process, Suudi have Zella two cheques but they later bounced. She tried to look for him again but all in vain, he changed his phone numbers and up to now, she is looking for him.

Accused: Suudi Lukwagoella

She has called on the government to punish Suudi using its arm of the law. She has vowed to pursue Suudi unit he pays back her money and the damages.

“Thanks everyone who has come out and told me more information about this guy Suudi honestly government should take matters in their hands and serve justice to this man,” Don Zella posted.

Don Zella has promised to teach Suudi a lesson

Check Don Zella’s video unleashing dirty tricks Suudi Lukwago used on her

“His name is Suudi Lukwago a conman in 2015 I got a   call and he called himself a promoter may be he got my number from his friends who referred him to me that am promoter too who can be interested in big gigs he conned me of 30,000 dollars promising to get for me Busy Signal to perform @ the beach concert. But after investigation, I realised he was just a middle man and had no right to the artist the artist who was booked by BK afro beat and promoter Balaam to make story short I jumped in at serene arrested this fool he spent a week at CPS we were sent to court where he was ordered to pay, he pleaded to pay me by cheques we settled matters outside court, he gave me 2 cheques from bank of Africa which bounced.

We tried to look for him in vein until today he changed his phone numbers and everything anybody with information about this thief please put it here to put this man where he belongs he was deported from USA for fraud where he was living all his life .

Suudi am coming for you I have all the evidence and the witnesses including Gareth Onyango , cox eddy kenzo manager , arafat number emu cox Kibedi Cox Balaam Barugahara  Busy signal’ s manager statement from tuff music that they never got any money from you and marketing team Pepsi oja kutya don’t think am in America I won’t return home justice will be served continue running but u can’t hide u can only speak because am out of the country am gona come to the same tv with all the evidence I have checks u provided in your name and all the agreements and pictures handing you money oja kugwamu obubi u steal from me and start ur childish talks tell the world why u were deported u fool if I was omufere lwaki basibamu  gwe sinze. 21st December gal power @ club play,” Don Zella posted.

Typher Kavuma hangs out with Zari’s nemesis

City socialite and events guru, Typher Kavuma has been revealed as a friend to Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto, the babe giving our own Zari Hassan a run for her marriage to Diamond Platnumz after the singer fathered a son with her.

Typer Kavuma (2nd L) with Hamisa (R) and other friends in Dar es Salaam

Typher was seen rubbing shoulders with the trending socialite at Akemi, a famous hangout in the Tanzanian city of Dar es Salaam.

Just like Hamisa, Typher is one of Kampala’s trendy socialites with a touch of class looking at how she dresses up. She has the class and style that make men salivate the moment she steps out for a drink or coffee or a business deal.

If she teams up well with Hamisa, East Africa will have the Kim Kardashian like socialites!!

BOU’s Justine Bagyenda set to be investigated by IGG

Bank Of Uganda (BOU) Executive Director in charge of supervision, Justine Bagyenda, is set to be investigated by the Inspector General of Government (IGG), it has been revealed.

Sources say that the Inspector General of Government (IGG) is in final preparations to investigate the Bank of Uganda Executive Director in charge of supervision on the allegations that she evaded paying income tax for ten years on revenues earned from her Naguru Apartments.

To Face IGG Investigations: Justine Bagyenda

The ‘filthy’ rich Bagyenda is said to have rented her apartments to the top officials of the defunct Crane Bank, earning millions of shillings without paying income tax as required by law.

The investigations set to commence soon were confirmed by Munira Ali, the IGG Spokesperson.

Munira said the first meeting was held between the IGG and the petitioner, Dick Kimeze, to basically understand the ground and the issues raised by the petitioner before investigations into Bagyenda’s alleged tax evasion can begin. She said the second meeting is scheduled before investigations can begin.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Mr Kimeze reported Ms Bagyenda to IGG for non-payment of taxes.

Ms Bagyenda had of recent come under attack from some members of the public on the manner she attained wealth. She is said to be one of the richest ladies in the country with property in leafy suburbs of Kampala and surrounding areas.

Mid this year Ms. Bagyenda came under criticism for allegedly failing to enforce her mandate, something her critics said had led to the closure of a couple of commercial banks including the Crane Bank, that is now under receivership.

Also, at about the same time reports indicated that the Inspectorate of Government (IGG) was set to begin investigations into allegations that Ms. Bagyenda made incorrect declarations contrary to the Leadership Code, 2002.

According to sources speaking on condition of anonymity, officials from the IGG’s office were set to meet with city lawyer Dennis Nyombi, to ascertain whether Ms. Bagyenda made false declarations about her assets including land and houses.

Among the property she allegedly falsely-declared are houses in the leafy suburbs of Ntinda, Naguru, Bugolobi and Kulambiro.

“When I wrote the letter I got confirmation from the IGG and I was to get an appointment with the official handling the matter but later on the person went abroad and we have now scheduled between 10th  and 20th  to meet,” lawyer Nyombi, who is representing ‘whistleblower’ Dick Kimeze, said.

In his allegations, Mr. Kimeze also avers that the properties owned by Ms. Bagyenda are way above what she has earned during her employment over the years.

The IGG spokesperson Ali Munira confirmed their office had received the petition against Ms Bagyenda.

“Some lawyer wrote requesting for a meeting to discuss the wealth of the lady (Bagyenda); the meeting has not taken place,” Ms. Munira said on phone then.

Ms. Bagyenda has not commented on the matter.